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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
07.02A014- R1999Introduction of EDGET299173agreedP-99-504approved8.0.0
07.02A013- R1998Clarification and correction of the description of V.24 control signal handling at the MT98p522agreed98-0739approved7.0.0
07.02A012- R1997Status Octet transfer at RLP init98p208agreed98-0289approved6.0.0
07.02A011-5.4.0R1996Clarification to L2R97p361agreed97-921approved5.5.0
07.02A010-5.3.0R1996Addressing in L2R PDU's97p277agreed97-701approved5.4.0
07.02A009-5.2.0R1996Corrections and improvements for 14.4 kbit/s97p140agreed411/97approved5.3.0
07.02A008-5.2.0R1996Editorial correction97p047agreed411/97approved5.3.0
07.02A007-5.1.1R1996Support of 14.4 kbit/s (Radio interface related)- 232/97approved5.2.0
07.02A006-5.1.1R1996RLP/L2R Buffer Sizes (reproduced)95P257agreed056/97approved5.2.0
07.02A004-5.1.1R1996Multi slot RLP (reproduced 275/95)96P666agreed056/97approved5.2.0
07.02A003-5.0.0R1996MT Adapters276/96agreed246/96approved5.1.0
07.020019- Ph2Declaration of a 9 pin version of the R interface for MT2 terminal types- 357/94approved4.5.0
07.020018- Ph2Alternate bearer services- 46/94approved4.4.2
07.020017- Ph2Status Transfer in L2RCOP- 404/93approved4.4.0
07.020016- Ph2Editorial- 22/93  
07.020015- Ph2Flow Control- 420/92approved4.5.0
07.020014- Ph2Break Signal- 323/92approved4.5.0
07.020013- Ph28bit data, adaption of a Phase 1 based to a Phase 2 version- 309/92approved 
07.020012- Ph28 bit characters in NT mode- 169/92approved4.5.0
07.020011- Ph2Clarifications- 180/92approved 
07.020010- Ph2Outband flow control- 180/92approved 
07.020009- Ph2BC-IE- 180/92approved 
07.020008- Ph2Flow control in NT mode- 182/92approved 
07.020006- Ph1Parity of V.25bis- 156/91approved3.8.0
07.020005- Ph1BREAK conditions- 156/91withdrawn 
07.020004- Ph1V.25bis alignment- 173/91approved3.8.0
07.020003- Ph1NUMBER OF DATABITS IN BC-IE- 71/90approved 
07.020002- Ph1CALL SETUP COMMANDS- 309/89approved 
07.020001- Ph1Completion of further study and editorial- -approved