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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
04.80A018-7.3.0R1998Addition of error type description for PositionMethodFailureN4-000566agreedNP-000492approved7.4.0
04.80A017-7.2.0R1998Correction of definition of Deflected-to numberN4-000305 NP-000288approved7.3.0
04.80A01617.1.0R1998Correction to Location Notification Type and LCS-MOLR errorsNS-000051agreedNP-000027approved7.2.0
04.80A015-7.0.0R1998Addition of LCS operations (was A060)NSS-99139agreedNP-99563approved7.1.0
04.80A014- R1996Removal of CNAP from Release 96 specifications-agreedP-99-219approved5.3.0
04.80A013-6.1.0R1997Removal of § notation from version 6-agreedP-99-219approved6.1.1
04.80A0123 R1998Introduction of UUS3P99-027 P-99-197approved7.0.0
04.80A0114 R1998Introduction of CD supplementary service3P99-032 P-99-195approved7.0.0
04.80A01026.0.0R1997Introduction of changes in GM 04.80 due to CCBS98P105agreed98-0356approved6.1.0
04.80A0072 R1997Calling Name Presentation- 97-1081approved 
04.80A0072 R1997Changes due to Calling Name Presentation- 97-1048approved 
04.80A0071 R1997Introduction of CNAP- 97-799postponed 
04.80A00615.1.0R1996Definition of ProcessUnstructuredSS-Data and its data types98P026agreed98-0146approved5.2.0
04.80A005- R1996ECT signalling support96P049agreed304/96approved5.0.0
04.80A004- Ph2Use of Phase 1 USSD operation by the MSC95P445agreed097/96approved4.11.0
04.8000591 Ph2Editorial correction of error descriptions765/94agreed545/94approved4.11.1
04.800059- Ph2Editorial correction of error descriptions675/94revised-  
04.800058- Ph2Correction of misalignment in Facility IEI590/94agreed545/94approved4.11.1
04.800057- Ph2Error handling for SS operations with respect to Basic Service groups265/94postponed-  
04.8000562 Ph2CLIR second default value in temporary mode209/94agreed221/94approved4.9.0
04.8000561 Ph2CLIR, second default value in temporary mode53/94revised138/94postponed 
04.800056- Ph2CLIR, second default value in temporary modeA51/93agreed19/94postponed 
04.8000551 Ph2Timers for Call Releated SS OperationsA28/93agreed96/94approved4.11.1
04.800055- Ph2Timers for Call Related SS Operations981/93revised-  
04.800054- Ph2SS indicator corections974/93agreed101/94approved4.11.1
04.800053- Ph2Deletion of unnecessary imports from MAP and correction of an error in ASN.1847/93agreed101/94approved4.11.1
04.800052- Ph2ForwardCheckSSIndication844/93agreed103/94approved4.11.1
04.800051- Ph2Correction of format of FACILITY and RELEASE COMPLETE messages606/93withdrawn-  
04.800050- Ph2Correction of errors in ASN.1 and new Annex A605/93agreed624/93approved 
04.800049- Ph2Alignment of error types descriptions to TS GSM 09.02468/93agreed451/93approved 
04.800048- Ph2Misisng SS version Indicator in REGISTER message398/93withdrawn-  
04.8000471 Ph2Deletion of the error SS Subscription Violation for the BuildMPTY operation-agreed451/93approved 
04.800047- Ph2Deletion of the error SS Subscription Violation for the BuildMPTY operation302/93revised-  
04.8000466 Ph2Introduction of phase 2 USSDA74/93agreed98/94approved4.11.1
04.8000465 Ph2Introduction of phase 2 USSDA25/93revised-  
04.8000464 Ph2Introduction of phase 2 USSD979/93revised-  
04.8000463 Ph2Introduction of unstructured SS operations810/93postponed-  
04.8000462 Ph2Introduction of unstructured SS operations795/93revised-  
04.8000461 Ph2Introduction of unstructured SS operations752/93revised-  
04.800046- Ph2Introduction of unstructured SS operations267/93postponed-  
04.8000452 Ph2General tidy-up515/93agreed451/93approved 
04.8000451 Ph2General Tidy-up458/93revised-  
04.800045- Ph2General Tidy-up237/93revised-  
04.800044- Ph2Transfer of information from TS GSM 04.80 to GSM 04.08236/93agreed443/93approved 
04.8000431 Ph2Change of possibly misleading-agreed451/93approved 
04.800043- Ph2Change of possibly misleading93B064revised-  
04.8000421 Ph2Correction of 04.80 error description-agreed451/93approved 
04.800042- Ph2Correction of 04.80 error description93B063revised-  
04.800041- Ph2Alignment of 04.80 messages with 04.08-postponed-  
04.8000401 Ph2Introduction of SS version handling with SS Version indicator and SS Screening indicator193/93agreed275/93approved 
04.800040- Ph2Introduction of SS version handling with SS Version indicator and SS Screening indicator160/93revised-  
04.8000391 Ph2Deletion of message formats & ref to 04.08153/93agreed275/93approved 
04.800039- Ph204.80 deletion of message formats & ref to 04.08115/93revised-  
04.800038- Ph2Introduction of Ellipsis Notation in section 463/93agreed444/93approved 
04.8000371 Ph2Formal corrections and alignment with TCAP/MAP68/93agreed275/93approved 
04.800037- Ph2Formal corrections and alignment with TCAP/MAP93B040revised-  
04.8000362 Ph2Clarification on indication of information elements in RELEASE COMPLETE for Call Independent SS-agreed275/93approved 
04.8000361 Ph2Clarification on indication of information elements in RELEASE COMPLETE for Call Independent SS-revised-  
04.800036- Ph2Clarification on indication of information elements in RELEASE COMPLETE for Call Independent SS93B009revised-  
04.800035- Ph2Formal Improvement of ASN.1 and alignment with other TS's-agreed85/93approved 
04.800034- Ph2Alignment with MAP version 2599/92postponed-  
04.800033- Ph2Removal of Redudant Information598/92agreed448/92approved 
04.800032- Ph2Introduction of Protocol Evolution Rules into GSM 04.80532/92postponed-  
04.800031- Ph2Errors for Multiparty351/92postponed-  
04.8000301 Ph2Coding of the CUG supplementary service-agreed129/92approved 
04.800030- Ph2Coding for CUG SS95/92revised-  
04.800029- Ph2Deletion of SS specific error94/92agreed129/92approved 
04.8000281 Ph2Deletion of InvokeSS operation-agreed129/92approved 
04.800028- Ph2Deletion of Invoke SS operation93/92revised-  
04.800027- Ph2Deletion of Supress SS operation92/92agreed129/92approved 
04.8000262 Ph2Inconsistency between service and protocol168/92agreed129/92approved 
04.8000261 Ph2Inconsistencies between service and protocol description24/92revised-  
04.8000261 Ph2Inconsistemcies between service and protocol--agreed-  
04.800026- Ph2Inconsistencies between service and protocol45/92revised-  
04.8000252 Ph2Table classifying Call Related and Call independent supplementary service operations---agreed129/92approved 
04.8000251 Ph2Table classifying call related and call independent supplementary service operations134/92revised-  
04.800025- Ph2Table classifying call related and call independent SS operations31/92postponed-  
04.800025- Ph2Table classifying Call Related and Call Independant Supplementary Service operations23/92withdrawn-  
04.800024- Ph2Closed User Group541/91postponed-  
04.8000232 Ph2Coding for the Multi Party Supplementary Service-agreed129/92approved 
04.8000231 Ph2Coding of MPTY SS91/92revised-  
04.800023- Ph2Coding for the MPTY suppl. service584/91postponed-  
04.8000221 Ph2HOLD and RETRIEVE messages from network to MS8/92agreed-  
04.8000221 Ph2HOLD and RETRIEVE messages from network to MS22/92agreed133/92  
04.800022- Ph2Hold and retrieve messages from network to MS507/91postponed-  
04.8000213 Ph2Deletion of unused data type and identifier-agreed129/92approved 
04.8000212 Ph2Deletion of unused data type and identifier90/92revised-  
04.8000211 Ph2Deletion of un-used information elements624/91agreed-  
04.800021- Ph2Deletion of un-used information elements454/91revised-  
04.800020- Ph2Repeated Facility Information Element173/91agreed228/91approved 
04.8000192 Ph2Suppress SS Operation Code142/91agreed228/91approved 
04.800019- Ph1Suppress SS Operation Code88/91 -  
04.8000181 Ph2Range of elements in Charge Advice Information150/91agreed228/91approved 
04.800017- Ph1Cause definitions for supplementary services493/90agreed68/91approved 
04.800016- Ph2Cause definitions for supplementary services494/90agreed75/91  
04.800015- Ph1Wrong maximum length on Facility IE391/90rejected-  
04.800014- Ph2Lower length limit of the Facility IE in the FACILITY message399/90agreed75/91  
04.800013- Ph1Lower length limit of the Facility information element401/90agreed68/91approved 
04.8000123 Ph2Maximum length of the Facility information element150/91agreed228/91approved 
04.8000121 Ph2Maximum length of the Facility information element394/90postponed75/91  
04.800011- Ph1Maximum length of the Facility information element393/90withdrawn-  
04.8000103 Ph2Protocol discriminator150/91agreed228/91approved 
04.8000101 Ph2Protocol discriminator395/90agreed75/91  
04.800009- Ph1Protocol discriminator392/90withdrawn-  
04.800008- Ph2Support of Supplementary Services in connection with Short Message Service351/90postponed-  
04.8000072 Ph2Three Party Indication346/90agreed-  
04.8000061 Ph2Hold 3PTY and Retrieve 3PTY Operations347/90agreed-  
04.8000053 Ph2ForwardChargeAdvice Operations-agreed141/91approved 
04.8000052 Ph2ForwardChargeAdvice Operation390/90agreed-  
04.8000041 Ph2Call_Is_Waiting Indicator and Call_Hold_Indicator343/90agreed286/90r1approved 
04.800003- Ph1Restrictions of Basic Encoding Rules No.1329/90agreed267/90approved 
04.800002- Ph1Minor mistakes in ASN.1 notation322/90agreed286/90r1approved 
04.8000011 Ph1Correction of editorial mistakes in SS coding212/90 -