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 A015- UMTSInter-operator handover: Not required within Phase 198-xxxagreedP-99-040rejected 
 A014- UMTSon Addressing .... PENDING ....98-xxxpostponedP-99-040  
 A013- UMTSClean up of 22.01: Clarification of general requirements for efficient use of radio resources98-894agreedP-99-040approved 
 A013- Ph2Conversion of TBR19 into GSM 13.01-1 (TS 301 419 Harmonised standard)314/98agreed98-0544approved 
 A012- UMTSChanges in IC card and terminal service requirements98-852agreedP-99-040approved 
 A011- UMTSClean up for UMTS phase 198-869agreedP-99-040approved 
 A010- UMTSClarification on Multiple User Profile98-568 98-0682approved 
 A010- Ph2to TBR 19 Inclusion of HSCSD Multislot test cases586/97agreed97-928postponed 
 A0091 Ph2to TBR 19 Reduction of test cases for EFR TC_26_12_2_1 AND TC_26_12_2_2500/97agreed97-928approved 
 A009- UMTSRemoval of references to IN and B-ISDN98-440 98-0553approved 
 A009- Ph2Reduction Of Test Cases For TC_26_12_2_1 and TC_26_12_2_2- 97-853noted 
 A0085 UMTSAdding Network Selection in Service principles98-893agreedP-99-341approved 
 A0081 UMTSNetwork Selection Including GMPCS98u041 98-0553postponed 
 A007- UMTSRemoval of Role Model in order to improve clarity98-584 98-0553approved 
 A007- Ph2Conversion of TBR31 into GSM 13.01-2 (TS 301 431 harmonised standard)315/98agreed98-0545approved 
 A0061 UMTSMethodology for the evaluation ofguard bands between operators98/98agreed98-0177approved 
 A006- UMTSUMTS 22.01 Numbering Principles: Improving the accuracy of text on numbering principles and minor editorial change to section 8.1.U365 97-967approved 
 A005- UMTSUMTS 22.01 Multiple Subscriptions: Restructuring of sections 8,9 and 11 to gather all requirements relating to multiple subscriptions into one section and to improve the clarity.U364 97-966approved 
 A005- UMTSService features are only used to create services (as building blocks) and not to modify and delete services.98-xxxagreedP-99-041approved 
 A005- Ph2Change of title of test 20.15- 316/96approved 
 A004- UMTSComparing UMTS 22.01 V3.1.1 distributed at SMG#23 with UMTS V 3.2.0 (Approved Release) Presented just for formal reasons only.PTSMG 97-965approved 
 A004- UMTSInformation transfer & Qual Attributes98-895agreedP-99-041approved 
 A004- R1996to TBR 31 Inclusion of HSCSD Multislot test cases587/97agreed97-928postponed 
 A004- UMTSModification of cell sizes in the Vehicular environment for high bit rate services12/98agreed98-0177approved 
 A0033 UMTSUMTS Changes on Emergency Calls- 320/97approved 
 A003- UMTSReferences to relevant GSM specs has been added98-870agreedP-99-041approved 
 A003- R1996to TBR 31 Reduction of test cases for EFR TC_26_12_2_1 AND TC_26_12_2_2500/97agreed97-928approved 
 A003- Ph2Amendment of mnemonic names used in TBR 19157/96agreed043/96approved 
 A003- Ph2Reduction Of Test Cases For TC_26_12_2_1 and TC_26_12_2_2- 97-853noted 
 A003- Ph2Editorial changes- 106/96approved 
 A0023 UMTSUMTS Editorial changes- 319/97approved 
 A002- UMTSReview of specification after completion of phase 1 specification TS22.00 in order to align specifications98-864agreedP-99-041approved 
 A002- Ph1Proposal for changes of ETR 04.02, Annex 2.Spectrum efficiency evaluation and required test cases.328/97agreed97-771approved 
 A002- Ph2Clause 13 of location updating reject message20/96agreed043/96approved 
 A002- Ph2Amendment of mnemonic names use din TBR 20159/96agreed043/96approved 
 A002- Ph2Alignment of TBR31 with GSM 11.10-1 concerning the splitting of test 21.3 into two tests- 531/96approved 
 A0011 UMTSUMTS Revision of Role Model17 302/97approved 
 A0011 UMTSChanges reflecting strategic decisions at SMG #26- 98-0790approved 
 A001- UMTSUpdated to reflect changes to UMTS Role Model in UMTS Specification 22.0198-809agreedP-99-040approved 
 A001- UMTSUpdated to reflect changes in UMTS Role Model terminology in 22.0198-808agreedP-99-040approved 
 A001- UMTSElectronic money application requires USIM presence98-581 98-0554approved 
 A001- UMTSClarification of the sections where the bearer services are characterised.98-364agreed98-0325approved 
 A001- UMTSImproving readability and adding QoS Parameters98-068agreed98-0067  
 A001- UMTSImproving readability and adding QoS parameters68/98agreed98-0067approved 
 A001- Ph1Proposal for changes of ETR 04.02, Annex 2, to remove inconsistencies and to add missing parts to the models316/97agreed97-771approved 
 A001- Ph2Removal of references to nonexistent clauses of GSM 11.10156/96agreed043/96approved 
 A001- Ph2Proposed inclusion of in TBR 19125/96agreed043/96approved 
 A001- UMTSUMTS 33.20 UMTS security principles-agreedP-99-121approved 
 A001- UMTSComplete new description of the UMTS security principles-agreed98-0535noted 
 A001- UMTSCharacteristics of Satellite Systems- 97-1055approved 
 A001- Ph2Section 5: Requirements- 531/96approved 
 A001- Ph2Change of title of test 20.15- 316/96approved 
 0924- Ph111.10-DCS testing undefined GSM 04.08 requirement II. and II. 
 0874- Ph1Changes to test ii. procedure 4- 754/96approved 
 05271 Rel-9Alert MME Request / UE-Activity-Indication procedure on S3 interfaceC4-100860postponed-  
 0527- Rel-9Alert MME Request / UE-Activity-Indication procedure on S3 interfaceC4-100399revised-  
 0139- Rel-8Zh and ZhÆ intradomain reference pointsS3-080682revised-  
 0128- Ph1Alignment of GSM 11.20-DCS with GSM 11.20- 076/96approved 
 01221 Rel-8Clarification on Annex A.9: Measurement performance requirementsR4-090968 RP-090269reissued 
 0036- Rel-7Add missing EF in ISIM file structureC6-060282agreedCP-060243approved 
 0028- Rel-9Addition of missing trust relation requirement for CA issuing H(e)NB device certificateS3-100502revised-  
 0027- R19993.1kHz multimedia at 33.6kbit/sN3-000476agreedNP-000542approved 
 0026- Rel-43.1kHz multimedia at 33.6kbit/sN3-000477agreedNP-000542approved 
 0017- R1999Application of RAN 21.905-008 to R99-agreedSP-010545approved 
 0011- Rel-8Clarification of Cause mapping at MGCF for CDIVC1-084644postponed-  
 0010- Rel-8Clarification of Cause in CDIVC1-084641postponed-  
 0009- Rel-8Correction of the mapping tables for interwoking call forwardingC1-084639withdrawn-  
 0008- Ph2Addition of EFR signalling tests in TBR 19272 97-328approved 
 0008- Ph2Full-rate bit exact transcoder testing- 244/97approved 
 0008- Ph2Full-rate bit exact transcoder testing- CP-150474approved 
 0007- Ph2Correction of references to 21.390/97 024/97approved 
 0002- UMTSUMTS 33.21 UMTS security requirements-agreedP-99-122approved 
 0002- Ph2Addition of half rate speech codec requirements- 649/95approved 
 0001- R1999Editorial changes for alignmentS1-99624agreedSP-99479withdrawn 
 0001- R1999Editorial changes for alignmentS1-99623agreedSP-99479withdrawn 
 0001- Rel-6P-Acces-Network-Info header clarificationC1-071856withdrawn-  
 0001- Rel-7Removal of IBCF Route Headers Editors NoteC1-070850withdrawn-  
 0001- Ph2Addition of EFR signalling tests in TBR 31272 97-328approved 
 0001- UMTSUMTS security requirements-agreed98-0536noted 
 0001- Ph2Full-rate bit exact transcoder testing- 245/97approved 
 0000- UMTSGeneral UMTS Architecture98s818 98-0754noted 
 0000- UMTSUMTS Access Stratum;Services and functions98s665 98-0755noted 
 0000- UMTSRequirements for the support of data services in UMTS98p260agreed98-0392noted 
 0000- UMTSUMTS Phase 198-896agreedP-99-039approved 
 0000- UMTSIu Principles- P-99-252noted 
 0000- UMTSEvolution of the GSM platform towards UMTS- P-99-251noted 
 0000- UMTSAccess Stratum: Services and Functions- P-99-211approved 
 0000- UMTSUSIM and IC Card Requirements- P-99-187noted 
 0000- UMTSGeneral UMTS Architecture- P-99-146approved 
 0000- UMTSUTRAN; Vocabulary fpr the UTRAN- P-99-144approved 
 0000- UMTSUMTS 33.22 UMTS security features-agreedP-99-123noted 
 0000- UMTSUTRAN; User Equipment (UE) Physical Layer Capability Classes- P-99-113approved 
 0000- UMTSUTRAN; UTRA Layer 1 Study Items- P-99-109approved 
 0000- UMTSUTRAN; UTRA Radio Frequency (RF) System Scenarios- P-99-108approved 
 0000- UMTSUTRAN; UTRA Interoperability Description- P-99-107approved 
 0000- UMTSUTRAN; UTRA Handover- P-99-106approved 
 0000- UMTSUTRAN; UTRA TDD, Additional Features Description- P-99-105approved 
 0000- UMTSUTRAN; UTRA TDD, Physical Layer Procedures Description- P-99-104approved 
 0000- UMTSUTRAN; UTRA TDD, Radio Transmission and Reception- P-99-103approved 
 0000- UMTSUTRAN; UTRA TDD, Spreading and Modulation- P-99-102approved 
 0000- UMTSUTRAN; UTRA TDD, Multiplexing, Channel Coding and Interleaving Description- P-99-101approved 
 0000- UMTSUTRAN; UTRA TDD, Transport Channels and Physical channels Description- P-99-100approved 
 0000- UMTSUTRAN; UTRA FDD, Additional Features- P-99-099approved 
 0000- UMTSUTRAN; UTRA FDD, Physical Layer Procedures- P-99-098approved 
 0000- UMTSUTRAN; UTRA FDD, Radio Transmission and Reception- P-99-097approved 
 0000- UMTSUTRAN; UTRA FDD, Spreading and Modulation Description- P-99-096approved 
 0000- UMTSUTRAN; UTRA FDD, Multiplexing, Channel Coding and Interleaving Description- P-99-095approved 
 0000- UMTSUTRAN; UTRA FDD, Transport Channels and Physical channels- P-99-094approved 
 0000- UMTSUTRAN; UTRA Physical Layer General Description- P-99-093approved 
 0000- UMTSUTRAN; UTRA Physical Layer Documentation Plan- P-99-092approved 
 0000- UMTSUTRAN; Guidelines and Principles for Error Handling and Message Description- P-99-090approved 
 0000- UMTSUTRAN; Description of RRC Protocol- P-99-089approved 
 0000- UMTSUTRAN; Description of RLC Protocol- P-99-088approved 
 0000- UMTSUTRAN; Description of MAC Protocol- P-99-087approved 
 0000- UMTSUTRAN; Description of Procedures in idle Mode- P-99-086approved 
 0000- UMTSUTRAN; Description of UE States and Procedures in Connected Mode- P-99-085approved 
 0000- UMTSUTRAN; Layer 1: General Requirements- P-99-084approved 
 0000- UMTSUTRAN; UE-UTRAN Radio Interface Protocol Architecture; Stage 2- P-99-083approved 
 0000- UMTSUTRAN; Description of Iub Interface- P-99-080approved 
 0000- UMTSUTRAN; Description of Iur Interface- P-99-079approved 
 0000- UMTSUTRAN; Description of Iu Interface- P-99-078approved 
 0000- UMTSUTRAN; Functions: Examples on Signalling Procedures- P-99-077approved 
 0000- UMTSUTRAN; Architecture Description; Stage 2- P-99-076approved 
 0000- UMTSService Aspects; Handover Requirements between UMTS and GSM or other Radio Systems- P-99-043noted 
 0000- UMTSService aspects; Charging and Billing- P-99-038approved 
 0000- UMTSEvolution of the GSM platform towards UMTS- 98-0758noted 
 0000- UMTSService aspects advanced addressing- 98-0558approved 
 0000- UMTSUMTS Phase 1 Specifications- 98-0555noted 
 0000- UMTSNetwork and Service management requirements for UMTS-agreed98-0185approved 
 0000- UMTSService aspects; Advanced Addressing-agreed98-0066postponed 
 0000- UMTSAutomatic Establishment of Roaming Relationships-agreed98-0065approved 
 0000- UMTSVirtual Home Environment-agreed98-0064approved 
 0000- UMTSMobile multimedia services including mobile Intranet and Internet services-agreed98-0063approved 
 0000- UMTSNew Charging and Accounting Mechanisms-agreed98-0062approved 
 0000- UMTSTerminal & Smart Card Concepts-agreed98-0061approved 
 0000- UMTSServices and Service Capabilities-agreed98-0060approved 
 0000- UMTSUTRA Evaluation Report- 97-1102approved 
 0000- UMTSRevision of Role Model- 235/97postponed 
01.00A010-7.1.0R1998Editorial correction - wrong and unnecessary referenceW-99-074agreedP-99-723approved7.2.0
01.00A009-7.0.0R1998Addition of new text related to electronic working practicesW-99-060agreedP-99-507approved7.1.0
01.00A008-7.0.0R1998Electronic toolsW-99-059agreedP-99-507approved7.1.0
01.00A007-7.0.0R1998On the concept of stability for a SpecificationW-99-058agreedP-99-507approved7.1.0
01.010029-8.19.0R1999Corrections to list of Specifications- SP-090695approved8.20.0
01.010028-8.18.0R1999Update of informative text- SP-070770approved8.19.0
01.010027-8.18.0R1999Corrections to list of Specs- SP-070770approved8.19.0
01.010026-8.17.0R1999Correction to list of Specs- SP-070188approved8.18.0
01.010025-8.16.0R1999Corrections to list of specifications- SP-050356approved8.17.0
01.010024-8.15.0R1999Corrections to list of specifications- SP-050126approved8.16.0
01.01002328.14.0R1999Corrections to list of specifications- SP-040931approved8.15.0
01.01002318.14.0R1999Corrections to list of specifications- SP-040880revised 
01.010023-8.14.0R1999Corrections to list of specifications- SP-040823revised 
01.010022-8.13.0R1999Corrections to list of specifications- SP-040604approved8.14.0
01.010021-8.12.0R1999Corrections to list of specifications- SP-040358approved8.13.0
01.01002018.11.1R1999Corrections to list of specifications- SP-040221approved8.12.0
01.01002018.11.1R1999Corrections to list of specifications- SP-040056withdrawn 
01.010019-8.10.0R1999Correction to list of specifications and removal of redundant information- SP-030498approved8.11.0
01.010018-3.0.0Ph1Correction to list of specifications and removal of redundant information- SP-030498approved3.1.0
01.010017-8.9.0R1999Correction to list of specs- SP-030229approved8.10.0
01.010016-8.9.0R1999Change of title to render it independent of Release- SP-030229approved8.10.0
01.010015- R1998Update of list of specs for next Release- SP-030228approved7.0.0
01.010014- R1997Update of list of specs for next Release- SP-030228approved6.0.0
01.010013- R1996Update of list of specs for next Release- SP-030228approved5.0.0
01.010012- Ph2Update of list of specs for next Release- SP-030228approved4.0.0
01.010011-8.8.0R1999Correction to list of specs- SP-030077approved8.9.0
01.010010-8.7.0R1999List of R99 work items- SP-020784approved8.8.0
01.01000918.7.0R1999Correction to list of specs- SP-020832approved8.8.0
01.010009-8.7.0R1999Correction to list of specs- SP-020781revised 
01.01000818.6.0R1999Correction to list of specifications- SP-020614approved8.7.0
01.010008-8.6.0R1999Correction to list of specifications- SP-020518revised 
01.01000718.5.0R1999Correction to list of specifications- SP-020399approved8.6.0
01.010007-8.5.0R1999Correction to list of specifications- SP-020272revised 
01.010006-8.4.0R1999Renumbering of specs to reflect access-technology-independence of IST- SP-020197withdrawn 
01.01000518.4.0R1999Correction to list of specifications- SP-020178approved8.5.0
01.010005-8.4.0R1999Correction to list of specifications- SP-020096revised 
01.010004-8.3.0R1999Correction to list of specs- SP-010657approved8.4.0
01.01000328.2.0R1999Correction to list of specifications- SP-010586approved8.3.0
01.01000318.2.0R1999Correction to list of specifications- SP-010524revised 
01.010003-8.2.0R1999Correction to list of specifications- SP-010419revised 
01.01000218.1.0R1999Correction to list of specs- SP-010382approved8.2.0
01.010002-8.1.0R1999Correction to list of specs- SP-010276revised 
01.010001-8.0.0R1999Update list of R99 specs- SP-000526approved8.1.0
01.02A0011 R1996Description of ASCI features- 149/96approved5.0.0
01.02A001- R1996Description of ASCI features281/95agreed052/96revised 
01.020002-4.0.1Ph2Editorial alignments- 529/93approved4.0.2
01.020001- Ph2Editorial Update- 393/92approved4.0.1
01.04A002- R1998GSM Abbreviations and Acronyms- P-99-465approved7.0.0
01.04A001- R1996Additon of abbreviations and acronyms related to ASCI282/95agreed052/96approved5.0.0
01.040004-4.1.1Ph2Alignment of abbreviations between GSM 01.04 and GSM 11.11- 283/95approved4.1.2
01.04000314.0.4Ph2Editorial changes- 492/94approved4.1.0
01.040003-4.0.4Ph2Editorial changes- 434/94revised 
01.040002-4.0.3Ph2Editorial changes- 186/94approved4.0.4
01.0400011 Ph2ModificationsA96/93agreed88/94approved4.0.3
01.060001- Ph1Clarification of Terminology- 166/91approved3.0.2
01.31A001-7.0.0R1998Removal of references to the J, K and Y-interfaces and some cleaning up-agreed98-0429approved7.0.1
01.310000- R1997Fraud Information Gathering System (FIGS) stage 1- 779/97approved 
01.33A0011 R1998Lawful interception and GPRS98D005agreed98-0150approved7.0.0
01.56A001-7.0.0R1998Incorporation of comments received from SAGE-agreedp-99-536approved7.0.0
01.560000-1.0.0R1998CTS authentication and Key Generation Algorithm Requirements- P-99-119noted 
01.610000- R1997GPRS ciphering algorithm requirements179/97agreed97-777approved