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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
03.40A091-7.4.0R1998Correction on SMS Information Element Data Length Details T2-011248 agreedTP-010280approved7.5.0
03.40A090-6.1.0R1997Correction on SMS Information Element Data Length Details T2-011247 agreedTP-010280approved6.2.0
03.40A089-7.3.0R1998Concatenated Short Message Details T2-99983 agreedTP-99236approved7.4.0
03.40A088-7.2.0R1998Change to reserved port number range for SMS Details T2-99762 agreedTP-99176approved7.3.0
03.40A087-7.1.0R1998Guidance regarding the SMSC address in a Status Report Details T299207 agreedP-99-482approved7.2.0
03.40A086-7.1.0R1998Clarification concerning SMSC address checking in the MS for concatenated messages Details T299536 agreedP-99-482approved7.2.0
03.40A085-7.0.0R1998Insertion of padding bits to a user data header Details 98p558 agreed98-0738approved7.1.0
03.40A084-7.0.0R1998User Data Header Identifier value for Wireless Control Message Protocol (WCMP) Details 98p436 agreed98-0738approved7.1.0
03.40A083-7.0.0R1998User Data Header Identifier value for Concatenated Short Message Details 98p435 agreed98-0738approved7.1.0
03.40A079-6.0.0R1997TP-User Data (TP-UD), Concatenated Short Messages Details 98p172 agreed98-0291approved6.1.0
03.40A078-6.0.0R1997Queuing of MT SMS at the MSC Details 98p288 withdrawn98-0291  
03.40A077-6.0.0R1997Use of TP-UD and other TP parameters with RP-ERROR Details 98p247 agreed98-0291approved6.1.0
03.40A076-6.0.0R1997Redefinition SMS status report user data length Details 98p245 agreed98-0291approved6.1.0
03.40A075-6.0.0R1997TP-User Data (TP-UD), SMSC Control Parameters Details 98p188 agreed98-0291approved6.1.0
03.40A074-6.0.0R1997Status-Report-Request for concatenated short messages Details 98p244 agreed98-0291approved6.1.0
03.40A073-5.7.0R1996TP-User Data (TP-UD), SMSC Control Parameters Details 98p187 agreed98-0291approved5.8.0
03.40A072- R1998Alignment of 03.40 concerning inclusion of 7bit default-alphabet extension mechanism in 03.38 Details 98p181 agreed98-0291approved7.0.0
03.40A071-6.0.0R1997Queuing of MT SMS at the VMSC and SGSN Details 98p179 agreed98-0291approved6.1.0
03.40A070- R1998CTS application message Details 98p278 withdrawn98-0291  
03.40A069-5.7.0R1996Queuing of MT SMS at the MSC Details 98p287 withdrawn98-0291  
03.40A068-5.7.0R1996Queuing of MT SMS at the VMSC Details 98p178 agreed98-0291approved5.8.0
03.40A067- R1997SMS Mobile Busy - queuing in the VMSC Details 98p064 agreed-  
03.40A066- R1997MS Management PID R97 Details 98p063 agreed98-0096approved6.0.0
03.40A065- R1997Transmission of the SME OA Details 97p459 agreed97-918approved 
03.40A064- R1997Security headers Details 97P480 agreed97-918approved 
03.40A063- R1997SMS transfer over GPRS Details 97p282 agreed97-706approved 
03.40A062- R1997User Data Header Indicator Details 97p299 agreed97-696approved 
03.40A061-5.6.0R1996Correction of numbers Details 97p298 agreed97-696approved5.7.0
03.40A060- R1997Code points for SIM Toolkit secure messaging Details 97p229 agreed97-696approved 
03.40A059- R1997User Data Header Details 97p103 agreed413/97approved 
03.40A058- R1997Status report PDU Enhancements Details 97p104 agreed413/97approved 
03.40A057- R1997Source Indicator in User Data Header Details 97p105 agreed413/97approved 
03.40A056-5.5.0R1996SMS validity period Details 97p081 agreed413/97approved5.6.0
03.40A055- R1997SMS control characters Details 97p102 agreed413/97approved 
03.40A054-5.5.0R1996SIM application Toolkit, sent to SMG9 as LS Details 97p123 agreed413/97approved5.6.0
03.40A053-5.5.0R1996Concatenation of UCS2 Details 97p127 agreed413/97approved5.6.0
03.40A052-5.4.0R1996SMS compression agreed058/97approved5.5.0
03.40A051-5.4.0R1996Application port addressing scheme Details 96P693 agreed180/97approved5.5.0
03.40A050-5.3.0R1996Corrections to several editorial errors in tables Details 96P533 agreed608/96approved5.4.0
03.40A049-5.3.0R1996Fix upward compatibility Details 96P542 agreed607/96approved5.4.0
03.40A048-5.3.0R1996Table entries missing in section Details 96P532 agreed608/96approved5.4.0
03.40A047-5.3.0R1996SMS - Internet Email interworking Details 96P544 agreed607/96approved5.4.0
03.40A046-5.3.0R1996RP user data is an optional parameter in RP Error in the MSC- MS case Details 96P531 agreed608/96approved5.4.0
03.40A045-5.3.0R1996Over the air depersonalisation of the ME Details 96P529 agreed607/96approved5.4.0
03.40A044-5.3.0R1996Improper presentation of TP-DCS in section Details 96P492 agreed608/96approved5.4.0
03.40A043-5.3.0R1996Ambiguity in section Details 96P490 agreed608/96approved5.4.0
03.40A042-5.2.0R1996Transfering SM between PLMNs Details 397/96 agreed394/96approved5.3.0
03.40A041-5.2.0R1996RP-Ack PDU Details 398/96 agreed394/96approved5.3.0
03.40A040-5.2.0R1996SMS Internet Electronic Mail Interworking Details 418/96 agreed394/96noted 
03.40A039-5.1.0R1996Service Centre Time Stamp Details 316/96 agreed242/96approved5.2.0
03.40A038-5.1.0R1996TP - User data header padding (phase 2+) agreed242/96approved5.2.0
03.40A037-4.12.0Ph2TP - User data header padding (phase 2) agreed242/96approved4.13.0
03.40A035-5.1.0R1996MSISDN -Alert in RP error Details 297/96 agreed242/96approved5.2.0
03.40A034-5.1.0R1996User data header padding (phase 2+) Details 322/96 agreed242/96withdrawn 
03.40A033-5.1.0R1996User data length Details 292/96 agreed242/96approved5.2.0
03.40A032-5.1.0R1996Updated information flow diagram Details 260/96 agreed242/96approved5.2.0
03.40A031-5.1.0R1996Support of UCS2 for SMS Details 264/96 agreed242/96approved5.2.0
03.40A030-4.12.0Ph2User data header padding (phase 2) Details 323/96 agreed242/96withdrawn 
03.40A02915.0.0R1996Clarification of the use of TP-MMS Details 160/96 agreed068/96approved5.1.0
03.40A02815.0.0R1996Universal Character Coding Scheme (UCS2), international Alphabet Details 145/96 agreed073/96approved5.1.0
03.40A02725.0.0R1996User Data Header IEI values Details 159/96 agreed068/96approved5.1.0
03.40A02615.0.0R1996TP element vlues in concatenated SMs Details 123/96 agreed068/96approved5.1.0
03.40A02515.0.0R1996TP-UDL value when TP-UD header is present Details 102/96 agreed068/96approved5.1.0
03.40A02415.0.0R1996Bit order convention Details 122/96 agreed068/96approved5.1.0
03.40A02315.0.0R1996TP-RP incorrect definition Details 121/96 agreed068/96approved5.1.0
03.40A02215.0.0R1996Bit order of TP-CT Details 120/96 agreed068/96approved5.1.0
03.40A02115.0.0R1996TP-MR values on receipt of RP-error Details 119/96 agreed068/96approved5.1.0
03.40A01145.4.0R1996Absent Subscriber diagnostic info and its storage in the HLR Details 96P617 agreed054/97approved5.5.0
03.40A002-5.1.0R1996SIM Data download Details 290/96 agreed242/96approved5.2.0
03.400081- Ph2Reception time in Status report  350/94approved4.9.0
03.400080- Ph2Status report error codes  350/94approved4.9.0
03.400079- Ph2Enable Status Report request  350/94approved4.9.0
03.400078- Ph2Short message type 0  350/94approved4.9.0
03.400077- Ph2Non specific SM TS-commands  350/94approved4.9.0
03.400076- Ph2SM Enquiry  350/94approved4.9.0
03.400075- Ph2Preparation for new alphabets  244/94approved4.10.0
03.400074- Ph2Clarification on Memory Capacity Available Notification  245/94approved4.10.0
03.400073- Ph2Error Cause Mapping  243/94approved4.10.0
03.400072-3.6.0Ph1Address fields  42/94approved3.7.0
03.40007114.6.0Ph2SC timestamp  554/93approved4.7.0
03.40007013.5.0Ph1SC timestamp  699/93approved3.6.0
03.400069-4.6.0Ph2Removing service primitives  554/93approved 
03.400068-4.6.0Ph2Return Call message  554/93approved 
03.400067-4.6.0Ph2Check for duplication of received SMs  554/93approved 
03.400066- Ph2Inter Layer Services  410/93approved4.6.0
03.40006524.6.0Ph2Error causes  558/93approved 
03.400065- Ph2Error causes  411/93postponed 
03.400064- Ph2Correction of error  410/93approved 
03.400063- Ph2Mandatory/Optional parameters of TS-Status-Report  16/93  
03.400062- Ph2Memory Capacity Available Notification  16/93  
03.400061- Ph2SMS command  16/93  
03.400060- Ph2SIM specific short messages  16/93  
03.400059- Ph2Reducing Annex 1  19/93  
03.400058- Ph2Editorial  16/93  
03.400057- Ph2Editorial  16/93  
03.400056- Ph2Innediate Display of short messages  16/93  
03.400055- Ph2R interface  413/92approved4.10.0
03.400054- Ph2MS controlled Replace Short Message  413/92approved 
03.400053- Ph2Additional error causes for MT SMS  413/92approved 
03.400052- Ph2Bit order of 7-bit alphanumeric characters  413/92approved 
03.400051- Ph2Address length and status report  413/92approved 
03.400050- Ph2Short message Type 0  413/92approved 
03.400048- Ph2Message classes/Data coding  413/92approved 
03.400047- Ph2Type of number coding in address fields  413/92approved 
03.4000461 Ph2Replace Short Message  346/92r1approved4.10.0
03.400045- Ph2Editorial and clarification  307/92approved 
03.400044- Ph2Default values  307/92approved 
03.400043- Ph2Annex1 and Annex3 amendments and error causes  307/92approved 
03.400042- Ph2ALERT SC clarification in wording  307/92approved 
03.400041- Ph2TP-Message-Reference values  307/92approved 
03.400040- Ph2Replace Short Message  307/92withdrawn 
03.400039- Ph2SM-TL Parameter Representation  307/92approved 
03.400038- Ph2Memory capacity available operation  470/92approved 
03.400038- Ph2Memory Capacity Available Operation  307/92postponed 
03.400037- Ph2SMS-CUG, Advice of Charge, Freephone  307/92approved 
03.400036- Ph2Addition of Multiple Message Transfer  307/92approved 
03.400035- Ph2SMS COMMAND FUNCTION  307/92approved 
03.400034- Ph2message reference  203/92approved4.10.0
03.400033- Ph2Protocol identifier  203/92approved 
03.400032- Ph2Status Report codes  203/92approved 
03.400031- Ph2Clarifications  203/92approved 
03.400030- Ph2Improvements  203/92approved 
03.400029- Ph2Applicability of Operator Determined barring to SMS  203/92approved 
03.400028- Ph2Alignment with MAP2  203/92approved 
03.400027- Ph2Message identifier/reference in SMS-PP  27/92approved4.10.0
03.400026- Ph2SC-MSC protocol  61/92approved 
03.400025- Ph2Message characters  27/92approved 
03.400024- Ph2Address encoding in SM-RL and SM-TL  27/92approved 
03.400023- Ph2Time Zone indication  313/91approved4.10.0
03.4000221 Ph2MS reply procedures  309/91approved 
03.400021- Ph2Structure of MSIsdn for alerting purposes  313/91approved 
03.4000203 Ph2Confirmation capabilities  310/91approved 
03.4000191 Ph2Telematic devices in TP-protocol identifier  313/91approved 
03.4000185 Ph2Alphanumeric content in the address field  313/91approved 
03.400017-3.4.1Ph1Bit order in TP-Validity-Period-Format  3/91approved3.5.0
03.400016-3.4.1Ph1MO message transfer in Annex 1  3/91approved3.5.0
03.400015-3.4.1Ph1Default alphabet  3/91approved3.5.0
03.400013- Ph1INSERTION OF PARAMETER DIAGRAM  392/89approved 
03.400010- Ph1USE OF SUPPL. SERV. FOR THE SHORT MESSAGE SERVICE  319/89approved 
03.400009-3.0.0Ph1Protocol identifier in the transfer layer  -approved 
03.400008-3.0.0Ph1The classification of error indications  -approved 
03.400007-3.0.0Ph1Relay layer originator - Address mandatory insteqd of optional  -approved 
03.400006-3.0.0Ph1New annex 1 of GSM 03.40  -approved 
03.400005-3.0.0Ph1Amendments to GSM 03.40 to remove varible interworking  -approved 
03.400004-3.0.0Ph1Short message length  -approved 
03.400003-3.0.0Ph1Default alphabet and coding scheme  -approved 
03.400002-3.0.0Ph1Aligning procedures and terminology with GSM 09.02  -approved