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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
03.03A06117.7.0R1998Correction to definition of Group ID, Group call area ID and Group Call ReferenceN4-031046agreedNP-030379approved7.8.0
03.03A06016.7.0R1997Correction to definition of Group ID, Group call area ID and Group Call ReferenceN4-031045agreedNP-030379approved6.8.0
03.03A05915.4.1R1996Correction to definition of Group ID, Group call area ID and Group Call ReferenceN4-031044agreedNP-030379approved5.5.0
03.03A056-7.6.0R1998Restructing the IMEI to combine the TAC and FACN4-020710agreedNP-020258approved7.7.0
03.03A055-6.6.0R1997Restructing the IMEI to combine the TAC and FACN4-020709agreedNP-020258approved6.7.0
03.03A05217.5.0R1998Remove reference to TS 03.22N4-010724agreedNP-010286approved7.6.0
03.03A050-6.5.0R1997Use of 3 Digit MNCs in GTP for Release 97N4-000389 NP-000371approved6.6.0
03.03A049-7.4.0R1998Hexa IMEIN4-000405 NP-000369postponed 
03.03A048-6.5.0R1997Hexa IMEIN4-000404 NP-000369postponed 
03.03A047-4.10.0Ph2Hexa IMEIN4-000403 NP-000369postponed 
03.03A046-5.3.0R1996Hexa IMEIN4-000402 NP-000369postponed 
03.03A04517.4.0R1998Editorial Modification of section 6.2.2N4-000345 NP-000295approved7.5.0
03.03A04416.5.0R1997Editorial Modification of section 6.2.2N4-000344 NP-000295approved6.6.0
03.03A04315.3.0R1996Editorial Modification of section 6.2.2N4-000343 NP-000295approved5.4.0
03.03A04214.10.0Ph2Editorial Modification of section 6.2.2N4-000342 NP-000295approved4.11.0
03.03A04114.9.0Ph2Modification of section 6.2 to enhance IMEI securityNone NP-000175approved4.10.0
03.03A041-4.9.0Ph2Modification of section 6.2 to enhance IMEI securityN2B000334 NP-000076revised 
03.03A04015.2.0R1996Modification of section 6.2 to enhance IMEI securityNone NP-000176approved5.3.0
03.03A040-5.2.0R1996Modification of section 6.2 to enhance IMEI securityN2B000333 NP-000076revised 
03.03A0391 R1997Modification of section 6.2 to enhance IMEI securityNone NP-000177approved6.5.0
03.03A039- R1997Modification of section 6.2 to enhance IMEI securityN2B000332 NP-000076revised 
03.03A03817.3.1R1998Modification of section 6.2 to enhance IMEI securityNone NP-000178approved7.4.0
03.03A038-7.3.1R1998Modification of section 6.2 to enhance IMEI securityN2B000331 NP-000076revised 
03.03A034- R1998Support of VLR and HLR Data Restoration procedures with LCSN2-99K44 NP-99494approved7.3.0
03.03A03316.4.0R1997ASCII coding of <MNC> and <MCC> in APN OIN2-99C50agreedNP-99300approved6.5.0
03.03A03217.1.0R1998ASCII coding of <MNC> and <MCC> in APN OIN2-99C52agreedNP-99300approved7.2.0
03.03A031-7.0.0R1998Correction of VGC/VBC referenceNP-99251 P-99-451approved7.1.0
03.03A030-6.2.0R1997Correction of VGC/VBC referenceNP-99250 P-99-451approved6.3.0
03.03A029-5.1.1R1996Correction of VGC/VBC referenceNP-99163 P-99-451approved5.2.0
03.03A02825.1.1R1996SSN reallocation for CAP and gsmSCF- P-99-434approved5.2.0
03.03A02815.1.1R1996SSN reallocation for CAP, gsmSCF, SIWF, GGSN, SGSN, SMLC and GMLCNP99-224 P-99-462withdrawn 
03.03A02717.0.0R1998SSN reallocation for CAP, gsmSCF, SIWF, GGSN, SGSN, SMLC and GMLCNP99-222 P-99-462approved7.1.0
03.03A02616.2.0R1997SSN reallocation for CAP, gsmSCF, SIWF, GGSN, SGSN, SMLC and GMLCNP99-223 P-99-462approved6.3.0
03.03A025-7.0.0R1998Harmonisation of the MNC-length; correction of A019r1N2-99514 P-99-460approved7.1.0
03.03A021-7.0.0R1998Definition of escape PLMN codeN1-99549 P-99-523approved7.1.0
03.03A02017.0.0R1998Correction to the MNC lengthN1-99547 P-99-460approved7.1.0
03.03A0191 R1998Numbering, addressing and identification (Harmonisation)- P-99-308approved7.0.0
03.03A018- R1998Addition of Cordless Telephony System Identities-agreedP-99-234approved7.0.0
03.03A01616.1.0R1997Correction of the APN wildcard coding3A99-131agreedP-99-153approved6.2.0
03.03A015-6.1.0R1997Introduction of IPv6 addresses for GPRS MSs (C99-117)3A99-200agreedP-99-153approved6.2.0
03.03A01416.1.0R1997Alignment of GSM 03.03 with GSM 09.023P99-024 P-99-193approved6.2.0
03.03A0122 R1998Addition of SoLSA functionality-agreedP-99-231approved7.0.0
03.03A01116.1.0R1997Definition of SSN for MAP signalling to the gsmSCF98S674agreed98-0730withdrawn 
03.03A01036.1.0R1997Definition of national SSNs for GPRS98S674agreed98-0730withdrawn 
03.03A00935.1.0R1996Definition of SSN for MAP signalling to the gsmSCF98S674agreed98-0730withdrawn 
03.03A0082 R1997Definition of Access Point Name (APN)-postponed98-0346withdrawn 
03.03A007- R1997Clarification of TLLI used for anonymous access98S220agreed98-0346approved6.1.0
03.03A006- R1997Mandatory assignment of MSISDN to an MS for GPRS; removal of Ipv6 address for GPRS MSs.98S123agreed98-0346approved6.1.0
03.03A00415.0.2R1996Definition of CAP SSN replaced by a reference to GSM 03.0398p077agreed98-0087approved5.1.0
03.03A0036 R1997Numbering, addressing, and identification98P071agreed98-0126approved6.0.0
03.03A0022 R1996Additions for VGCS and VBS95P383agreed101/96approved5.0.0
03.0300361 Ph2Introduction of Software Version Number in IMEI853/94agreed-  
03.030036- Ph2Introduction of Software Version Number in IMEI-revised-  
03.0300351 Ph2The fifteenth digit of the IMEI467/94agreed399/94postponed 
03.030035- Ph215th digit of the IMEI442/94revised-  
03.0300341 Ph2Editorial clarification of the structure of the IMEI471/94agreed399/94postponed 
03.030034- Ph2Editiorial clarification of the structure of the IMEI342/94revised-  
03.030033- Ph2Modification of PLMN Colour Codes list in Annex C179/94agreed211/94approved4.8.0
03.030032- Ph2Mobile station version indication within the IMEI872/93agreed75/94approved4.11.1
03.030031- Ph2New description of zone identity93C073withdrawn-  
03.0300301 Ph2Definition of length og TMSI827/93agreed603/93approved 
03.030030- Ph2Simplification of length of TMSI686/93revised-  
03.0300291 Ph2Error Correction and Clean Up824/93agreed606/93approved 
03.030029- Ph2Error correction and clean up664/93revised-  
03.0300281 Ph2Alignment of Length of LAC and CI822/93agreed602/93approved 
03.030028- Ph2Alignment of Length of LAC and CI657/93revised-  
03.030027- Ph2Use of Mobile Country Code in IMSI540/93agreed606/93approved 
03.030026- Ph1Use of Mobile Country Code in IMSI539/93agreed601/93approved 
03.0300253 Ph2Correction of RSZIA41/93agreed77/94approved4.11.1
03.0300252 Ph2Correction of RSZI970/93revised-  
03.0300251 Ph2Correction to RSZI656/93revised-  
03.030025- Ph2Correction to RSZI488/93revised-  
03.0300241 Ph2Colour Codes495/93agreed428/93approved 
03.030024- Ph2Colour Codes388/93revised-  
03.030023- Ph2Alignment of length of LAC402/93postponed-  
03.030022- Ph2New Reserved Value for LAC55/93agreed244/93approved 
03.0300211 Ph2Definition of NCC953/92agreed123/93approved 
03.030021- Ph2Definition of NCC859/92revised-  
03.0300201 Ph2Definition of location number701/92agreed124/93approved 
03.030020- Ph2Definition of location number-revised-  
03.030019- Ph2Definition of Subaddress614/92agreed471/92approved 
03.030017- Ph2Reserved value for TMSI-agreed190/92approved 
03.030016- Ph2Removal of MSRN allocation option at location updating-agreed188/92approved 
03.030015- Ph2Relaxation of handover number release requirement-agreed190/92approved 
03.030014- Ph2TMSI all one's616/91agreed-  
03.030013- Ph2TMSI of different lengths524/91agreed190/92approved 
03.0300121 Ph1Reserved value for TMSI-agreed137/91rejected 
03.030012- Ph1Reserved value for TMSI65/91 -  
03.0300112 Ph1Spare field in IMEI not coded105/91agreed137/91rejected 
03.0300111 Ph1Spare field in IMEI not coded103/91 -  
03.030011- Ph1Spare Field in IMEI not coded29/91 -  
03.0300101 Ph1Use of Mobile Country Code (MCC)- 63/91approved 
03.030009- Ph1Length of Mobile Network Code (MNC)- 63/91approved 
03.030008- Ph1Length of Location Area Code (LAC) and Cell Identity (CI)- 63/91withdrawn 
03.0300071 Ph1Bit ordering for identities150/90agreed216/90r1approved 
03.030004- Ph1Composition of the location area identification-agreed27/90r1approved 
03.0300031 Ph1Reserved value in LAC for a NON existing LAI-agreed377/89approved 
03.030002- Ph1HLR identification-agreed352/89approved 
03.030001- Ph1development of restoration procedures for location registers29/89withdrawn-