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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
04.82A0031 R1998Introduction of subscription option for Call Forwarding3P99-084 P-99-154approved7.0.0
04.82A002- Ph2Removal of option for CISS procedures95P442agreed096/96approved4.9.0
04.820047- Ph2Inclusion of ForwardedToSubAddress in signalling diagrams813/94agreed538/94approved4.8.0
04.820046- Ph2Sub-Address810/94agreed538/94approved4.8.0
04.820045- Ph2Deletion of subaddress from CF Registration738/94withdrawn-  
04.820044- Ph2Deletion of subaddress from a specific CF interrogation737/94withdrawn-  
04.820043- Ph2Align description of CFNRc with other CF services736/94agreed538/94approved4.8.0
04.8200421 Ph2Clarification of handling requests for all CF services or all conditional CF services775/94agreed538/94approved4.8.0
04.820042- Ph2Clarification of handling of requests for all conditional CF services724/94revised-  
04.8200412 Ph2Deletion of subaddress in general interrogation result499/94agreed407/94approved4.7.0
04.8200411 Ph2Deletion of subaddress in general interrogation result497/94revised-  
04.820041- Ph2Deletion of subaddress in interrogation result478/94revised-  
04.8200403 Ph2Return result in the erasure-agreed446/93approved 
04.8200402 Ph2Return result in the erasure337/93revised-  
04.8200401 Ph2Return result in the erasure--revised-  
04.820040- Ph2Return result in the erasure93B065revised-  
04.8200393 Ph2To prohibit the use of call forwarding SS group codes in call forwarding interrogations197/93agreed252/93approved 
04.8200392 Ph2To prohibit the use of call forwarding SS group codes in call forwarding interrogations156/93revised-  
04.8200391 Ph2To prohibit the use of call forwarding SS group codes in call forwarding interrogations51/93revised-  
04.820039- Ph2To prohibit the use of call forwarding SS group codes in call forwarding interrogations93B042revised-  
04.820038- Ph2Change of subscription data for CFU-agreed254/93approved 
04.820037- Ph2-- -  
04.8200363 Ph2Phase 1 - phase 2 compatibility178/93agreed253/93approved 
04.8200362 Ph2Phase 1 - phase 2 compatibility44/93revised-  
04.8200361 Ph2Phase 1 - Phase 2 compatibility93B004revised-  
04.820036- Ph2Phase 1 - Phase 2 compatibility757/92revised-  
04.8200353 Ph2Compatibility of SS-Status in Call Forwarding with Phase 1--agreed289/93approved 
04.8200352 Ph2Compatibility of SS-Status in Call Forwarding with Phase 1-agreed255/93revised 
04.8200351 Ph2Compatibility of SS-Status in Call Forwarding with Phase 1-revised-  
04.820035- Ph2Compatibility of SS-Status in Call Forwarding with phase 1-revised-  
04.820034- Ph2Transaction Identifier to be used for Notification of Invocation of Call Forwarding on MS Busy514/92agreed447/92approved 
04.820033- Ph2Notification to forwarding subscriber at CFB due to User Determined User Busy363/92agreed291/92approved 
04.820032- Ph2Correction of interogation procedures197/92agreed130/92approved 
04.820031- Ph2General editorial review of the ts. for phase 2172/92agreed130/92approved 
04.8200301 Ph2Call Forwarding on User Determined User Busy222/92agreed148/92approved 
04.820030- Ph2Call Forwarding on User Determined User Busy147/92revised-  
04.8200293 Ph2Addition of activation and deactivation of CF SS--agreed14/92approved 
04.8200292 Ph2-14/92revised-  
04.8200283 Ph2Interrogation of active and quiscent CF services5/92agreed15/92approved 
04.820027- Ph2Partial success of CF request581/91rejected-  
04.820026- Ph2SS_Status in registration, erasure and interrogation569/91rejected-  
04.820025- Ph2Addition of activation and deactivation of CF SS343/91postponed-  
04.8200241 Ph2Deletion of notification to mobile subscriber due to network eraseue of Call Forwarding services449/91agreed306/91approved 
04.820024- Ph2Deletion of notification to MS due to network erasure342/91revised-  
04.820023- Ph2Replacement of erasure indicator by SS-status239/91agreed222/91approved 
04.8200221 Ph2Grouping of Supplementary Services631/91agreed65/92approved 
04.820022- Ph2Grouping of Supplemenatry services98/91revised-  
04.820021- Ph1Swapping of SS-registration and SS-activation542/90 -  
04.820020- Ph1Phase 2 items for further study- 69/91approved 
04.820019- Ph1Encoding of SS operations by Mobile Stations412/90postponed80/91approved 
04.8200182 Ph1Signalling caused by deactivation of CF-SS deactivation of call forwarding services409/90postponed69/91approved 
04.8200171 Ph1Information to MS about active CF-service397/90agreed69/91approved 
04.8200162 Ph2Signalling on the radio path150/91agreed222/91approved 
04.8200161 Ph1Signalling on the radio path396/90agreed76/91  
04.820015- Ph1Operation names-agreed287/90approved 
04.8200141 Ph1Forwarded-to number at registration-agreed409/89approved 
04.8200131 Ph1Calling and connected number identification in the call forwarding services-agreed405/89approved 
04.820012- Ph1Notification to forwarded-to subscriber when a call is being forwarded to him-agreed406/89approved 
04.8200111 Ph1general editorial improvment-agreed447/89approved 
04.8200101 Ph1deactivation by the network-agreed447/89approved 
04.8200092 Ph1SS-code in case of call forwarding notification-agreed406/89approved 
04.8200082 Ph1Notification to the served Mobile subscriber that call forwarding is active-agreed403/89approved 
04.8200032 Ph1Deletion of reason-agreed406/89approved 
04.8200023 Ph1Deletion of subscription option forwarded-to subscriber receives identification of the forwarding subscriber number-agreed447/89approved 
04.820001- Ph1Square brackets in the figures-agreed447/89approved