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See details 03.16A0462F7.6.0R1998Correction to SS data for LCS SS Details N4-040334 agreedCN4#22 Details NP-040044 approvedCN#23N47.7.0LCS
See details 03.16A045-F7.5.0R1998Introduction of Call Deflection Details N4-021089 agreedCN2-3GPPCN4-#15 Details NP-020448 approved N47.6.0
See details 03.16A043-F7.4.0R1998Alignment about Notification to MS User between 09.02 , 03.71(LCS Stage2) and 03.16 Details N4-010049 agreed  Details NP-010075 approved N47.5.0LCS 2G
See details 03.16A042-F6.4.0R1997Correction to Delete Subscriber Data Details N4-000734 agreedCN4-#4 Details NP-000499 approved N46.5.0TEI
See details 03.16A041-A7.3.0R1998Correction to Delete Subscriber Data Details N4-000735 agreedCN4-#4 Details NP-000499 approved N47.4.0TEI
See details 03.16A040-F7.2.0R1998Correction of LSA Information Details N2B000087    Details NP-000078 approved N27.3.0SoLSA
See details 03.16A039-F7.1.0R1998Correction of VLR subscription Data Details N2-99G63    Details NP-99489 approved N27.2.0
See details 03.16A038-C7.1.0R1998Support of Subscriber Data Management in the HLR and VLR for LCS Details N2-99K48    Details NP-99494 approved N27.2.0LCS
See details 03.16A0341F7.0.0R1998Missing SS-CSI in description of CAMEL Subscription Details N2-99649  CN2-#4 + SMG3 WPC Details P-99-553 approved SMG37.1.0 2G
See details 03.16A033-B7.0.0R1998Support of Subscriber Data Management in the HLR and VLR for LCS    Details P-99-469 approved SMG37.1.0LCS
See details 03.16A0321F6.3.0R1997Missing SS-CSI in description of CAMEL Subscription Details N2-99649  CN2-#4 + SMG3 WPC Details P-99-454 approved SMG36.4.0
See details 03.16A030-B7.0.0R1998Introduction of TIF-CSI for Call Deflection Details N2-99577  CN2-#4 + SMG3 WPC Details P-99-452 approved SMG37.1.0
See details 03.16A024-B R1998Introduction of additional subscription options Details 3P99-085    Details P-99-154 approved SMG37.0.0
See details 03.16A023-B R1998Addition of SoLSA functionality Details 3P99-026    Details P-99-190 approved SMG37.0.0SoLSA
See details 03.16A018-F6.2.0R1997Correction on ODB applicability for GPRS ph1 Details 3P99-024    Details P-99-193 approved SMG36.3.0GPRS
See details 03.16A0161F6.1.0R1997CAMEL capability handling Details 98p186    Details 98-0724 approved SMG36.2.0
See details 03.16A0151F6.0.0R1997Handling of GPRS data Details 98P124 agreed  Details 98-0412 approved SMG36.1.0
See details 03.16A014-A6.0.0R1997VLR behaviour when receiving subscriber data after HLR restoration Details 98P124 agreed  Details 98-0408 approved SMG36.1.0
See details 03.16A013-F5.2.0R1996VLR behaviour when receiving subscriber data after HLR restoration Details 98P124 agreed  Details 98-0408 approved SMG35.3.0
See details 03.16A0121B6.0.0R199703.16-A012r1 on CAMEL Phase 2 data Details 98P124 agreed  Details 98-0411 approved SMG36.1.0
See details 03.16A0101B R1997Handling of GPRS data Details 97C708 agreed  Details 98-0092 approved SMG3 WPC6.0.0GPRS
See details 03.16A0093B6.0.0R1997Introduction of subscriber data for CCBS Details 98P124 agreed  Details 98-0356 approved SMG36.1.0
See details 03.16A009-B R1997Organization of subscriber data GPRS Details 97C497 agreed  Details 97-691 approved SMG3 WPC GPRS
See details 03.16A008-B R1997Changes due to Calling Name Presentation Details 97C401    Details 97-816 approved T1P1.5  2G
See details 03.16A007-B R1997Support of NAEA Details 97C349 agreed  Details 97-689 approved SMG3 WPC 
See details 03.16A006-B5.0.0R1996Introduction of new ODB categories for ECT Details 97P092 agreed  Details 042/97 approved SMG3 WPC5.1.0
See details 03.16A0051B5.0.0R1996Modifications due to introduction of CAMEL ph1 Details 97P084 agreed  Details 047/97 approved SMG3 WPC5.1.0
See details 03.16A0041B5.0.0R1996Enhancements to ODB (introduction of omitted categories) Details 97P089 agreed  Details 041/97 approved SMG3 WPC5.1.0ODB_Enh.
See details 03.16A0031B R1996Introduction of ASCI Features Details 96P100 agreed  Details 306/96 approved 5.0.0
See details 03.16A002-B R1996Abstract data structure for ECT Details 96PC049 agreed  Details 304/96 approved 5.0.0
See details 03.16A0012F Ph2Clarification of updating of subscriber data Details 96P053 agreed  Details 303/96 approved SMG3-WPC4.1.0
See details 03.1600021F Ph2Grouping of ODB Data Information and Subscriber Information    Details 289/95 approved SMG3 
See details 03.1600013C Ph2Handling of SS with Respect to Basic Services    Details 289/95 approved SMG34.1.0