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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
02.60A026-7.4.0R1998Deletion of IHOSS (Point to Point Octet Stream Service)S1-000340agreedSP-000197approved7.5.0
02.60A025-7.2.0R1998Corrections on Point-To-Point Octet Stream ServiceS1-000046agreedSP-000059approved7.3.0
02.60A024-7.2.0R1998GPRS Stage 1 removal of exampleS1-99351agreedSP-99479approved7.3.0
02.60A023-6.2.0R1997GPRS Stage 1 removal of exampleS1-99319agreedSP-99479approved6.3.0
02.60A022-7.2.0R1998Class B mode of operationS1-99791agreedSP-99440approved7.3.0
02.60A021-6.2.0R1997Class B mode of operationS1-99790agreedSP-99440approved6.3.0
02.60A020- R1999GPRS Stage 1 rel 99 Clean-up: Stage 1 contain requirements on, e.g. supplementary services that has not been included at release '99.1-99-177agreedP-99-371approved8.1.0
02.60A019-7.1.0R1998GPRS Stage 1 rel 98 Clean-up: Stage 1 contains requirements that have not been included in release '98 such as PTM and supplementary services that have been removed from R98.1-99-176agreedP-99-371approved7.2.0
02.60A01768.0.0R1999PTM-G Service Charaxcteristics: The GPRS PTM-G service can be based on GPRS PTP connections with a small number of changes to the service characteristics of PTM-G.1-99-153agreedP-99-371approved8.1.0
02.60A016- R1999Clarification: Capabilities of GPRS MS Classes98-withdrawnP-99-032  
02.60A015-7.0.0R1998Clarification: Capabilities of GPRS MS Classes98-agreedP-99-032approved7.1.0
02.60A014-6.1.1R1997Clarification: Capabilities of GPRS MS Classes98-agreedP-99-032approved6.2.0
02.60A013- R1999Needs to support Bellcore specified X.75’ interface for interworking with BOC’s data networks..)98-617cwithdrawnP-99-033approved8.0.0
02.60A012-7.0.0R1998Needs to support Bellcore specified X.75’ interface for interworking with BOC’s data networks..)98-617bagreedP-99-033approved7.1.0
02.60A011- R1999Point-To-Point Octet Stream Service Stage 1 Service Description98-878bwithdrawnP-99-032  
02.60A010- R1999Introduction of EGPRS98-697agreedP-99-032approved8.0.0
02.60A00917.0.0R1998Point-To-Point Octet Stream Service Stage 1 Service Description98-878aagreedP-99-032approved7.1.0
02.60A008-6.1.0R1997Needs to support Bellcore specified X.75’ interface for interworking with BOC’s data networks..)98-617aagreedP-99-033approved6.2.0
02.60A007-6.0.0R1997The GSM 02.60 contains a lot of text related to GPRS phase 2, which has to be removed from the R97 specification. The Phase 2 Version of 02.60 remains unaffected by this change.n/aagreed98-0320approved6.1.0
02.60A006- R1997Clarification of the GPRS Attach characteristics. A GPRS-Attach shall be succesfully performed only if the subscriber has a valid GPRS subscription.98-143agreed98-0071approved6.0.0
02.60A005- R1997Requirement for the MS to inform the network of its GPRS class is not appropriate for the stage 1 and should be left for the stage 2 to determine. The three MS classes A, B, C remain unchanged.98-121agreed98-0071approved6.0.0
02.60A004- R1997Allowing re-negotiation of the QoS parameters for throughput during a session improves the flexibility of network operation and increases the quality of service perceived by the user.98-083agreed98-0071approved6.0.0
02.60A003- R1997Clarification/Improvement of definition of Quality of Services aspects562 97-976approved 
02.60A002- R1997Clarification of GPRS release 1997 content and minor editorial improvements531 97-976approved 
02.60A001- R1998MT operation in GPRS97-364 97-651approved