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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
09.94A0132 R1998QoS IE lengthN1-021495agreedNP-020222approved7.0.0
09.94A0131 R1998QoS IE lengthN1-021377revised-  
09.94A013- R1998QoS IE lengthN1-021285revised-  
09.94A01226.0.0R1997QoS IE lengthN1-021494agreedNP-020222approved6.1.0
09.94A0121 R1997QoS IE lengthN1-021376revised-  
09.94A012- R1997QoS IE lengthN1-021284revised-  
09.94A01125.0.0R1996QoS IE lengthN1-021493agreedNP-020222approved5.1.0
09.94A0111 R1996QoS IE lengthN1-021375revised-  
09.94A011- R1996QoS IE lengthN1-021283revised-  
09.94A01024.5.0Ph2QoS IE lengthN1-021491agreedNP-020222approved4.6.0
09.94A01014.5.0Ph2QoS IE lengthN1-021373revised-  
09.94A010-4.5.0Ph2QoS IE lengthN1-021269revised-  
09.94A009-4.4.0Ph2Frequency hopping using ARFCN=02-99-E50agreedP-99-597approved4.5.0
09.94A008-4.4.0Ph2Change of Title, Scope and References (clauses 1 to 5)- P-99-597approved4.5.0
09.94A00714.3.0Ph2Handling of new phase 2 BCCH and SACCH messages by phase 1 MS327/97agreed97-845approved4.4.0
09.94A00614.2.0Ph2Scope of GSM 09.94- 439/96approved4.3.0
09.94A00534.2.0Ph2Guidelines for the support of MSs affected by frequency hopping on CBCH- 439/96approved4.3.0
09.94A00524.1.0Ph2Guidelines for the support of MSs affected by frequency hopping085/96 320/96postponed 
09.940004-4.1.0Ph2Editorials on section 5.2.2- 594/95approved4.2.0
09.940003-4.1.0Ph2Editorials on chapter 6- 657/95approved4.2.0
09.940002- Ph2Dircted retry handover for fax and data- 514/95approved 
09.940001- Ph2Dircted retry by external handover- 415/95approved4.1.0