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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
03.19A020-8.4.1R1999Correction of incorrect integrated CR Details T3-020663 agreedTP-020217approved8.5.0
03.19A019-8.3.0R1999Correction of getSecuredDataOffset() method description for SMS-CB. Details T3-020391 agreedTP-020110approved8.4.0
03.19A018-8.3.0R1999Clarification of MEProfile behaviour Details T3-020387 agreedTP-020110approved8.4.0
03.19A017-8.2.0R1999Clarification of ToolkitException.OUT_OF_TLV_BOUNDARIES in ViewHandler.java Details T3-010790 agreedTP-010241approved8.3.0
03.19A016-8.1.0R1999Clarifiaction and corrections following creation of the test specification Details T3-010408 agreedTP-010102approved8.2.0
03.19A015- Rel-5Integrate the Bearer Independent Protocol Feature defined release 99 Details T3-010368 agreedTP-010102approved 
03.19A014- Rel-5Clarification of the handler size to the applet Details T3-010367 agreedTP-010102approved 
03.19A013- Rel-5Limitation of proactive command issued by an application Details T3-010366 agreedTP-010102approved 
03.19A012-8.0.0R1999Clarification about ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException Details T3-010252 agreedTP-010070approved8.1.0
03.19A011-7.4.0R1998Clarification about ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException Details T3-010251 agreedTP-010070approved7.5.0
03.19A010-8.0.0R1999Clarification of the SIM Toolkit Framework behaviour and API Details T3-010064 agreedTP-010036approved8.1.0
03.19A009-7.4.0R1998Clarification of the SIM Toolkit Framework behaviour and API Details T3-010063 agreedTP-010036approved7.5.0
03.19A008- R1999Upgrade for release 99 Details T3-000614 agreedTP-000201approved8.0.0
03.19A007-7.3.0R1998Clarification to the SIM Toolkit Framework behaviour Details T3-000613 agreedTP-000201approved7.4.0
03.19A006-7.3.0R1998Correction of the export file version of the API Details T3-000612 agreedTP-000201approved7.4.0
03.19A005-7.3.0R1998Clarification of applet triggering EVENT_STATUS_COMMAND event Details T3-000575 agreedTP-000201approved7.4.0
03.19A004-7.2.0R1998Correction of the AID coding for the API packages Details T3-000489  TP-000159approved7.3.0
03.19A003-7.2.0R1998Definition of the value of the getShareableInterfaceObject() method byte parameter for the ToolkitInterface. Details T3-000415 agreedTP-000146approved7.3.0
03.19A00217.1.0R1998Clarifications of EVENT_FORMATTED_SMS_PP_UPD, applet example Details T3-000289 agreedTP-000098approved7.2.0
03.19A001-7.0.0R1998Correction to Java source code Details 9-00-0130 agreedP-00-135approved7.1.0
03.190000- R1998GSM 03.19 SIM API Stage 2; Java  P-99-409approved7.0.0
03.190000-1.0.0R1998SIM API - Stage 2, JAVATM API  P-99-182noted