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See details 02.240015-D4.3.0Ph2Clarification of AoC text    Details 385/94 approved SMG14.4.0
See details 02.2400141F4.3.0Ph2AoC and Call re-establishment    Details 385/94 approved SMG14.4.0
See details 02.2400131F4.3.0Ph2Clarification of call handling with AoC    Details 385/94 approved SMG14.4.0
See details 02.240012-F4.2.1Ph2Increase in capacity of Accumulated Charge Meter (ACM)    Details 197/94 approved SMG14.3.0
See details 02.240011-D4.2.0Ph2Support of multiple calls    Details 21/94 approved SMG14.2.1
See details 02.240010-F Ph2CAI message not acknowledged if not supported    Details 534/93 approved SMG14.2.0
See details 02.240009-D Ph2CAI message contains all or some charging elements    Details 534/93 approved SMG14.2.0
See details 02.240008-C Ph2Introduction of PUCT    Details 367/92 approved SMG14.2.0
See details 02.240007-C Ph2Accumulated Call Meter    Details 288/92 approved SMG14.2.0
See details 02.240006-C Ph2Clarifications    Details 288/92 approved SMG1 
See details 02.240005-C Ph2Call Meter      SIMEG 
See details 02.240004-C Ph2Advice of Charge      SIMEG 
See details 02.240003-D Ph2Use of initial Time related CAI element    Details 301/91 approved GSM14.2.0
See details 02.240002-B Ph2Charging Supplementary Services    Details 151/91 approved GSM14.2.0
See details 02.2400012B Ph2Advice of Charge    Details 15/91 postponed GSM1  2G