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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
07.01A038-6.0.0R1997Use of Octet 6f of GSM BC98p637agreedP-99-553approved6.1.0
07.01A037- R1999Introduction of EDGE channel codings into the specificationsT299177agreedP-99-504approved8.0.0
07.01A036-7.0.0R1998Addition of u-Law for PCS 190098p772agreedP-99-062approved7.1.0
07.01A035-7.0.0R1998Improvement of user-initiated service level up and downgrading98P706agreedP-99-059approved7.1.0
07.01A034-7.0.0R1998Use of Octet 6f of GSM BC98p638agreedP-99-059approved7.1.0
07.01A033-5.8.0R1996Use of Octet 6f of GSM BC98p637agreedP-99-059approved5.9.0
07.01A032- R1998Synchronisation and V.24 control signal handling in the MT98p524agreed98-0739approved7.0.0
07.01A031-5.7.0R1996UIMI is a negotiable parameter98p051agreed98-0098approved5.8.0
07.01A030-5.7.0R1996Setting of ACC, Correction of network behaviour98p077agreed98-0098approved5.8.0
07.01A029-5.6.0R1996LLC Handling in GBS97P496agreed97-921approved5.7.0
07.01A028-5.6.0R1996Valid combinations of HSCSD parameters97P498agreed97-921approved5.7.0
07.01A027-5.6.0R1996Editorial Modification for HSCSD97p367agreed97-921approved5.7.0
07.01A026-5.5.0R1996Deletion of codepoint for V.32bis97p339agreed97-699approved5.6.0
07.01A025-5.5.0R1996Clarifications on ACC parameter values97p343agreed97-700approved5.6.0
07.01A024-5.5.0R1996Corrections for 14.4 kbit/s97p273agreed97-701approved5.6.0
07.01A02325.5.0R1996Initial synchronization for HSCSD97p320agreed97-700approved5.6.0
07.01A023-5.4.0R1996Initial synchronization for HSCSD97p156 417/97noted 
07.01A022-5.4.0R1996Correction 14.4 and synchronization97p144agreed411/97approved5.5.0
07.01A021-5.4.0R1996Provide interworking at higher rates than 28.8 kbit/s (as 33.6 kbit/s).97p142agreed411/97approved5.5.0
07.01A020-5.3.0R1996Support of 14.4 kbit/s (Radio interface related)- 232/97approved5.4.0
07.01A018-5.3.0R1996Correction of Data Compression96P679agreed060/97approved5.4.0
07.01A017-5.3.0R1996V.120 Interworking and RDI96P676agreed057/97approved5.4.0
07.01A016-5.2.0R1996Correction for Data Compression96P452agreed612/96approved5.3.0
07.01A015- R1996New GSM Profile for Packet Services401/96agreed396/96approved5.2.0
07.01A013-5.0.1R1996MT Adapters275/96agreed246/96approved5.9.1
07.01A010- R1996Editorial064/96agreed070/96approved5.0.1
07.01A0043 R1996Data Compression272/95agreed605/95approved5.0.0
07.010060- Ph2handling of Intermediate rate negotiation- 248/94approved4.7.0
07.0100591 Ph2Dual data and facsimile services- 290/94approved4.7.0
07.010058- Ph2Presence of BC-IE in Call Confirmed- 248/94approved4.7.0
07.010057- Ph2Clarification on TS 61/62- 248/94approved4.7.0
07.010056- Ph2Alignment with GSM 02.03- 248/94approved4.7.0
07.010055-4.6.0Ph2Call Proceeding- 45/94approved4.10.0
07.010054-4.5.0Ph2LLC/HLC in call setup for dual services- 550/93approved4.6.0
07.010053-4.5.0Ph2Channel combinations- 550/93approved 
07.010052-4.5.0Ph2Alignment with GSM 09.05- 550/93approved 
07.010051-4.5.0Ph26kbit/s air interface rate for nt services using a FR channel- 678/93approved 
07.010050-4.5.0Ph2Synchronous BSs 31..34- 550/93approved 
07.010049-4.5.0Ph2Compatibility check- 550/93approved 
07.010048-4.5.0Ph2Restriction of BSs 23 and 43- 550/93approved 
07.01004714.5.0Ph2Dual services with ITC=udi- 673/93approved 
07.010046- Ph2Editorial- 403/93approved4.5.0
07.010045- Ph2Alignment with GSM 09.07- 403/93approved 
07.010044- Ph2V.42 and outband flow control- 225/93approved4.10.0
07.010043- Ph2Channel allocation- 221/93approved 
07.010042- Ph2TCH synchronisation- 221/93approved 
07.010041- Ph2Selection of modem type autobauding type 1- 21/93  
07.010040- Ph2Use of DTE/DCE interface- 21/93  
07.010039- Ph2Traffic Channel Synchronization- 33/93  
07.010038- Ph2Editorial- 21/93  
07.010037- Ph2Deletion of BS 71, TS 51 and modem type modem for undefined interface- 21/93  
07.010036- Ph2Use of CT125 for alternate services- 419/92approved4.10.0
07.010035- Ph2MS DTE/DCE interface- 419/92approved 
07.010034- Ph2Indication of compatibility requirements to the PLMN- 469/92approved 
07.010033- Ph2Correction of editorial errors- 419/92approved 
07.010032- Ph2Adaptation to PNE rules- 419/92approved 
07.010031- Ph2Alignment of TS 07.01 Annex II with TS GSM 09.06 and )(.05- 317/92approved4.10.0
07.010030- Ph2Deletion of Teleservices Videotex and MHS- 317/92approved 
07.010029- Ph2Annex I update, explanatory description- 317/92approved 
07.010028- Ph2Alignment of the TS 07.01 body with the Annex II- 317/92approved 
07.010027- Ph2Alignment of TS 07.01 Annex II with 04,08 regarding the BC-IE values- 317/92approved 
07.010026- Ph2Adaption of a Phase 1 to a Phase 2 version- 317/92approved 
07.0100251 Ph18 bit character in NT mode- 169&246/9approved3.14.0
07.010024- Ph2BC-IE in SNS- 179/92approved 
07.010023- Ph2Flow Control- 182/92approved 
07.010021- Ph1BC-IE combinations- 30/92approved3.2.0
07.010020- Ph1Basic PAD access- 317/91approved3.2.0
07.0100191 Ph1Incorporation of BSII capabilities into other BS's- 218/91approved3.2.0
07.010018- Ph1Control of In Call Modification- 219/91approved3.2.0
07.010017- Ph1Relaxation of BC values- 157/91rejected 
07.010016- Ph1Use of BC parameter structure- 157/91withdrawn 
07.010015- Ph1DTE controlled ICM for fax G3- 5/91approved3.2.0
07.010014- Ph1Filtering of control signals- 5/91approved3.2.0
07.010013- Ph1Correction of BC elements- 207/90approved 
07.010012- Ph1NUMBER OF DATABITS IN BC-IE- 71/90approved 
07.010011- Ph1NETWORK INDEPENDENT CLOCKING- 64/90approved 
07.010010- Ph1VALUES FOR RATE ADAPTATION IN BC-IE- 64/90approved 
07.010009- Ph1USER INFO LAYER 2 PROTOCOL INDICATION IN BC-IE- 64/90approved 
07.010008- Ph1BC-IE FOR ALTERNATE SERVICES- 68/90approved 
07.0100071 Ph1FACSIMILE GROUP 3 (TELESERVICE 62)- 44/90r1approved 
07.010006- Ph1SETTING OF BC, LLC AND HLC- 24/90approved 
07.010003- Ph1Multinumber MS support- -approved 
07.010002- Ph1Synchronisation of the traffic channel- -approved 
07.010001-3.2.0Ph1Inclusion of additional items for clarification.- -approved 
07.010000- Ph1Filtering, Synchronisation and Terminal compatibility- -approved