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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
04.88A004- R1997Call Barring after reconnection- 97-1047approved 
04.88A001- Ph2Removal of option for CISS procedures95P444agreed096/96approved4.7.0
04.880032- Ph2Deactivation of barring programs-agreed383/93approved 
04.8800312 Ph2Return result in the activation and deactivation338/93agreed446/93approved 
04.8800311 Ph2Return result in the activation and deactivation--revised-  
04.880031- Ph2Return result in the activation and deactivation93B066revised-  
04.880030- Ph2Deletion of redundant text of barring of incoming calls service-agreed448/93approved 
04.8800291 Ph2Interrorgation of Call Barring services196/93agreed261/93approved 
04.880029- Ph2interrogation of Call Barring services126/93revised-  
04.8800281 Ph2Phase 1 - Phase 2 compatibility174/93agreed260/93approved 
04.880028- Ph2Phase 1 - Phase 2 compatibility70/93revised-  
04.880027- Ph2Barring of Incoming Calls - Active and Quiescent state946/92agreed81/93approved 
04.8800261 Ph2Notofication for incomming call barring-agreed83/93approved 
04.880026- Ph2Notification for incomming call barringA06/92revised-  
04.880025- Ph2Phase 1 - Phase 2 compatibility758/92postponed-  
04.8800241 Ph2Barring of Outgoing Calls - Active and Quiescent State-agreed82/93approved 
04.880024- Ph2Barring of Outgoing Calls - Active and Quiescent State-revised-  
04.880023- Ph2To assure phase 1/ phase 2 compatibility-withdrawn-  
04.8800222 Ph2Compatibility of SS-Status in Call Barring with phase 1142/93agreed289/93approved 
04.8800221 Ph2Compatibility of SS-Status in Call Barring with phase 123/93revised-  
04.880022- Ph2Compatibility of SS-Status in Call Barring with phase 1-revised-  
04.8800211 Ph2Multiple 1st clearing messages BIC notification--agreed265/92approved 
04.880021- Ph2Multiple 1st clearing messages BIC notification379/92revised-  
04.880020- Ph2Normal operation with barring services203/92agreed132/92approved 
04.8800192 Ph2Interrogation with barring services---agreed149/92approved 
04.8800191 Ph2Interrogation with barring services204/92revised-  
04.880019- Ph2Normal operation and interrogation with barring services176/92revised-  
04.880018- Ph2Partial success of CB request580/91rejected-  
04.880017- Ph2SS_Status and SS_Code in activation and deactivation568/91rejected-  
04.880016- Ph2Interrogation of All call barring services461/91agreed69/92approved 
04.8800151 Ph2Grouping of Supplementary service codes for CB services150/91agreed225/91approved 
04.880014- Ph1Encoding of SS operations in Mobile Station408/90agreed80/91approved 
04.880013- Ph1Operation names-agreed288/90approved 
04.8800121 Ph1Restructuring of the complete recommendation-agreed419/89approved 
04.8800111 Ph1SS-code to be included in the messages of the different procedures-agreed419/89approved 
04.880010- Ph1deletion of some barring services-agreed417/89approved 
04.8800081 Ph1Password Handling-agreed422/89approved 
04.8800061 Ph1Interrogation of outgoing barring services-agreed404/89r1approved 
04.880003- Ph1Notification to MS subscriber that call barring is active-agreed448/89approved 
04.8800022 Ph1change of subscription optionuse of password-agreed421/89approved 
04.880001- Ph1Square brackets in figures-agreed448/89approved