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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
03.09A00615.0.0R1996Circuit Allocation by the BSS Details 97P256 agreed426/97approved5.1.0
03.09A004- Ph2Correction for procedure MSC_A_HO agreed029/96approved4.6.0
03.09A0033 R1996Allowed cause values in Handover Required message applicable to Directed Retry agreed287/96approved5.0.0
03.09A0031 Ph2Allowed cause values in HO required message during queueing phase agreed029/96postponed 
03.09A0025 R1996Inclusion of VGCS/VBS handover requirements agreed306/96approved5.0.0
03.090016-4.4.0Ph2Subsequent channel assignment failure in SMC-B Details 655/94 agreed525/94approved4.5.0
03.090015- Ph2Clarification to the point where PSTN setup is started Details 414/94 agreed400/94approved4.4.0
03.09001414.2.1Ph2Applicable BSSAP procedures on E-interface Details 280/94 agreed217/94approved4.3.0
03.090014-4.2.1Ph2Applicable BSSAP procedures on E-interface Details 221/94 revised-  
03.090013-4.2.1Ph2Changes to Handover Number Assignment Procedures Details 19/94 agreed214/94approved4.3.0
03.09001214.2.1Ph2Editorial Corrections to the SDLs and text Details 192/94 agreed214/94approved4.3.0
03.090012-4.2.1Ph2Editorial Correcrtions to the SDLs and text Details 18/94 revised-  
03.090011- Ph2Editorial update due to new TS reference 09.08 Details 864/93 agreed79/94approved4.2.1
03.0900101 Ph2Applicable BSSAP procedures on E-interface agreed79/94postponed 
03.090010- Ph2Applicable BSSAP procedures on E-interface Details 863/93 revised-  
03.09000924.2.1Ph2Improvement in the Post Handover Assignment Procedure Details 92/94 agreed214/94approved4.3.0
03.09000914.2.1Ph2Improvement in the Post Handover Assignment Procedure Details 17/94 revised-  
03.090009- Ph2Improvement to the Post Handover Assignment Procedures Details 836/93 postponed-  
03.090008- Ph2Removal of textual Ambiguities Details 835/93 agreed79/94approved4.2.1
03.0900071 Ph2Editorial corrections to the SDLs Details A49/93 agreed79/94approved4.2.1
03.090007- Ph2Editorial Correction to the SDLs Details 834/93 revised-  
03.0900061 Ph2SDLs For Handover Procedures agreed608/93approved 
03.090006- Ph2SDLs for handover Procedures Details 763/93 revised-  
03.0900051 Ph2Update of the specification of handover procedures for phase 2 Details 807/93 agreed608/93approved 
03.090005- Ph2Update of handover specification for phase 2 Details 696/93 revised-  
03.090004- Ph2Alignment of TS GSM 03.09 with phase 2 requirements Details 168/93 agreed246/93approved 
03.090003- Ph2Echo canceller control Details 290/91 agreed323/91approved 
03.090002- Ph1Setting of timers  326/90approved 
03.090001-3.0.0Ph1Limitation of service after inter-MSC Handover agreed322/89approved