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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
06.93A010-7.4.0R1998Re-scheduling of stolen SID_UPDATE frames by SID_FIRST frames for AMR Clarification of Hangover period after HandoverS4-000529agreedSP-000574approved7.5.0
06.93A00917.4.0R1998Re-scheduling of stolen SID_UPDATE frames for AMR (Part 2)S4-000533agreedSP-000574approved7.5.0
06.93A009-7.4.0R1998Re-scheduling of stolen SID_UPDATE frames for AMR (Part 2)S4-000450revised-  
06.93A008-7.3.0R1998Re-scheduling of stolen SID_UPDATE Frames for AMRS4-000259agreedSP-000262approved7.4.0
06.93A00717.2.0R1998Onset frame signaling by the TX RSS.S4-99455agreedSP-99570approved7.3.0
06.93A00617.2.0R1998Editorial clarifications concerning RATSCCH and RX/TX DTX handler synchronization at handover.S4-99454agreedSP-99570approved7.3.0
06.93A005-7.1.0R1998RX/TX DTX handler synchronisation in uplink at handoverB-99-339agreedP-99-634approved7.2.0
06.93A004-7.1.0R1998Correction to specification of RX_TYPE identifierB-99-338agreedP-99-634approved7.2.0
06.93A003-7.1.0R1998Introduction of the RATSCCH and TFO for AMRB-99-403agreedP-99-634approved7.2.0
06.93A002-7.0.0R1998Specification of handling of SPARE and NO_DATA RX_TYPEs137/99agreedP-99-423approved7.1.0
06.93A001-7.0.0R1998Changed SID update rate for AMR codec on TCH/AFS139/99agreedP-99-423approved7.1.0
06.930000- R1998Discontinuous Transmission (DTX) for Adaptive Multi-Rate speech traffic channels81/99agreedP-99-131approved7.0.0