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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
07.05A038- R1998Improvement of AT command for deleting Short Messages Details 98p768 agreedP-99-060approved7.0.0
07.05A037-5.4.0R1996Unnecessary conversion in Annex A Details 97p356 agreed97-922approved5.5.0
07.05A036- R1997Enhanced validity period format in text mode Details 97p223 agreed97-702approved 
07.05A035- R1997More messages to send Details 97p106 agreed415/97approved 
07.05A034-5.2.0R1996Editorial corrections Details 97p126 agreed415/97approved5.3.0
07.05A033-5.1.0R1996Further text for PDU mode +CMGS Details 96P577 agreed060/97approved5.2.0
07.05A032-5.1.0R1996Correction of error in SMS Block mode Details 96P659 agreed060/97approved5.2.0
07.05A031-5.1.0R1996CBS editorial modifications in AT modes Details 96P576 agreed060/97approved5.2.0
07.05A030-5.0.0R1996RP-Ack PDU Details 96P522 agreed612/96approved5.1.0
07.05A029-5.0.0R1996OK response to AT+CESP Details 96P546 agreed612/96approved5.1.0
07.05A028-5.0.0R1996IEI value for TP Failure Case (Phase 2+) Details 96P521 agreed612/96approved5.1.0
07.05A027-4.7.0Ph2IEI value for TP Failure Case (Phase 2) Details 96P520 agreed612/96approved4.8.0
07.05A026-5.0.0R1996Enhanced SMS storage handling in AT modes Details 96P446 agreed612/96approved5.1.0
07.05A025-5.0.0R1996UCS2 in text mode Details 96P445 agreed612/96approved5.1.0
07.05A024-5.0.0R1996New +CMS ERROR codes Details 96P444 agreed612/96approved5.1.0
07.05A023-5.0.0R1996Underscore character in Annex A Details 96P443 agreed612/96approved5.1.0
07.05A022-5.0.0R1996Enhanced SMS routing to TE in AT modes Details 96P442 agreed612/96approved5.1.0
07.05A021- R1996Support of status report memory (ph 2+) Details 363/96 agreed397/96approved5.0.0
07.05A020- R1996Editorial modifications/corrections Details 326/96 agreed397/96approved5.0.0
07.05A019-4.6.0Ph2PDU mode SMSC address reference corrections Details 185/96 agreed247/96approved4.7.0
07.05A018- Ph2SC-Address format Details 117/96 agreed071/96approved4.6.0
07.05A017- Ph2PDU and text mode V24 interface circuits Details 116/96 agreed071/96approved4.6.0
07.05A0151 Ph2TP-MR values set by the TE Details 118/96 agreed071/96approved4.6.0
07.05A0141 Ph2Possibility of receiving a message to an unwanted memory Details 106/96 agreed071/96approved4.6.0
07.05A0131 Ph2Corrections to PDU mode to be consistent with text mode Details 105/96 agreed071/96approved4.6.0
07.0500091 Ph2Error causes  558/93approved4.3.0
07.050009- Ph2Error causes  411/93postponed 
07.050008- Ph2Character Mode Protocol  216/93approved4.6.0
07.050007- Ph2Correction of errors  215/93approved 
07.050006- Ph2Entry to SMS/CBS mode  18/93  
07.050005- Ph2V.24 interface circuits  18/93  
07.050004- Ph2Messages, Indices and Error Control  18/93  
07.050003- Ph2Transport of PDU's  18/93  
07.050002- Ph2Error protection scheme  18/93  
07.050001- Ph2End SMS mode  18/93