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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
03.45A00415.1.0R1996Corrections and Alignments HSCSD97p148agreed412/97approved5.2.0
03.45A00315.1.0R1996Introduction of 14.4 kbit/s7152271agreed460/97approved5.2.0
03.45A002-5.0.0R1996Support of HSCSD96P691agreed055/97approved5.1.0
03.450030- Ph2Data Call Direction in TS 61- 354/94approved4.4.1
03.450027- Ph2Procedure Interrupt method for TS 61- 291/94approved4.4.0
03.4500261 Ph2Modem Tone Handling in TS 61- 290/94approved4.4.0
03.450025-4.3.0Ph2Deletion of V.29 for message speed 9.6 kbit/s- 44/94approved4.3.1
03.450024-4.3.0Ph2Outdated references to classifications- 44/94approved4.3.1
03.450023-4.2.1Ph2CMM procedure operability- 545/93approved4.3.0
03.450022- Ph2Speed conversion in BCS phase- 401/93approved4.2.1
03.450021- Ph2Non Standard Facilities- 212/93approved4.2.1
03.450020- Ph2Speed conversation factor- 212/93approved 
03.450019- Ph2Alignment of figures- 212/93approved 
03.450018-3.2.0Ph1Alignment with figures- 211/93approved 
03.450017- Ph2BCS phase protocol modification- 212/93approved 
03.450016-3.2.0Ph1BCS phase protocol modification- 211/93approved 
03.450015- Ph2Message phase protocol modification- 212/93approved 
03.450014-3.2.0Ph1Message phase protocol modification- 211/93approved 
03.450013- Ph2Pre-empting message phase- 212/93approved 
03.450012-3.2.0Ph1Pre-empting message phase- 211/93approved 
03.450011-3.2.0Ph1Non Standard Facilities- 211/93approved 
03.450010-3.2.0Ph1Speed conversation factor- 211/93approved 
03.450009- Ph2Interworking TS 61 and TS 62- 13/93  
03.450008- Ph2Loss of V.110 synchronization- 13/93  
03.450007- Ph1Loss of V.110 synchronization- 12/93  
03.450006- Ph2Tonal signalling- 13/93  
03.450005- Ph1Tonal signalling- 12/93  
03.450004- Ph2Editorial- 13/93  
03.450003- Ph1Editorial- 12/93  
03.450002- Ph2BC-IE for teleservice 61- 416/92approved4.2.1
03.450001- Ph1ANNEX CONC ALTERNATE SPEECH/FAX- 24/90approved