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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
02.93A019-6.0.0R1997Specific alert in case of CCBS recall Details 98-319 agreed98-0324approved6.0.1
02.93A018- R1997Inclusion of the interaction between CCBS and CAMEL Phase2. Details 550  97-979approved 
02.93A017- R1997The priority in queue handling has been removed by earlier CRs. The section about service interaction shall be changed accordingly. Details 529  97-979approved 
02.93A016- R1997CCBS Suspend Details 97-361  97-651approved 
02.93A015- R1997CCBS Request de activation Details 97-360  97-651approved 
02.93A014- R1997CCBS Editorial Details 97-327  97-651approved 
02.93A013- R1997CCBS Camel Details 97-235  97-651approved 
02.93A012- R1997SS CCBS: Remove possibility to de-activate an individual CCBS request. Details 147  301/97approved 
02.93A011- R1997SS CCBS: Removal of priorities in queues Details 147  301/97approved 
02.93A010- R1997SS CCBS: Address potential race cndts winteraction w BAIC, BIC-ROAM Details 147  301/97approved 
02.93A009- R1997SS CCBS: Separates data handling from individual CCBS requests. Details 147  301/97approved 
02.93A00815.1.0R1996Changes in response to LS from SMG3 Details 394/96 agreed577/96approved5.2.0
02.93A007-5.1.0R1996CCBS (Withdrawal of service) Details 395/96 agreed577/96approved5.2.0
02.93A006-5.0.0R1996Changes to GSM 02.93 CCBS Details 241/96 agreed362/96approved5.1.0
02.93A005-5.0.0R1996Interaction between CCBS and CAMEL Details 225/96 agreed362/96approved5.1.0
02.93A004-5.0.0R1996Enhancements of CCBS stage 1 for identical requests Details 45/96 agreed223/96postponed 
02.93A004-5.1.0R1996Enhancements of CCBS stage 1 for identical requests Details 45/96 withdrawn223/96withdrawn 
02.93A00315.0.0R1996CCBS/CB interactions Details 228/96 agreed362/96approved5.1.0
02.93A003- R1996CCBS/CB interactions when considering SOR Details 406/95 agreed049/96postponed 
02.9300021 R1996Tidying Annex A on Cross Phase Compatibility  576/95approved5.0.0
02.930001- Ph2Editorial change of applicability section  572/95approved