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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
03.11A003-4.9.1Ph2Correction of general_SS_request_handling procedure96P045agreed301/96approved4.10.0
03.110038- Ph2Incorrect use of SS-NotAvailable error692/94agreed544/94approved4.8.0
03.110037- Ph2Contradiction for encoding the HLR induction state Induced677/94agreed535/94approved4.8.0
03.110036- Ph2Correction of obvious error in fig. 2.1 sheet 2419/94withdrawn-  
03.1100352 Ph2Description of State Vectors429/94agreed411/94approved4.7.0
03.1100351 Ph2Description of State Vectors290/94revised-  
03.110035- Ph2Description of State Vectors323/94revised-  
03.110034-4.5.0Ph2Supplementary service Data management - response to accepted public enquiry comment-agreed228/94approved4.6.0
03.11003314.5.0Ph2Error handling for SS operations with respect to Basic Service groups272/94postponed-  
03.110033-4.5.0Ph2Error handling for SS operations with respect to Basic Service groups264/94revised-  
03.11003214.5.0Ph2Comments to Public Enquiry263/94agreed228/94approved4.6.0
03.110032-4.5.0Ph2Comments to Public Enquiry238/94revised-  
03.11003124.5.0Ph2Wrong Password Atempt counter246/94agreed228/94approved4.6.0
03.11003114.5.0Ph2Wrong Password Attempts Counter206/94revised-  
03.110031-4.5.0Ph2Wrong Password Attempts Counter200/94revised-  
03.1100301 Ph2Corrections of the SDLs for handling of call independent SS proceduresA38/93agreed99/94approved4.5.0
03.110030- Ph2Correction of the SDLs for handling of call independent SS procedures845/93revised-  
03.110029- Ph2Handling of InsertSubscriberData602/93postponed-  
03.1100281 Ph2Editorial Clarification486/93agreed449/93approved 
03.110028- Ph2Editorial clarification467/93revised-  
03.110027- Ph2HAndling of call independent SS procedure with respect of the provision status438/93withdrawn-  
03.110026- Ph2Editorial clarification437/93agreed449/93approved 
03.110025- Ph2Interrogation of non-provisioned supplementary services434/93agreed449/93approved 
03.110024- Ph2Handling of call independent SS procedures with respect of the provision Status415/93withdrawn-  
03.110023- Ph2Subscriber data for supplementary services367/93agreed449/93approved 
03.1100223 Ph2Updating of the overview of subscriber data for SS-withdrawn-  
03.1100222 Ph2Updating of the overview of subscriber data for SS-revised-  
03.1100221 Ph2Updating of the overview of subscriber data for SS-revised-  
03.110022- Ph2Updating of the overview of subscriber data for SS93B051revised-  
03.1100211 Ph2Handling of basic service codes-agreed449/93approved 
03.110021- Ph2Handling of basic service codes93B015revised-  
03.1100201 Ph2Removal of MSRN allocation alternatives--agreed259/92approved 
03.110020- Ph2Removal of MSRN allocation alternatives382/92revised-  
03.1100192 Ph2Handling of Call Independent SS Requests with Respect to Basic Service Groups963/92agreed110/93approved 
03.1100191 Ph2Handling of Call Independant SS Requests with Respect to Basic Service Groups540/92agreed-  
03.110019- Ph2Handling of Call Independant SS requests with respect to basic service groups284/92postponed-  
03.1100181 Ph2Location of Suppl. Service functions282/92postponed-  
03.110018- Ph2Location of supplementary service functions126/92postponed-  
03.1100171 Ph2Short activation of CF services--agreed14/92approved 
03.110017- Ph2Short activation of CF services38/92revised-  
03.110016- Ph2Alignment of sec. 6 with service description21/92agreed63/92approved 
03.110015- Ph2Deletion of section 3459/91agreed63/92approved 
03.1100142 Ph2Editorial corrections to MSRN allocation--agreed63/92approved 
03.1100141 Ph2-23/92revised-  
03.110014- Ph2-358/91postponed-  
03.1100131 Ph2Deletion of reference to GSM 08.0x series449/91agreed63/92approved 
03.110013- Ph2Reference to GSM 03.8X series357/91revised-  
03.1100122 Ph2Deletion of text in section 2458/91agreed63/92approved 
03.1100121 Ph2-449/91agreed-  
03.110012- Ph2Deletion of text356/91revised-  
03.110011- Ph2Supplementary Service data stored in VLR228/91withdrawn-  
03.110010- Ph2Deletion of text172/91agreed226/91approved 
03.1100093 Ph2Password handling286/91agreed234/91approved 
03.11000923.1.1Ph1Password handling150/91revised-  
03.110009-3.1.1Ph1Password handling26/91postponed-  
03.110008- Ph2Activation parameter transferred to the VLR for barring of incoming calls150/91agreed232/91approved 
03.1100073 Ph2Parameters transferred to the VLR150/91agreed231/91approved 
03.11000723.1.1Ph1Parameters transferred to the VLR383/90agreed82/91  
03.110006- Ph2Freephone and reverse charging382/90agreed71/91  
03.110006- Ph2Freephone and reverse charging150/91agreed226/91approved 
03.1100051 Ph2Table 5.1150/91agreed226/91approved 
03.110004- Ph2Subscription indicator for call forwarding and call barring150/91withdrawn-  
03.1100031 Ph2Parameters transferred to the VLR150/91agreed226/91approved 
03.110002- Ph1Deletion of some barring services-agreed417/89approved 
03.110001- Ph1Change of subscription option use of password-agreed421/89approved