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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
02.22A009-5.3.1R1996Definition of code groups for concurrent personalisation on multiple Networks, multiple Network Subsets, multiple Service Providers, multiple Corporates and Multiple SIMs. Details 98-328 agreed98-0319approved5.4.0
02.22A008-5.3.0R1996Miscellaneous corrections in Network, Subset Network, Service provider, Corporate personalizations: Details 97-332 agreed98-0068approved5.3.1
02.22A007-5.2.0R1996ME Personalization, Part of A.003r1 to 02.22 approved at SMG#20 was incorrectly transcribed. Details 97-xxx  97-651approved5.3.0
02.22A0061 R1996Over-the-air depersonalisation of the ME agreed734/96approved5.2.0
02.22A006-5.1.0R1996Over-the-air depersonalisation of the ME agreed624/96revised 
02.22A005-5.1.0R1996Personalisation to multiple PLMNs agreed734/96approved5.2.0
02.22A004-5.1.0R1996Prevention of mis-use of the personalisation mechanism Details 235/96 agreed360/96approved5.2.0
02.22A00315.1.0R1996Clarification of procedures agreed623/96approved5.2.0
02.22A003-5.1.0R1996Modifications to GSM 02.22 to incorporate changes for PCS 1900  -  
02.22A00215.0.0R1996Clarification of text  339/96approved5.1.0
02.22A002-5.0.0R1996Removal of loyalty feature  264/96revised 
02.22A001-5.0.0R1996Support of multiple PLMNs Details 142/96 agreed218/96approved5.1.0