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02.41A008-5.1.0R1996Clarification of the ODB Barring Categories for ECT:To allow the invocation of the requested category of ODB for ECT in the serving MSC/VLR the different barring categories are defined in more detail.532 97-975approved5.1.1
02.41A007-5.0.0R1996Introduction of new ODB categories for ECT-agreed042/97approved5.1.0
02.41A00615.0.0R1996Introduction of omitted ODB categories-agreed041/97approved5.1.0
02.41A003- R1996ODB of Barring of SS Management412/94agreed045/95approved5.0.0
02.41A002- R1996New catagories for Operator Determined Barring for CF and interzone calls303/94agreed591/94approved5.0.0
02.41A001- R1996Operator Determined Barring applicability to O/G and future calls283/94agreed591/94approved5.0.0
02.410006-4.4.1Ph2Clarification of user invocation in respect to ODB- 535/93approved4.5.0
02.410005- Ph2Network Actions when Barring Applies- 197/93approved4.5.2
02.410004- Ph2Definition of Premium Rate Calls- 100/93approved4.5.2
02.4100031 Ph2Application of ODB to roamers- 100/93approved 
02.4100021 Ph2Op.Determ. Barring of SS control- 156/92approved4.5.2
02.410001- Ph2Operator determined barring - enhancements- 103/92approved4.5.2