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See details 03.1200241F Ph2Basic MSISDN for location update Details 828/93 agreed  Details 609/93 approved Alcatel SEL 
See details 03.120024-F4.3.0Ph2Basic MSISDN for location update Details 489/93 revised    Alcatel SEL 
See details 03.1200232F Ph2Aligning Implicit IMSI detach in 03.12 with 09.02 Details 519/93 agreed  Details 429/93 approved SMG3 
See details 03.1200231F Ph2Aligning Implicit IMSI detach in 03.12 with 09.02 revised    SMG3-WPC 
See details 03.120023-F Ph2Aligning Implicit IMSI detach in 03.12 with 09.02 Details 229/93 revised     
See details 03.1200221D Ph2Editorial Corrections Details 684/92 agreed  Details 472/92 approved  
See details 03.120022-C Ph2Editorial Corrections Details 670/92 revised     
See details 03.120021-D Ph2Aligning 03.12 with 03.22 Details A09/92 agreed  Details 69/93 approved  
See details 03.1200204C Ph2Deregistration of the MS in the HLR Details 929/92 agreed  Details 126/93 approved  
See details 03.1200201C Ph2Deregistration of the MS in the HLR Details 687/92 revised  Details 472/92 postponed   2G
See details 03.120020-C Ph2Deregistration of the MS in the HLR Details 615/92 revised     
See details 03.120018-D Ph2Moving text into GSM 03.22 Details 346/92 revised    COMVIK GSM AB 
See details 03.1200173B Ph2Periodic Location Updating Timer (T3212) Details 424/92 agreed  Details 345/92 approved Comvik GSM AB 
See details 03.1200172B Ph2Periodic Location Updating Timer (T3212) Details 396/92 revised    Comvik GSM AB 
See details 03.1200171B Ph2Periodic Location Updating Timer (T3212) Details 387/92 revised    Comvik GSM AB/Vodafo 
See details 03.120016-B Ph2Removal of MSRN allocation option at location updating agreed  Details 188/92 approved SMG3/WPC 
See details 03.1200151B Ph2IMSI Detach Enhancement Details 387/92 agreed  Details 345/92 approved SMG3 Working Party ' 
See details 03.120015-F Ph2IMSI DETACH enhancement Details 103/92 postponed    Siemens 
See details 03.120014-F Ph2MO Call establishment after handover involving new LA Details 513/91 postponed    NEC 
See details 03.120013-F Ph2Location update Details 512/91 rejected    NEC 
See details 03.120012-B Ph2Location Update reject Details 511/91 postponed    NEC 
See details 03.120011-D Ph2Location update reject Details 510/91 postponed    NEC 
See details 03.120010-D Ph2Location Update description Details 509/91 postponed    NEC 
See details 03.120009-C Ph2IMSI Attach failure Details 508/91 postponed    NEC 
See details 03.1200081F Ph2Clarification of data transferred on location registration Details 275/91 agreed     
See details 03.120008- Ph1Clarification of data transfer at location registration Details 226/91 revised    ORBITEL 
See details 03.120007-A Ph1Location updating reject; IMSI unknown in HLR Details 225/91 agreed  Details 252/91 approved PT12  2G
See details 03.120006-C Ph1Changes for national roaming Details 468/90 agreed    UK PCN Ops 
See details 03.120005-E Ph1Incorrect references to roaming not allowed Details 439/90 agreed  Details 43/91 approved Orbitel 
See details 03.1200041A Ph1Misalignment of recommendations Details 310/90 agreed  Details 281/90 approved GSM3  2G
See details 03.120003-A Ph1Infrastructure sharing by hosting Details 299/90 postponed    GSM3  2G
See details 03.120001-D Ph1Alignment with Recs. GSM 04.08 and 09.02 and with the scope. agreed    WP3