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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
02.57A012- R1999MExE-99024 (Removing limitation to GSM and other minor corrections) Details 1-99-194 agreedP-99-382approved8.0.0
02.57A011- R1999MExE-99022 (Support of data synchronisation).doc Details 1-99-189 agreedP-99-382approved8.0.0
02.57A010- R1999MExE-99020 (Support of other bearers).doc Details 1-99-188 agreedP-99-382approved8.0.0
02.57A009- R1999MExE-99018 (Support of codec upgrades).doc Details 1-99-187 agreedP-99-382approved8.0.0
02.57A008- R1999MExE-99017 (Support of HO notification).doc Details 1-99-186 agreedP-99-382approved8.0.0
02.57A007- R1999MExE-99016 (Support of QoS management).doc Details 1-99-182 agreedP-99-382approved8.0.0
02.57A006- R1999MExE-99015 (Interaction with the MSE).doc Details 1-99-181 agreedP-99-382approved8.0.0
02.57A005- R1999MExE-99012 (Support of SIM certificate management).doc Details 1-99-180 agreedP-99-382approved8.0.0
02.57A0041 R1999MExE-99011 (Support of AT commands).doc Details 1-99-193 agreedP-99-382approved8.0.0
02.57A003-7.0.0R1998Complete replacement of security section, following review by SMG10 and discussion between SMG10 and SMG4._T2-99430-1.doc Details 1-99-164 agreedP-99-372approved7.1.0
02.57A002-7.0.0R1998The review of the MExE Stage 2 resulted in the conclusion that the term MExE protocols used in the MExE Stage 1 in fact refers to all layers above the GSM/UMTS bearer.T2-99217.doc Details 1-99-163 agreedP-99-372approved7.1.0
02.57A001-7.0.0R1998The review of the MExE Stage 2 resulted in the conclusion that a (WAP) script, from a point of view of an executing programme, should also be considered to be an application._T2-99090.doc Details 1-99-162 agreedP-99-372approved7.1.0
02.570000- R1998MExE Stage 1 (identical to tdoc 98-0072) agreed98-0104approved7.0.0