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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
02.01A020-8.1.0R1999Correction of references. (was A014) Details S1-99642 agreedP-99-647approved8.2.0
02.01A019-8.0.0R1999Miscellaneous editorial changes agreedP-99-373approved8.1.0
02.01A018-7.0.0R1998Miscellaneous editorial changes agreedP-99-373approved7.1.0
02.01A017-6.1.0R1997Miscellaneous editorial changes agreedP-99-373approved6.2.0
02.01A016-5.4.0R1996Miscellaneous editorial changes Details 1-99-091 agreedP-99-373approved5.5.0
02.01A01518.0.0R1999Terminal reference model has been deleted, because it's outdated. Details 1-99-158 agreedP-99-368approved8.1.0
02.01A01418.0.0R1999GSM data streamlining Details 1-99-157 agreedP-99-368approved8.1.0
02.01A013- R1999Addition of Supplementary Code for GPRS. Details 98-811c withdrawnP-99-031  
02.01A012- R1998Addition of Supplementary Code for GPRS. Details 98-811b agreedP-99-031approved7.0.0
02.01A011- R1999VHE is supported in GSM, as well. Reference added and description. Details 98-839 agreedP-99-031approved8.0.0
02.01A010-6.0.0R1997Addition of Supplementary Code for GPRS. Details 98-811a agreedP-99-031approved6.1.0
02.01A009-5.3.0R1996General Bearer Services Details 98p227 withdrawn98-0289  
02.01A009-5.3.0R1996Subscriptions to the Phase 2 bearer services All_data_CDA & Bearer Service XX should not include subscription to the phase 2+ bearer services. Details 98-304 agreed98-0316approved5.4.0
02.01A008-5.2.0R1996Editorial corrections Details PT-SMG  97-970approved5.3.0
02.01A007-5.2.0R1996If a user subsc'd to General Bearer Service (e.g. BS 20) requires in a call set-up user rate up to 9.6 kbit/s he does not need to signal the additional octets in the GSM BC defined for HSCSD or 14.4 K Details PT SMG  97-970approved5.3.0
02.01A006-5.1.0R1996General bearer services Details 96P516 agreed609/96approved5.2.0
02.01A005-5.1.0R1996Updating to account for EFR codec channels Details 336/96 agreed577/96approved5.2.0
02.01A0041 R1996Addition of Handling for VBS and VGCS teleservices Details 283/95 agreed052/96approved5.1.0
02.01001114.4.0Ph2Description of call re-establishment  383/94approved4.4.1
02.010010-4.3.0Ph2Negotiation of call parameters  192/94approved4.4.0
02.010009- Ph2Stage 1 description of call setup  530/93approved4.3.0
02.0100071 Ph2Subscription checking  88/93approved4.6.0
02.010006- Ph2Alignments  394/92approved4.6.0
02.0100051 Ph2Subscription Checking  394/92approved 
02.010004- Ph2Definition of NDUB  280/92approved4.6.0
02.010003- Ph2Definition of busy in GSM PLMN  161/90withdrawn 
02.010002- Ph1Definition of busy in GSM PLMN  161/90approved 
02.010001-3.0.0Ph1DEFINITION OF BUSY IN A PLMN  54/90approved