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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
03.30A013-8.3.0R1999Example of RF link budget for DCS 1800 MS 1 W Handheld with External LNAGP-051709agreedGP-051709approved8.4.0
03.30A012- R1999Correction of Mean Effective Gain for GSM 400GP-022535rejected-  
03.30A011- Rel-403.30-A011 GSM 700 cell sizes and RF budgets (R00)GP-000222agreedGP-000222approved 
03.30A010-8.2.0R1999LCS operation with repeaters2-00-107agreedP-00-082approved8.3.0
03.30A009-7.0.0R1998LCS operation with repeaters2-00-106agreedP-00-082approved7.1.0
03.30A00818.1.0R1999Operation with extended TA IE added in 03.302-99-G41agreedP-99-803approved8.2.0
03.30A00718.1.0R1999GSM RF budgets updated with actual handheld Mean Effective Gain (-antenna/body loss)2-99-J40agreedP-99-792approved8.2.0
03.30A007-8.0.0R1999GSM RF budgets updated with actual antenna/body loss values2-99-B15agreedP-99-582approved8.1.0
03.30A006-8.0.0R1999850 Link Budgets2-99-A72agreedP-99-584approved8.1.0
03.30A0051 R1999GSM 400 cell sizes and RF budgets2-99-808agreedP-99-496approved8.0.0
03.30A003- R1997Repeater systems using Frequency Shift102/98agreed98-0180approved6.0.0
03.30A003- R1997Repeater Systems using Frequency Shift102/98agreed98-0180postponed 
03.300012-4.2.1Ph2Incorporation of the BSS Repeaters guidelines-agreed65/95approved4.3.0
03.300012-4.2.1Ph2Incorporation of the BSS Repeaters guidelines-agreed65/95approved4.3.0
03.300011-4.2.0Ph2Cells with extra long propagation delay- 33/94approved4.2.1
03.300010- Ph2Path loss figures in Appendix C.- 391/93approved4.2.0
03.300009- Ph2Range figures in Appendix A.1- 391/93approved 
03.300008- Ph2Microcell minimum coupling loss for small frequency offsets- 391/93approved 
03.300007- Ph2Editorial changes to 03.30 v. 4.0.1- 38/93approved4.2.0
03.300006- Ph2Human body loss missed in Appendix A.1- 38/93approved 
03.300005- Ph2Noise figure in Appendix A.4- 38/93approved 
03.300004- Ph2Microcell radio planning aspects- 38/93approved 
03.300003- Ph2RF-budget for class 2 MS- 457/92approved4.2.0
03.300002- Ph2Propagation models for different types of cells- 457/92approved 
03.300001- Ph2Addition of DCS 1800 cell planning information- 339/91approved4.2.0