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 Spec #CR #Revision #CR CatImpacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #CR status at WGWG meeting refWG Source informationTSG TDoc #CR status at TSGTSG meeting refTSG Source informationNew VersionWork ItemsRemarks
See details 02.03A005-D R1999Correction of references. Details S1-99643 agreed  Details P-99-647 approved SMG18.0.0
See details 02.03A004-F5.2.0R1996HSCSD use of multiple TS for Fax & alt speech/fax service Details 98    Details 305/97 approved SMG15.3.0HSCSD
See details 02.03A003-B5.1.0R1996Support of 14.4 kbit/s (Radio interface related)    Details 232/97 approved T1P15.2.0
See details 02.03A0021B5.0.0R1996Introduction of a second SMS CB channel Details 132/96 agreed  Details 395/96 approved DeTeMobil5.1.0TEI
See details 02.03A0012 R1996Addition of teleservices VGCS and VBS Details 284/95 agreed  Details 052/96 approved BRT/UIC5.0.0
See details 02.030020-F Ph2Changes for SMS DRX mode    Details 405/94 approved SMG14.3.0
See details 02.030019-D Ph2Editorial Changes    Details 193/93 approved SMG14.3.1
See details 02.0300181C Ph2TS61/62    Details 90/93 approved SMG14.3.1 2G
See details 02.030017-C Ph2Interworking between TS61/62    Details 90/93 approved SMG1 
See details 02.030016-B Ph2Teletex    Details 326/92 approved PT124.3.1
See details 02.030015-D Ph2Clarifications of tables    Details 282/92 approved SMG1 
See details 02.030014-C Ph2Removal of services (Videotex & MHS)    Details 282/92 approved SMG1 
See details 02.030013-C Ph2Short Message Service    Details 282/92 approved SMG1 
See details 02.030012-B Ph2Short Message Service - Reply Path    Details 309/91 approved GSM14.3.1
See details 02.030011-B Ph2Short Message Service, Confirmation capabilities    Details 310/91 approved GSM1 
See details 02.0300101C Ph2Emergency calls    Details 145/91 rejected GSM1  2G
See details 02.030007-A Ph1ALTERNATE SPEECH/FAX GROUP 3    Details 60/90 withdrawn GSM4  2G
See details 02.0300061A Ph1FACSIMILE GROUP 3    Details 59/90 approved GSM1 
See details 02.0300051A Ph1AUTOMATIC FACSIMILE GROUP 3    Details 60/90 approved GSM4 
See details 02.0300041B Ph1FACSIMILE GROUP 3 (TELESERVICE 62)    Details 44/90r1 approved GSM 
See details 02.0300032A Ph1SMS - MESSAGE LENGTH (ALIGNMENT WITH 03.40-41)    Details 428/89 approved GSM1 
See details 02.030002-A Ph1SMS - MESSAGE LENGTH    Details 393/89 approved GSM1 
See details 02.030000-F Ph1Revision of definitions for Teletex, SMS etc to aligne with WP4 work    approved GSM1