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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
04.10A010-7.0.1R1998Usage of SS Version Indicator Details N4-011115 agreedNP-010616approved7.1.0
04.10A0071 R1998Introduction of UUS Details 3P99-027  P-99-197approved7.0.0
04.10A006- R1997MS procedure for SS version indicator IE value 3 and higher Details 98P025 agreed98-0145approved6.0.0
04.10A0053 R1997Call related supplementary service procedures Details 98P024 agreed98-0144approved6.0.0
04.10A0041 Ph2Exceptional release of call independent SS transactions Details 95P441 agreed096/96approved4.10.0
04.1000541 Ph2Wrong Passwords Attempts Counter Details 428/94 agreed412/94approved4.8.0
04.100054- Ph2Wrong Password Attempts Counter Details 366/94 revised-  
04.100053-4.6.0Ph2Error handling when SS operations are in wrong message Details 239/94 postponed-  
04.10005214.6.0Ph2Format and Relevance of SS Stage 3 Diagrams Details 204/94 agreed229/94approved4.7.0
04.100052-4.6.0Ph2Format and Relevance of SS Stage 3 Diagrams Details 196/94 revised-  
04.100051-4.6.0Ph2Cross phase compatibility for password procedures Details 178/94 agreed229/94approved4.7.0
04.100050-4.6.0Ph2Cross phase compatibility for password procedure Details 162/94 withdrawn-  
04.100049- Ph2Invoke ID Management Details 980/93 agreed100/94approved4.6.0
04.1000482 Ph2ForwardCheckSSIndication and transaction management Details A72/93 agreed103/94approved4.6.0
04.1000481 Ph2ForwardCheckSSindication and transaction mangement Details A36/93 revised-  
04.100048- Ph2ForwardCheckSSIndication and transaction management Details 844/93 revised-  
04.1000471 Ph2Error handling for multiple components for Call independent SS procedures Details 825/93 agreed623/93approved 
04.100047- Ph2Error handling for multiple components for Call independent SS procedures Details 808/93 revised-  
04.100046- Ph2Error handling for call independent SS messages received in a wrong transaction state Details 448/93 agreed450/93approved 
04.100045- Ph2Removal of Contradictive specification of error handling for messages which are too short Details 265/93 agreed450/93approved 
04.100044- Ph2Correction to possible misleading text Details 93B070 rejected-  
04.1000432 Ph2Editorial improvement of SS compatibility description Details 431/93 agreed450/93approved 
04.1000431 Ph2Editorial improvement of SS compatibility description Details 377/93 revised-  
04.100043- Ph2Editorial improvement of SS compatibility description Details 93B059 revised-  
04.100042- Ph2Correction of possibly misleading text Details 93B062 rejected-  
04.100041- Ph2Inclusion of table of SS operations from TS GSM 04.80 Details 93B050 withdrawn-  
04.1000401 Ph2Clarification of SS Support Procedures Details 159/93 agreed274/93approved 
04.100040- Ph2Clarification of SS Support Procedures Details 25/93 revised-  
04.100039- Ph2Reference to 04.08 also Details 114/93 agreed274/93approved 
04.1000381 Ph2Password compatibility Details 181/93 agreed274/93approved 
04.100038- Ph2Password compatibility Details 74/93 revised-  
04.1000371 Ph2Supplementary Service Compatibility Mechanisms Details 155/93 agreed274/93approved 
04.100037- Ph2Supplementary Service Compatibility Mechanisms Details 49/93 revised-  
04.1000361 Ph2Revision of Section 2 Details 158/93 agreed274/93approved 
04.100036- Ph2Revision of section 2 Details 26/93 revised-  
04.1000351 Ph2Call related error handling withdrawn-  
04.100035- Ph2Call related error handling Details 93B041 revised-  
04.100034- Ph2Proposed handling of SS Call Related Error Conditions Details 860/92 postponed-  
04.1000331 Ph2Editotial Revisions to 04.10 Details 944/92 agreed84/93approved 
04.100033- Ph2Editorial Revisions to 04.10 Details 780/92 revised-  
04.1000322 Ph2Multiple components for Call Independent SS agreed84/93approved 
04.1000321 Ph2Multiple components for Call Independent SS Details 951/92 revised-  
04.100032- Ph2Multiple Components for Call Independent SS Details 779/92 revised-  
04.100031- Ph2Network Timers for Password Registration Details 778/92 agreed84/93approved 
04.100030- Ph2Clarification of Signalling Principles for Call Independant SS Control Operations Details 623/92 postponed-  
04.1000292 Ph2Error Handling for Call Independent SS Support Procedures Details 27/93 agreed274/93approved 
04.1000291 Ph2Error Handling for Call Independent SS Support Procedures Details 93B007 revised-  
04.100029- Ph2Error Handling for Call Independant SS Support Details 524/92 revised-  
04.1000283 Ph2Generic handling of syntax errors in components Details 180/93 agreed274/93approved 
04.1000282 Ph2Generic Handling of Syntax Errors in Components Details 88/93 revised-  
04.1000281 Ph2Generic Handling of Syntax Errors in Components Details 783/92 revised-  
04.100028- Ph2Generic Handling of Syntax Errors in Components Details 523/92 revised-  
04.100027- Ph2Use of Transaction Identifier in Call Related SS procedures Details 21/92 agreed128/92approved 
04.1000261 Ph2Functional Supplementary service procedure Details 281/92 postponed-  
04.100026- Ph2Functional Supplementary servic procedures Details 20/92 postponed-  
04.100025- Ph2Supplementary support establishment Details 19/92 agreed128/92approved 
04.1000241 Ph2Suppression/correction of erroneous/misleading/redundant text agreed128/92approved 
04.100024- Ph2Supression/correction of erroneous/misleading/redundant text Details 18/92 revised-  
04.100023- Ph2MPTY speciality in the common information element category Details 17/92 withdrawn-  
04.100022- Ph2HOLD and RETRIEVE messages from network to MS Details 16/92 agreed133/92approved 
04.1000211 Ph2Multiple operations and paralell transactions Details 15/92 postponed-  
04.100020- Ph2Operation defined as not applicable Details 14/92 withdrawn-  
04.1000191 Ph2Use of SS-Code in Password procedure Details ???/91 agreed227/91approved 
04.100019- Ph1Use of SS-Code in Password procedure Details 277/91 revised-  
04.100018- Ph2Deletion of use of GuidanceInformation=BadPasswordTryAgain Details 276/91 agreed234/91approved 
04.100017- Ph2Subgroup on multiple operations Details 132/91 postponed-  
04.100016- Ph1Register password timer agreed67/91approved 
04.1000152 Ph1Encoding of SS operations by Mobile Stations Details 411/90 agreed67/91approved 
04.1000141 Ph2Freephone and reverse charging Details 150/91 agreed227/91approved 
04.100014- Ph1Freephone and Reverse charging Details 406/90 agreed74/91  
04.1000132 Ph2Hold and retrieve Details 150/91 agreed227/91approved 
04.1000131 Ph1HOLD AND RETRIEVE Details 405/90 agreed74/91  
04.100013- Ph1Support of Supplementary services in connection with short message service Details 352/90 postponed-postponed 
04.100012- Ph1SS-code for password registration agreed285/90approved 
04.100011- Ph1Sending of FACILITY Details 13/90 agreed35/90approved 
04.1000101 Ph1Editorial corrections agreed449/89approved 
04.100009- Ph1Update of 04.10 in accordance to principles decided at GSM24 agreed449/89approved 
04.1000081 Ph1Deletion of some barring services agreed417/89approved 
04.100007- Ph1Deletion of square brackets agreed346/89approved 
04.100006- Ph1Introduction of password management as a generic procedure agreed346/89approved