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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
02.06A008- R1998Addition of AMR speech codec.1-99-099agreedP-99-365approved7.0.0
02.06A007-6.0.0R1997Inclusion of Railways GSM Band:Railways GSM Band is missing in the list of frequency bands98-807bagreedP-99-028approved6.1.0
02.06A006-5.1.1R1996Inclusion of Railways GSM Band:Railways GSM Band is missing in the list of frequency bands98-807aagreedP-99-028approved5.2.0
02.06A005-5.0.0R1996Support of 14.4 kbit/s (Radio interface related)- 232/97approved5.1.0
02.06A004- R1996Allowed speech codec configurations on the MS399/96agreed577/96approved5.0.0
02.06A003-4.4.0Ph2Allowed Speech Codec Configuration in the MSn/a 311/97approved4.5.0
02.06A003- R1996Introduction of MS multislot classes404/96agreed577/96approved5.0.0
02.060010- Ph2MS classes and mode of use- 691/93  
02.060009- Ph2Definition of MS power classes- 647/93postponed 
02.060008- Ph2ETSI editorial ramification- 638/93approved 
02.060007- Ph2MS mode of use and classes- 576/93postponed 
02.060005- Ph2Types of Mobile Stations- 397/92approved4.5.0
02.060004- Ph2MS classmarks- 298/92approved4.5.0
02.060003- Ph2Merging GSM-DCS- 311/91approved4.5.0
02.060002-3.1.0Ph1CLASS 5, HANDHELD MOBILE STATION- 427/89approved 
02.060001- Ph1POWER CLASS OF VEHICLE MOBILE STATION- 383/89approved