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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
03.07A00917.0.0R1998Support of VLR and HLR Data Restoration procedures with LCSP-99-700 NP-99494approved7.1.0
03.07A007- R1998Support of VLR and HLR Data Restoration procedures with LCS- P-99-467approved7.0.0
03.07A00616.1.0R1997GPRS restoration proceduresN2-99620 P-99-456approved6.2.0
03.07A00416.0.0R1997Alignment of restoration procedures for GPRS to GSM 09.1898P122agreed98-0412approved6.1.0
03.07A00326.0.0R1997Alignment with the latest revisions of GSM 03.60 and GSM 09.6098P121agreed98-0412approved6.1.0
03.07A002- R1997Modification of Restoration Procedures for GPRS97C659agreed98-0092approved6.0.0
03.07A001- R1997Restauration procedures GPRS97C495agreed97-691approved 
03.0700182 Ph2Editorial revision, Clarification of 'Stand alone operation of the VLR215/94agreed212/94approved4.3.0
03.07001824.2.0Ph2Editorial clarifications and alignment with TS GSM 09.02209/93postponed-  
03.07001814.2.0Ph2Editorial clarifications and alignment with TS GSM 09.02182/93postponed-  
03.070018-4.2.0Ph2Editorial clarifications and alignment with TS GSM 09.0293/93revised-  
03.070017- Ph2Reset of all 'MS Purged' flags after HLR restart930/92agreed125/93approved 
03.0700163 Ph2Deletion of VLR restoration flag and timer367/92agreed343/92approved 
03.0700162 Ph2Deletion of VLR restoration flag and timer326/92revised-  
03.0700161 Ph2Deletion of VLR restoration flag and timer387/92revised-  
03.070015- Ph2Handling of roaming number requests in the VLR387/92agreed-  
03.0700141 Ph2Deletion of HLR restoration timer in VLR387/92agreed343/92approved 
03.070013- Ph2Handling of roaming number requests in the VLR202/92postponed-  
03.070012- Ph2Deletion of option of MSRN allocation at location updating192/92withdrawn-withdrawn 
03.070011- Ph2Removal of VLR backup184/92agreed187/92approved 
03.070010- Ph2Removal of MSRN allocation option at location updating-agreed188/92approved 
03.0700091 Ph2Additional restoration indicator in the VLR217/92agreed187/92approved 
03.070009- Ph2Additional Restoration indicator in the VLR174/92revised-  
03.0700082 Ph1Improvement of restoration procedure125/91 42/91  
03.0700071 Ph1Misalignment of GSM recommendations309/90agreed266/90approved 
03.0700061 Ph1Updating of MSRN in HLR-agreed320/89approved 
03.070005- Ph1Incorrect message name referenced- -  
03.070004- Ph1No section 3.1 header- -  
03.070003- Ph1Section 3.2.2 inconsistent- -  
03.070002- Ph1notification to MS after HLR restoration90/89rejected-