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 Spec #CR #Revision #CR CatImpacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #CR status at WGWG meeting refWG Source informationTSG TDoc #CR status at TSGTSG meeting refTSG Source informationNew VersionWork ItemsRemarks
See details 03.10A014-C Rel-4Removal of BS 30 NT Details N3-000600 agreedCN3-#14 Details NP-000606 approved N3 TEI4 2G
See details 03.10A013-F8.2.0R1999TCH/F32.0 reference models Details N3-000535 agreedCN3-#13 Details NP-000604 approved N38.3.0TEI
See details 03.10A0121F8.1.0R199932kbit/s UDI/RDI multimedia Details N3-000456 agreedCN3-#12 Details NP-000551 approved N38.2.0TEI 2G
See details 03.10A012-F8.1.0R199932kbit/s UDI/RDI multimedia Details N3-000456 agreedCN3-#12 Details NP-000473 revised N3 TEI
See details 03.10A011-C8.0.0R1999Service Clean up R99 Details N3-99351 agreed Details NP-99436 approved N38.1.0R99_Service_Clean_up 2G
See details 03.10A010-B R1999Introduction of EDGE channel codings into the specifications Details T299174 agreed  Details P-99-504 approved SMG48.0.0EDGE
See details 03.10A009-F R1998Information transfer protocol model updates Details 98p563 agreed  Details 98-0739 approved SMG47.0.0TEI
See details 03.10A008-D R1998Clarification of RA0 adaptation function Details 98p361 agreed  Details 98-0736 approved SMG47.0.0TEI
See details 03.10A007-F5.3.0R1996Removal of 2*14.4=19.2 Transparent configuration Details 97p358 agreed  Details 97-921 approved SMG45.4.0HSCSD
See details 03.10A006-F5.2.0R1996Editorial modifications Details 97p316 agreed  Details 97-695 approved SMG45.3.0
See details 03.10A005-B5.1.0R1996Introduction of 14.4 kbit/s Details 7150483 agreed  Details 456/97 approved T1P15.2.0
See details 03.10A004-B5.0.0R1996HSCSD Details 96P685 agreed  Details 055/97 approved SMG45.1.0HSCSD
See details 03.10A003-B5.0.0R1996V.120 Interworking and RDI Details 96P558 agreed  Details 057/97 approved SMG45.1.0
See details 03.100009-F4.2.1Ph2Dual services with ITC=udi    Details 544/93 approved SMG44.3.0
See details 03.100008-D Ph2Editorial and alignments    Details 217/93 approved SMG44.2.1
See details 03.100007-B Ph2Alternate and followed by services    Details 27/93   SMG4 
See details 03.100006-D Ph2Editorial    Details 27/93   SMG4 
See details 03.100005-D Ph2Alignment with other specifications    Details 412/92 approved SMG44.2.1
See details 03.100004-D Ph2GSM connection PLMN    Details 312/92 approved SMG44.2.1
See details 03.100003-A3.3.0Ph13.1 kHz Ex PLMN      GSM4 
See details 03.100002-A3.2.0Ph1FACSIMILE GROUP 3    Details 72/90 approved GSM4 
See details 03.100001-D3.0.0Ph1Completion of further study. Alignement with other recommendations.    approved GSM4