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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
08.06A008-5.2.0R1996Addition of initial messages for ASCI and correction of message names298A711agreedP-99-067approved5.3.0
08.06A0071 R1998Numbering, addressing and identification298a607agreedP-99-244approved7.0.0
08.06A006-5.1.0R1996Definition of CAP SSN replaced by a reference to GSM 03.03099/98agreed98-0087approved5.2.0
08.06A005-5.0.0R1996PDS support-agreed288/96approved5.1.0
08.06A004- R1996ASCI amendments95P401agreed101/96approved5.0.0
08.06A0021 Ph2Establishment814/94agreed531/94approved4.5.0
08.06A001- Ph2Error handling for BSSAP header-agreed398/94approved 
08.060021- Ph2Error handling for the BSSAP header483/94rejected-  
08.060020- Ph2Bits 7 and 8 of DLCI parameter347/94rejected-  
08.0600191 Ph2Establishment procedure479/94postponed-  
08.060019- Ph2Establishment procedure346/94revised-  
08.060018-4.3.0Ph2Removal of square brackets148/94agreed237/94approved4.1.0
08.0600171 Ph2Signalling test message (SLTM)A16/93agreed82/94approved4.3.0
08.060017- Ph2Generation of the signalling test message SLTM by the BSS972/93revised-  
08.0600161 Ph2External handover on the same BSS739/93agreed613/93approved 
08.060016- Ph2External handover on the same BSS683/93revised-  
08.060015- Ph2-- -  
08.060014- Ph2Phase 2 Editorial Update837/92agreed65/93approved 
08.0600131 Ph2Description of the use of the SCCP-agreed65/93approved 
08.060013- Ph2Description of the use of the SCCP824/92postponed-  
08.060012- Ph2SCCP connection release802/92postponed-  
08.0600111 Ph2Code of the sub-service field679/92agreed442/92approved 
08.060011- Ph2Code of the sub-service field478/92revised-  
08.0600101 Ph2Call Re-establishment557/92agreed442/92approved 
08.0600091 Ph2Versions of CCITT No. 7 Signalling Recommendations573/92agreed442/92approved 
08.0600091 Ph2Versions of CCITT No. 7 Signalling Recommendations214/92agreed-  
08.060009- Ph2Version of CCITT No.7 Signalling Recommendations117/92revised-  
08.060008- Ph2Radio channel identification in DLCI573/92agreed442/92approved 
08.060008- Ph2Radio Channel identification in DLCI522/91agreed-  
08.060007- Ph1BSS sharing276/90postponed-  
08.060006- Ph1Connection establishment from MSC-agreed323/89approved 
08.060005- Ph1Clarification of the SCCP piggybacking on release-agreed323/89approved 
08.060003- Ph1SCCP FUNCTIONS- -  
08.060001- Ph1Change of coding in DLCI128/89agreed-approved