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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
03.81A010- R1998Introduction of eCLI3P99-049 P-99-196approved7.0.0
03.81A00915.1.0R1996Correction of editing error98P152agreed98-0357approved5.2.0
03.81A00814.7.0Ph2Correction of editing error98P152agreed98-0357approved4.8.0
03.81A007-5.1.0R1996Editorial modification because of 03.81-A005r198P107agreed98-0357approved5.2.0
03.81A006-4.7.0Ph2Editorial modification because of 03.81-A004r398P107agreed98-0357approved4.8.0
03.81A00515.0.0R1996Handling of number parameters related to the line identification services- 97-1045approved5.1.0
03.81A00434.6.0Ph2Handling of number parameters related to the line identification services- 97-1045approved4.7.0
03.81A0031 Ph2Applicability of CLIR and COLR Override Category- 548/96approved4.6.0
03.81A003- Ph2Applicability of CLIR and COLR Override Category- 533/96revised 
03.810014- Ph2CLIR implicit subscription in VPLMN---agreed632/94postponed 
03.8100131 Ph2CLIR and COLR Implicit Subscription in VPLMN740/94agreed537/94approved4.5.0
03.810013- Ph2CLIR Implicit Subsciption in VPLMN631/94revised-  
03.810012- Ph2CLIR interrogation573/94agreed534/94approved4.5.0
03.8100111 Ph2New description of SS state information774/94agreed535/94approved4.5.0
03.810011- Ph2New description of SS state information545/94revised-  
03.8100101 Ph2Inclusion of state transition diagrams718/94agreed535/94approved4.5.0
03.810010- Ph2Inclusion of state diagrams544/94revised-  
03.810009- Ph2Interworking of HPLMN and VPLMN for detection of support of CLIR and COLR in the HPLMN371/94withdrawn-  
03.810008-4.2.0Ph2Setting of the Presentation Indicator in case of Override Category151/94agreed222/94approved4.3.0
03.8100073 Ph2Preventing the disclosure of the calling line identity375/94withdrawn-  
03.8100072 Ph2Preventing the disclosure of the calling line identity317/94agreed406/94approved4.4.0
03.81000724.2.0Ph2Preventing the disclosure of the calling line identity254/94postponed-  
03.81000714.2.0Ph2Preventing the disclosure of the calling line identity245/94revised-  
03.810007-4.2.0Ph2Preventing the disclosure of the calling line identity29/94revised-  
03.8100061 Ph2Handling of CLIR permanent modeB01/93agreed89/94approved4.2.0
03.810006- Ph2Handling of CLIR permanent modeA67/93revised-  
03.81000544.2.0Ph2CLIR second default value in temporary mode209/94agreed221/94approved4.3.0
03.81000534.2.0Ph2CLIR second default value in temporary mode53/94revised138/94postponed 
03.8100052 Ph2CLIR second default value in temporary modeA22/93agreed19/94postponed 
03.8100051 Ph2CLIR, second default value in temporary modeA07/93revised-  
03.810005- Ph2Clear second default value in temporary mode870/93revised-  
03.8100043 Ph2Clarification of subaddress handling-agreed249/93approved 
03.8100042 Ph2Clarification of subaddress handling179/93revised-  
03.8100041 Ph2Clarification of subaddress handling43/93revised-  
03.810004- Ph2Clarification of subaddress handling93B005revised-  
03.810003- Ph203.81 Figure 2.5 and 2.6 Corrections889/92agreed75/93approved 
03.810002- Ph2Editorial correction to MAF numbers893/92agreed75/93approved 
03.810001- Ph2CLI when CLIR in temporary (per-call) mode376/92agreed260/92approved