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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
03.38A018-7.1.0R1998Data Coding Scheme for WAP over USSD and CB Details T299509 agreedP-99-482approved7.2.0
03.38A017-7.0.0R1998changes for CBS 8 bit data and CBS compression Details 98p722 agreedP-99-061approved7.1.0
03.38A016- R19987 bit default alphabet extensions Details 98p180 agreed98-0291approved7.0.0
03.38A015- R1997Class 2 SIM Data download message handling Details 98p121 agreed98-0096approved6.0.0
03.38A014-5.5.0R1996Codings for further European languages Details 97p155 agreed413/97approved5.6.0
03.38A013-5.5.0R1996Editorial Details 97p084 agreed413/97approved5.6.0
03.38A012-5.4.0R1996SMS compression agreed058/97approved5.5.0
03.38A011-5.4.0R1996USSD Enhancement Details 96P629 agreed060/97approved5.5.0
03.38A010-5.3.0R1996Correction of inconsistency between 03.38 and 03.41 Details 96P549 agreed608/96approved5.4.0
03.38A009-5.3.0R1996Additional languages Details 96P543 agreed607/96approved5.4.0
03.38A008-5.3.0R1996USSD Details 96P545 agreed608/96approved5.4.0
03.38A007-5.2.0R1996USSD Strings Details 415/96 agreed393/96approved5.3.0
03.38A006-5.1.0R1996Addition of USC2 for CB Details 314/96 agreed241/96approved5.2.0
03.38A005-5.1.0R1996UCS2: correction to SMS Data coding scheme Details 224/96 agreed241/96approved5.2.0
03.38A004-5.1.0R1996Addition of underscore character Details 251/96 agreed241/96approved5.2.0
03.38A00325.0.0R1996Universal Character Coding Scheme (UCS2), international Alphabet Details 157/96 agreed073/96approved5.1.0