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See details 02.880024-F4.3.0Ph2Applicability of call barring to dedicated PAD/Packet access    Details 536/93 approved SMG14.4.0
See details 02.880023-D Ph2Quiescent status for Call Barring when roaming    Details 382/93 approved SMG1 
See details 02.880022-F Ph2Deactivation of Barring Programs    Details 383/93 approved SMG1 
See details 02.880021-F Ph2Interrogation of Barring services    Details 81/93 approved SMG14.4.3
See details 02.880020-D Ph2Future SS    Details 404/92 approved PT124.4.3
See details 02.880019-D Ph2Editorials    Details 338/92 approved SMG14.4.3
See details 02.8800181D Ph2Basic Service groups    Details 158/92 approved SMG14.4.3
See details 02.8800171B Ph2Interrogation    Details 149/92 approved SMG1 
See details 02.8800161D Ph2Call Barring of Short Messages    Details 304/91 approved GSM14.4.3
See details 02.880015-E Ph1Basic Service information in CB Control Procedures    Details 302/90 approved GSM1 
See details 02.880014-C Ph1SUBSCRIPTION OPTION, APPLICABILITY TO BASIC SERVICES    Details 423/89 approved GSM1 
See details 02.880013-A Ph1USE OF PASSWORD WHEN ROAMING    Details 423/89 approved GSM1 
See details 02.8800121C Ph1INTERROGATION OF OUTGOING CALL BARRING SERVICES    Details 404/89r1 approved GSM1 
See details 02.880011-C Ph1INTERACTION BETWEEN CB SERVICES    Details 420/89 approved GSM1 
See details 02.8800102D Ph1SUBSCRIPTION OPTION FOR PASSWORD    Details 421/89 approved GSM1 
See details 02.8800091D Ph1RESTRUCTURING OF THE RECOMMENDATION    Details 419/89 approved GSM1 
See details 02.880008-B Ph1PASSWORD HANDLING    Details 422/89 approved GSM1 
See details 02.8800071B Ph1DELETION OF TWO BARRING SERVICES    Details 417/89 approved GSM1