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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
03.08A041-7.4.0R1998Distinction between Roaming Restriction Due To Unsupported Feature and Roaming Restricted in the SGSN Due To Unsupported Feature Details N4-030383 agreedNP-030213approved7.5.0
03.08A040-6.5.0R1997Distinction between Roaming Restriction Due To Unsupported Feature and Roaming Restricted in the SGSN Due To Unsupported Feature Details N4-030382 agreedNP-030213approved6.6.0
03.08A034-6.4.0R1997Deletion of Barring of roaming stored in the SGSN Details N4-000496 agreedNP-000499approved6.5.0
03.08A033-7.3.0R1998Deletion of Barring of roaming stored in the SGSN Details N4-000495 agreedNP-000499approved7.4.0
03.08A03217.2.0R1998Addition of PDP Context Identifier Details N2B000382  NP-000067approved7.3.0
03.08A03116.3.0R1997Addition of PDP Context Identifier Details N2B000381  NP-000067approved6.4.0
03.08A030-7.2.0R1998Correction of LSA Information Details N2B000086  NP-000078approved7.3.0
03.08A029-7.1.0R1998Organization of Subscriber Data for LCS Details N2-99K46  NP-99494approved7.2.0
03.08A025-7.0.0R1998Organisation of Subscriber Data in the HLR for LCS  P-99-468approved7.1.0
03.08A0191 R1998Addition of SoLSA functionality Details 3P99-026  P-99-190approved7.0.0
03.08A01616.1.0R1997Signalling and SMS radio priority level Details 98p187  98-0725approved6.2.0
03.08A01516.2.0R1997Negotiated CAMEL Capability Handling Details 3P99-023 agreedP-99-192approved6.3.0
03.08A01416.0.0R1997Access point name description Details 98P122 agreed98-0412approved6.1.0
03.08A01316.0.0R1997Network access mode stored in the SGSN Details 98P121 agreed98-0412approved6.1.0
03.08A0121 R1997Network access mode and GPRS data Details 98p080 agreed98-0092approved6.0.0
03.08A011- R1997Deletion of A008 Organization of subscriber data GPRS agreed98-0092approved6.0.0
03.08A0103 R1997CAMEL phase2 Details 98c170 agreed98-0085approved6.0.0
03.08A0091 R1997Organization of subscriber data withdrawn-  
03.08A008- R1997Organization of subscriber data GPRS Details 97C496 agreed97-691approved 
03.08A007- R1997Support of NAEA Details 97C348 agreed97-689approved 
03.08A006-5.0.0R1996Introduction of new ODB categories for ECT Details 97P092 agreed042/97approved5.1.0
03.08A00515.0.0R1996Modifications due to introduction of CAMEL ph1 Details 97P084 agreed047/97approved5.1.0
03.08A00425.0.0R1996Enhancements to ODB (introduction of omitted categories) Details 97P089 agreed041/97approved5.1.0
03.08A0032 R1996Introduction of ASCI features Details 96P052 agreed306/96approved5.0.0
03.08A0022 Ph2Tracing data to be handled as subscriber data agreed302/96approved4.8.0
03.080062-4.6.0Ph2Editorial Alignment and Clean Up Details 191/94 agreed213/94approved4.7.0
03.080061-4.6.0Ph2Completion of four simultaneous CRs Details 190/94 agreed213/94approved4.7.0
03.080060-4.6.0Ph2Correction of ODB Data Details 186/94 agreed216/94approved4.7.0
03.0800591 Ph2Service Restriction Data Induced by Roaming Details A42/93 agreed78/94approved4.6.0
03.080059- Ph2Service Restriction Data Induced by Roaming Details 971/93 revised-  
03.080058- Ph2Alignment of Restoration Flags Details 968/93 withdrawn-  
03.080057- Ph2Alignment of SMS Data Details 967/93 agreed78/94approved4.6.0
03.080056- Ph2Alignment of Numbering Data Details 966/93 agreed78/94approved4.6.0
03.080055- Ph2Alignment of Restoration Flags Details 662/93 withdrawn-  
03.080054- Ph2Alignment of SMS Data Details 661/93 withdrawn-  
03.0800531 Ph2Regional Subscription Restriction and Roaming Restriction Details 965/93 agreed78/94approved4.6.0
03.080053- Ph2Regional Subscription Restriction and Roaming Restriction Details 658/93 revised-  
03.080052- Ph2Alignment of Numbering Data Details 659/93 withdrawn-  
03.080051- Ph2Erasure of SS-Data Details 660/93 agreed607/93approved 
03.0800501 Ph2Removal of option for storage of Ki in HLR & VLR Details 169/93 agreed245/93approved 
03.080050- Ph2Removal of option for storage of Ki in HLR & VLR Details 13/93 revised-  
03.0800491 Ph2Subscriber data for Operator Determined Barring agreed111/93approved 
03.080049- Ph2Subscriber data for Operator Determined Barring revised-  
03.080048- Ph2Restoratio Indicators Details 764/92 agreed111/93approved 
03.080047- Ph2Introduction of the MS Purged flag in the HLR Details 752/92 agreed111/93approved 
03.080046- Ph2Removal of MSRN allocation option at location updating agreed188/92approved 
03.0800451 Ph2Short activation of CF services Details -- agreed14/92approved 
03.080044- Ph2Improvements to GSM Short Message Service Details 471/91 rejected-  
03.080043- Ph2Data stored in VLR for supplementary services Details 227/91 withdrawn-  
03.080042- Ph2Basic service grouping Details 150/91 agreed233/91approved 
03.0800411 Ph2Override category Details 296/91 agreed324/91approved 
03.080041- Ph2Override category Details 150/91 agreed229/91withdrawn 
03.0800401 Ph2CLIR presentation mode Details 150/91 agreed229/91approved 
03.080040- Ph1CLIR Presentation Details 83/91  -  
03.080039- Ph2Access Class Data in HLR and VLR Details 395/91 agreed324/91approved 
03.080038- Ph1Storage of data related to basic services  -  
03.0800371 Ph1Storage of HLR number Details 536/90 agreed64/91approved 
03.0800362 Ph2Information stored in the VLR for call forwarding Details 285/91 agreed231/91approved 
03.08003613.7.0Ph1Information stored in the VLR for call forwarding Details 150/91 revised-  
03.080036- Ph1Information stored in the VLR for Call forwarding Details 511/90 agreed82/91  
03.0800353 Ph2Counter for wrong password attempts Details 150/91 agreed229/91approved 
03.0800352 Ph1Wrong password attempts counter in HLR agreed-  
03.080035- Ph1Wrong password attempts counter in HLR Details 499/90 postponed-  
03.0800341 Ph2Storage of provision of supplementary services in VLR Details 150/91 agreed229/91approved 
03.080034- Ph1Storage of provision of supplementary services in VLR Details 445/90 agreed70/91  
03.080033- Ph2Mobile Station Category Details 378/90 withdrawn-  
03.0800321 Ph2MSRN flag Details 150/91 agreed229/91approved 
03.080032- Ph1MSRN flag Details 377/90 agreed70/91  
03.0800311 Ph2Control of barring services subscription option Details 150/91 agreed229/91approved 
03.080031- Ph1Control of barring services subscription option Details 376/90 agreed70/91  
03.0800301 Ph2Subscription restriction Details 150/91 agreed229/91approved 
03.080030- Ph1Subscription restriction Details 375/90 agreed70/91  
03.0800294 Ph2Activation status of supplementary services Details 150/91 agreed232/91approved 
03.0800293 Ph1Activation status of supplementary services Details 446/90 agreed70/91  
03.0800282 Ph2Registration status Details 150/91 agreed229/91approved 
03.0800281 Ph1Registration status Details 374/90 agreed70/91  
03.0800272 Ph2Forwarded-to number with subaddress Details 150/91 agreed229/91approved 
03.0800271 Ph1Forwarded-to number with subaddress Details 373/90 agreed70/91  
03.0800261 Ph1Subscription options Details 372/90 agreed64/91approved 
03.0800251 Ph2Notification with forwarded-to number Details 150/91 agreed229/91approved 
03.080025- Ph1Notification with forwarded-to number Details 371/90 agreed70/91  
03.080024- Ph1Organisation of subscriber data Details 324/90 postponed-  
03.0800142 Ph1Defintion of message waiting data Details 8/90 agreed32/90r1approved 
03.0800131 Ph1Change values for notification subscription options agreed405/89approved 
03.0800121 Ph1modifications of defintion and use of password for call barring services agreed421/89approved 
03.0800111 Ph1Deletion of subscription options  416/89approved 
03.0800101 Ph1Addressing of service centres by PLMN agreed321/89approved 
03.0800091 Ph1Storage of HLR address in VLR agreed321/89approved 
03.080008- Ph1length of Kc is defined differently in 03.08 and 03.20  -  
03.080007- Ph1Clarification of FS item on Bearer Capability agreed-  
03.080006- Ph1MWD should contain MSC address and MSISDN in the HLR  -  
03.080005- Ph1Removal of FS items on BC allocation Details 178/89 agreed-withdrawn 
03.080004- Ph1Subscription checking parameeters to be stored in HLR/VLR provision Details 177/89 agreed-withdrawn 
03.080003- Ph1Provision of MWD in HLR Details 119/89 agreed-approved 
03.080002- Ph2Cipher Key Sequence Number in VLR data base Details 39/89 agreed-approved 
03.080001- Ph1subscriber data: restoration flags (consequence to 03.07/01) Details 30/89 withdrawn-