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See details 03.880043-F Ph2Use of State vector description in cross phase chapters Details 846/94 agreed  Details 535/94 approved FRANCE TELECOM4.6.0
See details 03.880042-F Ph2Interaction of BIC-Roam with CFU Details 795/94 agreed  Details 543/94 approved Siemens AG4.6.0
See details 03.8800411F Ph2State transition diagram for Call Barring Details 822/94 agreed  Details 535/94 approved France Telecom4.6.0
See details 03.880041-F Ph2Diagram for Call Barring Details 766/94 revised    France Telecom 
See details 03.8800403F Ph2New description of SS State information Details 852/94 agreed  Details 535/94 approved SMG34.6.0
See details 03.8800402F Ph2New description of SS State information Details 843/94 revised    France Telecom 
See details 03.8800401F Ph2New description of SS STate information Details 821/94 revised    France Telecom 
See details 03.880040-F Ph2New description of SS State information Details 682/94 revised    France Telecom 
See details 03.880039-D Ph2Process MAF020 for BOIC-exHC Details 650/94 agreed  Details 543/94 approved Siemens AG4.6.0
See details 03.880038-F Ph2Alignment of 02.88 and 03.88 concerning the subscription option control of service by service provider / subscriber .. Details 164/94 agreed  Details 227/94 approved Alcatel SEL4.5.0
See details 03.880037-F Ph2Cross phase compatibility for updating a phase 2 VLR from a Phase 1 HLR Details 75/94 agreed  Details 227/94 approved Siemens4.5.0
See details 03.880036-F Ph2Registration and Call Barring Details 26/94 agreed  Details 227/94 approved Northern Telecom4.5.0
See details 03.880035-F Ph2Change of stored subscription data in the VLR for outgoing call barring Details 244/93 agreed  Details 445/93 approved Siemens 
See details 03.8800342F Ph2Deactivation of barring programs agreed  Details 383/93 approved SMG3-WPB 
See details 03.8800341F Ph2Deactivation of barring programs Details 93B074 revised    MMO 
See details 03.880034-F Ph2Deactivation of barring programs Details 93B067 revised    MMO 
See details 03.8800331C Ph2Phase 1 - Phase 2 Compatibility Details 175/93 agreed  Details 260/93 approved Siemens 
See details 03.880033-C Ph2Phase 1 -Phase 2 Compatibility Details 69/93 revised    Siemens 
See details 03.880032-C Ph2Barring of Incoming Calls - Active and Quiscent state Details 945/92 agreed  Details 81/93 approved France Telecom 
See details 03.880031-C Ph2Phase 1 - Phase 2 compatibility Details 756/92 postponed    Hutchison Microtel 
See details 03.8800301C Ph2Barring of Outgoing Calls - Active and Quescient State agreed  Details 82/93 approved SMG3-WPB 
See details 03.880030-C Ph2Barring of Outgoing Calls - Active and Quescient State revised    SMG3-WPB 
See details 03.880029-F Ph2To assure Phase 1/ Phase 2 Compatibility withdrawn    SMG3-WPB 
See details 03.880028-D Ph2VLR storage of service provision information Details 340/92 withdrawn    Northern Telecom 
See details 03.880027-D Ph2Password for Call Barring services Details 266/92 agreed  Details 264/92 approved Rapporteur 
See details 03.880026-C Ph2Storage of WPA Counter in HLR Details 205/92 agreed  Details 127/92 approved Editor 
See details 03.8800251B Ph2Interrogation with barring services Details 226/92 agreed  Details 149/92 approved SMG3 
See details 03.880025-F Ph2Interrogation with barring services Details 175/92 revised    Editor 
See details 03.880024-D Ph2Renaming of function Details 460/91 agreed  Details 68/92 approved PT12 
See details 03.880023-D Ph2Basic service grouping Details 150/91 agreed  Details 233/91 approved SEL ALCATEL 
See details 03.880022-D Ph2Password handling Details 150/91 agreed  Details 234/91 approved SEL ALCATEL 
See details 03.880021-D Ph2Multiple text deletion Details 150/91 agreed  Details 224/91 approved SEL Alcatel 
See details 03.8800201D Ph2Information stored in the VLR for Barring of incomming calls Details 150/91 agreed  Details 232/91 approved  
See details 03.880020-D Ph1Information stored in the VLR for Barring of incomming calls Details 512/90 agreed  Details 82/91   GSM3-WPB 
See details 03.8800192B Ph2Activation status of suppl. services stored in VLR Details 150/91 agreed  Details 232/91 approved  
See details 03.8800191B Ph1Activation status of suppl. services stored in VLR Details 448/90 agreed  Details 81/91   GSM3 
See details 03.880018-A Ph1Interractions Details 418/90 agreed  Details 79/91 approved GSM3 
See details 03.8800171D Ph2Interrogation Details 150/91 agreed  Details 230/91 approved GSM3 
See details 03.880017-D Ph1Interrogation Details 417/90 agreed  Details 83/91   GSM3 
See details 03.880016-B Ph2Information stored in HLR      GSM3 
See details 03.880015-E Ph2Spelling mistakes    Details 66/91   GSM3 
See details 03.8800141A Ph1Interractions Details 416/90 agreed  Details 79/91 approved GSM3 
See details 03.880014-F Ph2Interactions      GSM3 
See details 03.8800131E Ph1Interrogation of barring of outgoing calls Details 253/90 agreed  Details 283/90 approved Ericsson  2G
See details 03.880012-D Ph1Inconsistency in recommendation Details 308/90 postponed    Orbitel UK  2G
See details 03.8800111A Ph1Interraction between call forwarding and call restriction agreed  Details 400/89 approved GSM3 
See details 03.8800101C Ph1Deletion of provision indicator in VLR agreed  Details 416/89 approved GSM3 
See details 03.8800091D Ph1Restructuring of 03.88 agreed  Details 419/89 approved GSM3 
See details 03.8800081C Ph1Interraction between barring services agreed  Details 420/89 approved GSM3 
See details 03.8800071C Ph1Interrogation of barring of outgoing calls services agreed  Details 404/89r1 approved GSM3 
See details 03.8800061D Ph1Change of subscription option use of password agreed  Details 421/89 approved GSM3 
See details 03.8800051C Ph1Password Handling agreed  Details 422/89 approved GSM3 
See details 03.8800041B Ph1deletion of some barring services agreed  Details 417/89 approved GSM3 
See details 03.880003-A Ph1Changing of barring service in the VPLMN agreed  Details 474/89 approved GSM3 
See details 03.8800021D Ph1Reference to incoming Emergency Call to be delted agreed  Details 474/89 approved GSM3 
See details 03.8800011A Ph1Handling of registration activatation deacrtivation and interrogation agreed  Details 474/89 approved GSM3