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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
03.02B0013 R1996Additions for VGCS and VBS Details 95P449 agreed101/96approved5.0.0
03.02A010-7.0.0R1998Add LCS enhancements Details S2-99D86 agreedSP-99545approved7.1.0
03.02A009- R1998New nodes and interfaces introduced by Location Services (LCS) Details T1P1.5  P-99-466approved7.0.0
03.02A008- R1997Mandatory assignment of MSISDN Details 98S122 agreed98-0346approved6.0.0
03.02A007- R1997Support of SIWF Details 97P424 agreed97-796approved 
03.02A006-5.1.0R1996Clarification on the nature of the B-Interface Details 97P333 agreed97-796approved5.2.0
03.02A0054 R1997Changes needed for GPRS regarding Network Architecture Details 97P493 agreed97-1086approved 
03.02A004-5.0.0R1996Deletion of Phase 1 option of Ki transportation Details 96P120 agreed313/96approved5.1.0
03.02A003-4.1.0Ph2Deletion of Phase 1 option of Ki transportation Details 96P120 agreed313/96approved4.0.1
03.02A0021 Ph2Error correction for regional subscription Details 95P381 agreed098/96approved4.1.0
03.020005- Ph2Editorial clarifications Details 438/92 agreed273/92approved 
03.020004- Ph2Editorial clean up Details ---  195/92approved 
03.020002- Ph2Definition on the HLR-AuC interface agreed189/92approved 
03.020001- Ph2Removal of MSRN allocation option at location updating agreed188/92approved