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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
08.60A013-7.2.1R1998In-band control of remote transcoders and rate adaptors for full rate traffic channelsGP-020180agreedGP-020180approved7.3.0
08.60A012-8.0.1R1999Support of AMR-TFO2-99-F19agreedP-99-806approved8.1.0
08.60A011-7.1.0R1998Support of AMR-TFO2-99-F18agreedP-99-806approved7.2.0
08.60A01017.0.0R1998Introduction of AMR2-99-D88agreedP-99-580approved7.1.0
08.60A009- R1999Asymmetrical Channel Codings for ECSD1003/99agreedP-99-616approved8.0.1
08.60A007-5.0.0R1996WI 14.4 kbit/s user data7151891 459/97withdrawn 
08.60A007-4.3.0Ph2Update of inband control of the remote TRAU to handle the frames of the new codecEFR (Phase 2)306/97agreed97-770approved4.4.0
08.60A006-5.0.2R1996Introduction of 14.5 Kbit/s channel coding- 434/97approved5.1.0
08.60A005-5.0.2R1996Provide an option to handle missing data in case of full rate in the same way as for enhanced full rate- 434/97approved5.1.0
08.60A004-4.2.0Ph2Provide an option to handle missing data in case of full rate in the same way as for enhanced full rate- 434/97approved4.3.0
08.60A003-5.0.0R1996Editorial error correction101agreed425/96approved5.0.1
08.60A002- R1996Inclusion of EFR codec in 08.60 recommendations-agreed121/96approved5.0.0
08.600030- Ph2Initial Time Alignment292/93agreed440/93approved 
08.6000292 Ph2Clarification of sections and 
08.6000291 Ph2Clarification of sections and  
08.600029- Ph2Clarification of section  
08.6000281 Ph2Improvement of the transcoder time alignment process428/93rejected-  
08.600028- Ph2Improvement of the transcoder time alignment process345/93revised-  
08.6000271 Ph2Remote management of the loss of synchronisation by transcoder427/93postponed-  
08.600027- Ph2Remote management of the loss of synchronisation by transcoder71/93rejected-  
08.600026- Ph2Editorial Update of TS GSM 08.60 for phase 2-agreed67/93approved 
08.600025- Ph2Clarification of TRAU Static Time Alignment behaviour926/92postponed-  
08.6000241 Ph2Handling of frames with errors-agreed67/93approved 
08.600024- Ph2Handling of frames with errors908/92revised-  
08.600023- Ph2Handling of frames with errors828/92rejected-  
08.600022- Ph2Frames Received with errors795/92postponed-  
08.600021- Ph2Idle pattern for data frames received with errors794/92rejected-  
08.600020- Ph2Resource Allocation157/92withdrawn-  
08.600019- Ph2Handling of TRAU frames received with errors156/92withdrawn-  
08.600018- Ph2Coding of Idle Speech Frames155/92withdrawn-  
08.600017- Ph2Procedures for O&M in the TRAU154/92withdrawn-  
08.600016- Ph2Class rearrangement of speech parameters591/91postponed-  
08.600015- Ph2Signalling the use of downlink552/91withdrawn-  
08.6000141 Ph2Downlink V.110 synchronisation of TRAU421/91 -  
08.600014- Ph2-369/91revised-  
08.6000131 Ph2Handling of frames received with errors574/92postponed-  
08.600013- Ph2Handling of frames received with errors350/91agreed-  
08.600012- Ph2Clarification on time alignment handling248/91 -  
08.6000112 Ph2Signalling the use of downlink DTX978/92agreed67/92approved 
08.600011- Ph2Downlink DTX voice function inband control of remote trancoder by BTS113/91 -  
08.600010- Ph2Downlink DTX voice function inband control of remote transcoders by BTS517/90withdrawn-  
08.600009- Ph1Clarification on the static time alignment handling256/90withdrawn-  
08.6000081 Ph1Clarification on the initial time alignment state258/90agreed290/90approved 
08.6000071 Ph2Clarification of Trau Static Time Alignment behaviour574/92postponed-  
08.6000071 Ph2Clarification on the TRAU static time alignment behaviour497/90agreed-  
08.600006- Ph1Editorial changes- 31/90approved 
08.600005- Ph1Reference to 12.21286/89agreed-approved 
08.6000042 Ph1Use of O&M frames276/89agreed-approved 
08.6000031 Ph1Editorial changes288/89postponed-  
08.6000021 Ph1Coding of frame type bits (C1-C4) depending on downlink and uplink diection256/89agreed-approved 
08.6000013 Ph1Handling of frames received with errors287/89agreed-approved