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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
02.07A027-7.1.0R1998Support of encryption in GPRS mobile stations Details S1-000111 agreedSP-000060approved7.0.0
02.07A026-6.1.0R1997Support of encryption in GPRS mobile stations Details S1-000110 agreedSP-000060approved6.2.0
02.07A02218.1.0R1999Changes to CBS DRX MS requirements to support LCS Assistance Data broadcast service. Details s1-000123  P-00-168approved8.1.0
02.07A021-8.0.0R1999Correction of references. Details S1-99644 agreedP-99-647approved8.1.0
02.07A0202 R1999Introduction of EGPRS and ECSD Details 1-99-113 agreedP-99-383approved8.0.0
02.07A019- R1998Addition of the SoLSA feature Details 98-545  98-0548approved7.0.0
02.07A018-6.0.0R1997Extension of NI Alerting in MS using Nw initiated MO connection Details 98-318 agreed98-0317approved6.1.0
02.07A0172 R1999Introduction of EGPRS and ECSD Details 1-99-113 agreedP-99-369withdrawn 
02.07A017-6.0.0R1997CCBS - Addition of the new feature network initiated MO connection Details 98-317 agreed98-0317approved6.1.0
02.07A016-5.3.1R1996Alignment of NITZ - Network name, time and timezone information will be transferred from the network to the ME: At any time during a signalling connection with mobile station. Details 556A  97-972approved5.4.0
02.07A015- R1997Network Alerting in the MS: Feature applicable to mobile terminating calls and network initiated USSD for release 97.short message service will be studied for inclusion in release 98 Details 537  97-971approved 
02.07A01445.1.0R1996Introduction of a mandatory Ciphering Indicator agreed507/97approved5.2.0
02.07A013-4.7.0Ph2FDN Clarify spec and address wildcard implementation Details 139  304/97approved4.8.0
02.07A01244.7.0Ph2Introduction of a mandatory Ciphering Indicator agreed507/97approved4.8.0
02.07A011-5.2.0R1996FDN Spec addresses wildcard implementation Details 174  304/97approved5.3.0
02.07A010-5.1.0R1996DN number selection from USSD Details 383/96 agreed577/96approved5.2.0
02.07A009-5.0.0R1996Network Identity and Timezone Details 257/96 agreed369/96approved5.1.0
02.07A009-5.1.0R1996Network Identity and Timezone (NITAD) feature Details 255/96  -  
02.07A00825.1.0R1996Barred Dialling Number Details 408/96 agreed580/96approved5.2.0
02.07A00715.0.0R1996Support of Additional Call Set-up MMI Procedures Details 257/96 agreed409/96approved5.1.0
02.07A00615.0.0R1996Introduction of a second SMS CB channel Details 132/96 agreed395/96approved5.1.0
02.07A004- R1996Provision of Service Dialling Numbers Details 335/95 agreed062/96approved5.0.0
02.07A0012 R1996SIM/ME association Details 158/95 agreed056/96approved5.0.0
02.070037-4.5.0Ph2Deletion of obsolete text  384/94approved4.6.0
02.070036-4.5.0Ph2Changes for SMS DRX  405/94approved4.6.0
02.07003514.4.2Ph2Mandatory status of Encryption  316/94approved4.5.0
02.070034-4.4.2Ph2Mandatory status of DTMF  195/94approved4.5.0
02.070033-4.4.2Ph2Clarification of Autocalling Blacklisting procedure  195/94approved4.5.0
02.070032- Ph2Creation of 02.30: stage 1 description of USSD  587/93approved4.4.2
02.070031-4.4.1Ph2Abbreviated and Fixed dialling numbers  533/93approved4.4.2
02.070030-4.4.1Ph2Insertion of ID-1 Sim for IC-Card  533/93approved4.4.2
02.070029- Ph2Fixed Dialling  194/93approved4.6.0
02.070028- Ph2Autocalling restrictions  94/93approved4.6.0
02.070027- Ph2Selection of Directory Number  398/92approved4.6.0
02.070026- Ph2Support of Supplementary Services  398/92approved 
02.070025- Ph2Last Dialled Number  399/92approved 
02.070024- Ph2Autocalling Restrictions  398/92approved 
02.070023- Ph2Definition of sub-address  284/92approved4.6.0
02.070022- Ph2Support of SMS in MS  284/92approved 
02.0700211 Ph2Marking of MS for SIM  374/92approved 
02.070020- Ph2Unstructured SS Data  284/92approved 
02.070019- Ph2Soft Power-down  284/92approved 
02.0700181 Ph2DTMF digit separator  168/92approved4.6.0
02.070017- Ph2Editorial update  151/92approved 
02.070015- Ph2Clarifications  -  
02.070014- Ph2Emergency Calls  153/92approved 
02.0700135 Ph2Fixed Number Dialling  398/92approved 
02.0700131 Ph2Definition of Fixed Number Dialling  -  
02.0700121 Ph2DTMF  209/91approved4.6.0
02.070011-3.4.0Ph1Emergency Calls  166/91approved3.4.1
02.070010-3.3.0Ph1Autocalling restrictions  11/91approved3.4.0
02.07000913.3.0Ph1Autocalling restrictions  11/91R1approved3.4.0
02.070008- Ph2Polarisation mark for SIM on MS  162/90postponed 
02.070007-3.3.0Ph1Polarisation mark for SIM on MS  162/90rejected 
02.0700051 Ph1CHANGE OF BATTERY DURING CONVERSATION  408/89approved 
02.0700031 Ph1CONTROL OF SUPPLEMENTARY SERVICES (ALIGN. WITH 02.30)  430/89approved 
02.0700021 Ph1Features supported by the ME and the SIM  -approved 
02.0700011 Ph1Service indicator  -approved 
02.070000- Ph1Service indicator  -rejected