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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
03.82A0062 R1998Modifications to call forwarding due to CAMEL Phase 2N2-99569 P-99-553approved7.0.0
03.82A0052 R1999Introduction of new subscription option for Call Forwarding supplementary services3P99-084 P-99-154approved8.0.0
03.82A00426.0.0R1997Modifications to call forwarding due to CAMEL Phase 2N2-99569 P-99-454approved6.1.0
03.82A002- Ph2Sending of subscription options for CCF services96P046agreed299/96approved4.8.0
03.8200491 Ph2Use of State vector description in cross phase chapters791/94agreed535/94approved4.7.0
03.820049- Ph2Use of State vector description in cross phase chapters735/94revised-  
03.820048- Ph2CFU registration Process649/94agreed621/94approved4.7.0
03.8200471 Ph2New Description of SS state information for CF807/94agreed535/94approved4.7.0
03.820047- Ph2New description of SS-state information for call forwarding572/94revised-  
03.8200461 Ph2State transition diagram for Call Forwarding733/94agreed535/94approved4.7.0
03.820046- Ph2State transition diagrams for call forwarding571/94revised-  
03.820045- Ph2New description of SS State desiption for call forwarding456/94withdrawn-  
03.820044-4.5.1Ph2Incorrect information flow for CFU73/94agreed223/94approved4.6.0
03.820043- Ph2Alignment of mapping of SS-Status when VLR only supports phase1 updating of subscriber data54/94agreed224/94approved4.6.0
03.820042- Ph2CFU deletion of quiescent status983/93withdrawn-  
03.8200411 Ph2Cross Phase compatibility54/94agreed224/94approved4.6.0
03.820041- Ph2Cross Phase compatibility for Call forwarding982/93agreed91/94postponed 
03.820040- Ph2Ignoration of the activation status instead of the registration status for CFU by the VLR if received form a phase 1846/93agreed90/94postponed 
03.820039- Ph2Inclusion of PNE sections556/93agreed620/93approved 
03.820038- Ph2Removal of activation status of CFU in VLR--withdrawn-  
03.820037- Ph2Change of stored subscription data in VLR for conditional call forwarding243/93agreed445/93approved 
03.820036- Ph2Change of subscription data for CFU-agreed254/93approved 
03.820035- Ph2Specification of subscriber not reachable in VLR conditions-agreed251/93approved 
03.8200341 Ph2Exact specification of the Call Forwarding on Mobile Subscriber Not ReachableA18/92agreed77/93approved 
03.820034- Ph2Exact specification of the Call Forwarding on Mobile Subscriber Not Reachable authorizations-revised-  
03.820033- Ph2Removal of call release causes at unsuccessful outcome773/92agreed77/93approved 
03.8200323 Ph2Phase 1 - Phase 2 compatibility-agreed253/93approved 
03.8200322 Ph2Phase 1 - Phase 2 compatibility93B035revised-  
03.8200321 Ph2Phase 1 - Phase 2 compatibility93B003revised-  
03.820032- Ph2Phase 1 - Phase 2 compatibility755/92revised-  
03.820031- Ph2BOIC Added to Register CFU in 03.82618/92agreed446/92approved 
03.820030- Ph2-- -  
03.8200291 Ph2Removal of MSRN allocation alternatives--agreed259/92approved 
03.820029- Ph2Removal of MSRN allocation alternatives381/92revised-  
03.8200281 Ph2Clarification of specification for phase 2423/92agreed261/92approved 
03.820028- Ph2Clarification of specification for phase 2374/92revised-  
03.820027- Ph2Used Determined User Busy364/92agreed291/92approved 
03.820026- Ph2VLR storage of service provision information341/92withdrawn-  
03.820025- Ph2Correction of interaction between CFU and CB283/92agreed261/92approved 
03.8200242 Ph2Interrogation of avtive and quiscent call forwarding4/92agreed15/92approved 
03.8200221 Ph2Clarification of interaction between CB and CF SS52/92agreed64/92approved 
03.8200213 Ph2Addition of activation and deactivation of Call Forwarding SS--agreed14/92approved 
03.8200212 Ph2Addition of activation and deactivation of CF SS15/92revised--  
03.8200211 Ph1Addition of activation and deactivation of CF SS622/91agreed-  
03.820021- Ph2Addition of activation and deactivation of CF SS344/91postponed-  
03.8200201 Ph2Editorial clarifications of SDL....???/91agreed221/91approved 
03.820020- Ph1Editorial clarifications of SDL....144/91revised-  
03.8200192 Ph2Activation status of supplementary services stored in HLR and VLR150/91agreed232/91approved 
03.8200191 Ph1Activation status of suppl. services stored in VLR447/90agreed81/91  
03.8200182 Ph1Registration-check in SDL MAF010388/90agreed65/91approved 
03.8200172 Ph1Interractions415/90agreed78/91approved 
03.820017- Ph2Interactions- -  
03.8200161 Ph1SDLs on interractions with call barring supplementary services414/90agreed78/91approved 
03.820016- Ph2SDLs on interrogation with call barring supplementary services- -  
03.8200152 Ph2Format of forwarded-to number in HLR and VLR150/91agreed221/91approved 
03.8200151 Ph1Format of number in HLR and VLR413/90agreed72/91  
03.820015- Ph1Format of number in HLR and VLR- -  
03.8200143 Ph2Interrogation150/91agreed230/91approved 
03.8200142 Ph1Interrogation-agreed83/91  
03.8200141 Ph1Interrogation407/90 -  
03.8200133 Ph2Number of forwarding violations150/91agreed221/91approved 
03.8200132 Ph1Number of forwarding violations387/90agreed72/91  
03.8200122 Ph1Subscription check398/90postponed65/91approved 
03.8200112 Ph2Registration of call forwarding services386/90agreed72/91  
03.8200112 Ph2Registration of call forwarding services150/91agreed221/91approved 
03.8200103 Ph2Information stored in the VLR for call forwarding150/91agreed231/91approved 
03.8200102 Ph1Information stored in the VLR for call forwarding385/90agreed82/91  
03.8200092 Ph1Registration overriding previous registration384/90postponed77/91  
03.8200081 Ph1Interrogation of conditional call forwarding services252/90agreed282/90approved 
03.8200071 Ph1Deletion of provision indicator in VLR-agreed416/89approved 
03.820006- Ph1Verification of forwarded-to number-agreed410/89approved 
03.8200051 Ph1Interraction between call forwarding services-agreed401/89approved 
03.8200041 Ph1Interraction between call forwarding and call restriction-agreed400/89approved 
03.8200033 Ph1Format of forwarded-to number-agreed402/89approved 
03.8200021 Ph1Calling and connected number identitifcation in call forwarding services-agreed405/89approved 
03.8200011 Ph1Handling of registration erasure and interrogation-agreed473/89approved