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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
04.83A0021 Ph2Removal of option for CISS procedures95P443agreed096/96approved4.6.0
04.8300201 Ph2Carrier message for Call Waiting notificationA43/93agreed93/94approved4.5.0
04.830020- Ph2Carrier message for Call Waiting notificationA04/93revised-  
04.830019- Ph2Cause value for call waiting timer expiry623/93withdrawn-  
04.8300181 Ph2Compatibility for notifications151/93agreed257/93approved 
04.830018- Ph2Compatibility for notifications24/93revised-  
04.830017- Ph2Cause code handling for call waiting-agreed256/93approved 
04.8300161 Ph2Interrogation of Call Waiting-agreed79/93approved 
04.830016- Ph2Interrogation of Call Waiting-revised-  
04.830015- Ph2Holding of Call When Call Waiting Cause NDUB515/92postponed-  
04.830014- Ph2Clarification of use of SIGNAL Information Element for Call Waiting-agreed262/92approved 
04.830013- Ph2Editorial clarification to 04.83 section 1.3.2378/92agreed262/92approved 
04.830012- Ph2Signal IE in Setup message for CW339/92withdrawn-  
04.830011- Ph2Editorial correction to Alternate procedure267/92agreed262/92approved 
04.8300101 Ph2Interaction CFB and CW-agreed148/92approved 
04.830009- Ph2Correction of Clearing Message Name-agreed131/92approved 
04.8300081 Ph2Call Waiting rejection causes Call Forwarding on User Busy55/92withdrawn-  
04.830008- Ph2Call Waiting rejection causes Call Forwarding on User Busy50/92postponed-  
04.8300071 Ph2Clarification of alternate procedure-agreed131/92approved 
04.830007- Ph2Clarification of ALTERNATE procedure54/92revised-  
04.8300061 Ph2Alignment with GSM 04.0849/92agreed67/92approved 
04.830006- Ph2Alignment with GSM 04.0833/92revised-  
04.830005- Ph2Hold and Retrieve messages from network to MS8/92agreed67/92approved 
04.8300041 Ph2Applicability of Call Waiting to data services643/91agreed12/92approved 
04.830004- Ph2Applicability of Call Waiting to data services583/91revised-  
04.8300031 Ph2MS originated calls after HOLD invocation--agreed67/92approved 
04.830003- Ph2MS originated calls after hold invocation457/91revised-  
04.830002- Ph2Status check on the Call Waiting service355/91withdrawn-  
04.830001- Ph2Subscriber procedures for the Call Waiting service354/91withdrawn-