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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
02.78A045-7.1.0R1998Calling Party Number can not be modified by CSE967agreedSP-010663approved7.2.0
02.78A044-6.5.0R1997Calling Party Number can not be modified by CSE966agreedSP-010663approved6.6.0
02.78A043-7.0.0R1998Support of CAMEL Phase 1 and 2S1-000809agreedSP-000536approved7.1.0
02.78A042-6.4.0R1997Support of CAMEL Phase 1 and 2S1-000808agreedSP-000536approved6.5.0
02.78A041-6.3.0R1997Introduction of a “Health Warning” on type of numbers sent by the mobile other than “unknown” or “international”S1-99335agreedSP-99443approved6.5.0
02.78A040-6.2.0R1997TDP and EDP’s in IPLMN.1-99-041agreedP-99-366approved6.3.0
02.78A039-5.5.0R1996Alignment to CAP98-744agreedP-99-029approved5.6.0
02.78A03816.1.0R1997Addition of North American Carrier related Information to CAMEL Phase 298-postponedP-99-315approved6.2.0
02.78A037-6.1.0R1997TDP and EDP’s in IPLMN.98-agreedP-99-029approved6.2.0
02.78A036-6.1.0R1997Correction of the CLIR interaction section98-890agreedP-99-029approved6.2.0
02.78A035-5.5.0R1996CSE is not able to change the presentation indicator given to the called subscriber98-889agreedP-99-029approved5.6.0
02.78A034-6.1.0R1997Handling of subscribed (U-CSI) and dialled (UG-CSI) USSD Strings98-888agreedP-99-029approved6.2.0
02.78A033-6.1.0R1997More flexible interpretation of a criterion98-887agreedP-99-029approved6.2.0
02.78A032-6.1.0R1997The current text defining the treatment of criteria is open to misinterpretation98-743agreedP-99-029approved6.2.0
02.78A031-6.1.0R1997Alignment to CAP98-741agreedP-99-029approved6.2.0
02.78A030-6.1.0R1997Tariff Switch Control98-740agreedP-99-029approved6.2.0
02.78A029-6.1.0R1997Functional alignment with stage 2 and 398-738agreedP-99-029approved6.2.0
02.78A02826.1.0R1997Clarification of Camel interaction with CF98-881agreedP-99-029approved6.2.0
02.78A02716.1.0R1997Interactions between CAMEL and SOR98-882agreedP-99-029approved6.2.0
02.78A026-6.1.0R1997Correction of scope section98-737agreedP-99-029approved6.2.0
02.78A025-6.1.0R1997Clarification of handling of request & notification service events98-739agreedP-99-029approved6.2.0
02.78A024-5.5.0R1996Clarification of handling of request & notification service events98-745agreedP-99-029approved5.6.0
02.78A023-5.4.0R1996Correction of CAMEL phase 1 - (PT SMG Changed # from A020 to A023 to avoid duplication!)98-361agreed98-0322approved5.5.0
02.78A0221 R1997Correction and enhancement of CAMEL interworking with Call Forwarding - (PT SMG added PHASE 2 following a reference to CAMEL as requested)98-339agreed98-0323approved6.1.0
02.78A021- R1997Health warning of CAMEL interworking with Call Barring.98-339agreed98-0323approved6.1.0
02.78A020- R1997Correction of misinterpretation in Camel Phase 2 of A16 of SMG#25.98-339agreed98-0323approved6.1.0
02.78A019- R1997Editorial change of call segment to call period due to different meaning in ITU-T standards.98-139agreed98-0070approved6.0.0
02.78A018- R1997Removal of restriction on number of Follow-on calls and/or call re-attempts.98-138agreed98-0070approved6.0.0
02.78A017- R1997Treating GSM Forwarding and CSE Forwarding in the same way.98-137agreed98-0070approved6.0.0
02.78A016- R1997Allow CSE to send an NI alerting pattern to the IPLMN during the incoming call request procedure.98-124agreed98-0070approved6.0.0
02.78A015- R1997Suppress announcements even when the called party number has been changed by the CSE98-105agreed98-0070approved6.0.0
02.78A014- R1997changes are purely editorial and apply to both, CAMEL R96 and R97, and result from re-organisation of the previous text or editorial improvements.No technical changes to the CAMEL phase 1536 97-977approved 
02.78A0134 R1997Camel Phase 2 and Camel Phase 197-n/a 97-652approved 
02.78A012-5.1.1R1996Camel Phase 1 Called digits * and # to be transported to CSE11 303/97approved5.2.0
02.78A011-5.1.1R1996Camel Phase 1 on Time and Location152 313/97approved5.2.0
02.78A010-5.1.0R1996Clarification of CAMEL interaction with CLIP480/96agreed286/97approved5.1.1
02.78A009-5.0.0R1996Information provided about the served subscriber361/96 579/96approved5.1.0
02.78A008-5.0.0R1996Ambiguity of the current stage 1373/96 579/96approved5.1.0
02.78A007-5.0.0R1996Editorial change for inclusion of CAMEL charging information307/96 579/96approved5.1.0
02.78A006-5.0.0R1996Subscriber Status306/96 579/96approved5.1.0
02.78A005-5.0.0R1996Interaction of CAMEL and Call Forwarding306/96 579/96approved5.1.0
02.78A00415.0.0R1996CSE initiated call termination- 579/96approved5.1.0
02.78A003-5.0.0R1996Changing CLIR indication by the CSE306/96 579/96approved5.1.0
02.78A00215.0.0R1996Editorial changes306/96 579/96approved5.1.0
02.78A001-5.0.0R1996Information elements between IPLMN/VPLMN and CSE306/96 579/96approved5.1.0
02.780000- R1999CAMEL Phase 3 Service description: Stage 1- P-99-044noted