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11.100923- Ph227.15 Abbreviated dialling numbers - definition of SIM location number not supported by core requirement  645/95withdrawn 
11.1009221 Ph2Test SIM parameters  645/95approved 
11.100921- Ph2Section 21: Received siganl measurements for Multiband MSs  644/95approved 
11.100920- Ph2Modification of Section 26.3 for Multiband MSs  644/95approved 
11.100919- Ph2Default message contents for section 26.11  644/95approved 
11.100918- Ph2Structured procedures: Multiband  644/95approved 
11.100917- Ph2Handover procedure: Multiband MSs  644/95approved 
11.100916- Ph2Measurement reporting in Multiband environment  644/95approved 
11.100915- Ph2Immediate assignment procedure: Multiband  644/95approved 
11.100914- Ph2Inclusion of new section 26.11 in introduction to section 26  644/95approved 
11.100913- Ph2Introduction of a new section 26.11 for multiband specific signalling tests  644/95approved 
11.100912- Ph2Default message contents of section 34  643/95approved 
11.100911- Ph2Maximum number of CP-DATA retransmissions  643/95approved 
11.100910- Ph2Correction of section 34.2.1 due to missing page in earlier CR  643/95approved 
11.100909- Ph2Corrections to section 34 due to TTCN work  643/95approved 
11.100908- Ph2processunstructuredSS-request operation/ rejected on user busy  642/95approved 
11.100907- Ph2processunstructuredSS-Request operation/ accepted  642/95approved 
11.100906- Ph2processunstructuredSS-Notify operation/ rejected on user busy  642/95approved 
11.100905- Ph2processunstructuredSS-Notify operation/ accepted  642/95approved 
11.100904- Ph2processunstructuredSS-request operation/ cross phase compatibility and errors handling  642/95approved 
11.100903- Ph2processunstructuredSS-request/ accepted  642/95approved 
11.100902- Ph2Default message contents for ASN.1 messages  642/95approved 
11.100901- Ph2Inconsistency in test case 31.8.7, illegal message flow  642/95approved 
11.100900- Ph2Registration of password: rejection after password check with negative result  642/95approved 
11.100899- Ph2Errors in testcase, illegal message flow  642/95approved 
11.100898- Ph2Errors in test case, illegal message flow  642/95approved 
11.100897- Ph2Error within test cases and  642/95approved 
11.100896- Ph2Error in test case, illegal message flow  642/95approved 
11.100895- Ph2Error in test case Interrogation accepted  642/95approved 
11.100894- Ph2MMI code and basic service code in &  642/95approved 
11.100893- Ph2Inconsistency between call-re-establishment tests and core specs  641/95approved 
11.100892- Ph2Section  641/95approved 
11.100891- Ph2Changes to tests, and  641/95approved 
11.100890- Ph226. Location updating / abnormal cases / random access fails  641/95approved 
11.100889- Ph2Corrections to test case  641/95approved 
11.100888- Ph2Corrections to test case  641/95approved 
11.100887- Ph226.2.4 Establishment Cause  641/95approved 
11.100886- Ph2Test 26.2.3, Title is incorrect  641/95approved 
11.100885- Ph2Section 26, editorial changes  641/95approved 
11.100884- Ph225. UA frame with different information field  641/95approved 
11.100883- Ph2Section 21.1: Received signal measurements  640/95approved 
11.100882- Ph2Section 20.19 cell selection on release of SDDCH & TCH  640/95approved 
11.100881- Ph2Impact SMG2 GSM 05.08 ARs on GSM 11.10  640/95approved 
11.100880- Ph2Inclusion of GSM 05.08 timer tolerances  640/95approved 
11.100879- Ph2Test of ARFCN 70 for GSM 900 added in section 14.2  640/95approved 
11.100878- Ph2Revision of BFI tests (section 14.1) following the ARs to GSM 05.02 and GSM 05.05 agreed at SMG#15  640/95approved 
11.100877- Ph2Replacement of 'handheld' with 'small MS' in tables 14-17 and 14-29.  640/95approved 
11.100876- Ph2Impact of GSM 05.05 half rate terminology changes on section 14  640/95approved 
11.100875- Ph2Section 13.4 Output RF spectrum  640/95approved 
11.100874- Ph2Section 13.2 Frequency error under multipath & interference conditions  640/95approved 
11.100873- Ph2Applicability of tests  639/95approved 
11.100872-3.22.0Ph1Clarification to test II. 'Normal Layer 2 Disconnect' Details 578  594/96approved3.23.0
11.100872- Ph2Reduction of Table of contents  639/95approved 
11.100871-3.22.0Ph1Changes to II. DTMF INFORMATION TRANSFER / Procedure 6 Details 578  594/96approved3.23.0
11.100871- Ph2Precedance of TTCN and textual descriptions  639/95withdrawn 
11.1008701 Ph2Precedance of TTCN and textual descriptions  726/95approved 
11.100870-3.22.0Ph1Changes to test case II. procedure 4 Details 578  594/96approved3.23.0
11.100870- Ph2Precedance of TTCN and textual descriptions  639/95withdrawn 
11.100869-3.21.0Ph1Incorrect use of 3 x TC1M in test II.11.2.2.  638/95approved3.22.0
11.100868-3.20.0Ph1Test II. Measurement report  390/95approved3.21.0
11.100867-3.20.0Ph1Handling of TI value 111  390/95approved3.21.0
11.100866- Ph2test case 20.15  397/95approved 
11.100865- Ph2Test cases 20.4, 20.5  397/95approved 
11.100864- Ph2Direction of response wrong  397/95approved 
11.100863- Ph2new/modified test parameters in section for SIM simulator in Annex 5  397/95approved 
11.1008621 Ph2Missing tests added in section for SIM type recognition and voltage switching (for 3V onlyand 5V/3V SIM/ME)  509/95approved 
11.100862- Ph2Missing tests added in section for SIM type recognition and voltage switching (for 3V onlyand 5V/3V SIM/ME)  397/95revised 
11.100861- Ph2Additional tests for 3V and 3V/5V SIM/ME interfaces in section 27.17, amendment to the PIXIT section in Annex 3  397/95approved 
11.100860- Ph2introduction of Cell Reselection tests for DCS1800 Class 3 Mobile station.  396/95approved 
11.100859- Ph2Changes to section 21 to refelect new DCs1800 power class  396/95approved 
11.100858- Ph2Transmitter output power and burst timing  396/95approved 
11.100857- Ph2Output RF spectrum  396/95approved 
11.100856- Ph2Intermodulation rejection  396/95approved 
11.100855- Ph2Modification of section 26.6.15 default message contents of DCS1800 layer 3 messages for RR  396/95approved 
11.100854- Ph2Measurement reporting for Multiband MSs  395/95withdrawn 
11.100853- Ph2received signal measurements for multiband MSs  395/95withdrawn 
11.100852- Ph2Modification of section 26.3 for Multiband MSs  395/95withdrawn 
11.100851- Ph2Default message contents for section 26.11  395/95withdrawn 
11.100850- Ph2Structured procedures, multiband  395/95withdrawn 
11.100849- Ph2Handover procedure: Multiband MSs  395/95withdrawn 
11.100848- Ph2Immediate assignment procedure: multiband  655/95approved 
11.100847- Ph2Inclusion of new section 26.11 in introduction to section 26  395/95withdrawn 
11.100846- Ph2Introduction of a new section 26.11 for multiband specific signalling tests  395/95withdrawn 
11.100845- Ph2CC capabilities IE  395/95withdrawn 
11.100844- Ph2Reorganisation of 26.10  394/95approved 
11.100843- Ph2Corrections to 26.10  394/95approved 
11.100842- Ph2Taking 26.10 into account in section 26  394/95approved 
11.100841- Ph2Inclusion of new section 26.10 in introduction to section 26  394/95approved 
11.100840- Ph2Modification to 26.3 to test E-GSM Mobile station  394/95approved 
11.100839- Ph2network initiated USSD operation: UnstructuredSS-Request operation/rejected on user busy  393/95approved 
11.100838- Ph2Network initiated USSD operation: UnstructuredSS-Request operation accepted  393/95approved 
11.100837- Ph2network initiated USSD operation: UnstructuresSS-Notify operation/rejected on user busy.  393/95approved 
11.100836- Ph2network initiated USSD operation: UnstructuredSS-Notify operation/accepted  393/95approved 
11.100835- Ph2mobile initiated USSD operations: ProcessUnstructuredSS-request operation/cross-phase compatibility and errors handling  393/95approved 
11.100834- Ph2mobile initiated USSD operations: processUnstructuredSS-request/accepted  393/95approved 
11.100833- Ph2Short message service  392/95approved 
11.100832- Ph2Test of activation rejected  392/95approved 
11.100831- Ph2Activation accepted  392/95approved 
11.100830- Ph231.8 from call restriction to call barring  392/95approved 
11.100829- Ph2Test of registration rejected  392/95approved 
11.100828- Ph2Notification during an incoming call  392/95approved 
11.100827- Ph2Test of interrogation rejected  392/95approved 
11.100826- Ph2Test of Erasure Rejected  392/95approved 
11.100825- Ph2Test of Erasure Accepted  392/95approved 
11.100824- Ph2Test of Call Forwarding No reply  392/95approved 
11.100823- Ph2AoCC: non-integer values of ACM  392/95approved 
11.100822- Ph2Error correction in Annex 3  391/95approved 
11.100821- Ph2Structured procedures, early assignment  391/95approved 
11.100820- Ph2MT CC tests: incorrect call directions  391/95approved 
11.100819- Ph2Editorial errors in the CC tests  391/95approved 
11.100818- Ph2Structured procedures/emergency call  391/95approved 
11.100817- Ph2Default cell settings for MM tests  391/95approved 
11.100816- Ph2Correction on  391/95approved 
11.100815- Ph2Optional steps in and  391/95approved 
11.100814- Ph2Corrections on  391/95approved 
11.100813- Ph2Correction to  391/95approved 
11.100812- Ph2Errors in the specific messages in the non-synchronised, call under establishment, handover tests  391/95approved 
11.100811- Ph2Column header & ARFCN for DCS  391/95approved 
11.100810- Ph2New maximum value between reception of paging message and start of the IMM ASS procedure  391/95approved 
11.100809- Ph2Default test conditions for layer 3 tests  391/95approved 
11.100808- Ph2Segmentation and  391/95approved 
11.100806- Ph2RXLEV test  391/95approved 
11.100805- Ph2Basic Cell Reselection - number of monitored carriers  391/95approved 
11.100804- Ph2Test of ARFCN 5 for GSM900 added in section 14.2  391/95approved 
11.100803- Ph2Test procedure  391/95approved 
11.100802- Ph2E-GSM, Default message contents  359/95approved 
11.100801- Ph2E-GSM, Structured procedures  359/95approved 
11.100800- Ph2E-GSM, Frequency re-definition  359/95approved 
11.100799- Ph2E-GSM, Handover procedure  359/95approved 
11.100798- Ph2E-GSM, Assignment procedure  359/95approved 
11.100797- Ph2E-GSM, Immediate assignment procedure  359/95approved 
11.100796- Ph2E-GSM, Measurements  359/95approved 
11.100795- Ph2E-GSM, New section 26.10 for E-GSM  359/95approved 
11.100794- Ph2GSM 11.10 Section 14 TCH/HS Receiver test cases.  275/95approved 
11.100793- Ph2Proposed new section 34 Short Message Service  275/95approved 
11.100792- Ph2Clarification of Test SIM parameters, Annex 4  275/95approved 
11.100791- Ph2Section 28 re-written and clarified  275/95approved 
11.100790- Ph2Proposed to Section 27.21  275/95approved 
11.100789- Ph2Proposed to Section 31.6  275/95approved 
11.100788- Ph2Propose to Section  275/95approved 
11.100787- Ph2Update to Section 21 Received signal measurements  275/95approved 
11.100786- Ph2Correction of errors and inconsistencies in section 26.8.  274/95approved 
11.100785- Ph2U3: T310 timeout  274/95approved 
11.100784- Ph2Assignment tests  274/95approved 
11.100783- Ph2Editorial changes to the half-rate speech codec test cases.  274/95approved 
11.100782- Ph2Interruption of power supply during an active call  274/95approved 
11.100781- Ph2Non sematical mandatory IE errors/MM/ comprehension required  274/95approved 
11.100780- Ph2Update to 26.6.7 Test of Channel Mode Modify procedure.  274/95approved 
11.100779- Ph2Mobility Management - Default contents of messages  274/95approved 
11.100778- Ph2Update of Call Under Establishment - Finely synchronised handover tests  274/95approved 
11.100777- Ph2Measurement report test  274/95approved 
11.100776- Ph2Correction of test requirement in 13.4.5  274/95approved 
11.100775- Ph231.6.2.4 ACMM operation / Mobile originating  274/95approved 
11.100774- Ph2Section 20 - RF levels  274/95approved 
11.100773- Ph2Section 20.2 - Timer and modified carrier  273/95approved 
11.100772- Ph2Some minor clarifications of Section 36  273/95approved 
11.100771- Ph2Modification to 20 to test E-GSM mobile station  273/95approved 
11.100770- Ph2References in 26.9  273/95approved 
11.100769- Ph2Proposed to  273/95approved 
11.100768- Ph2Supported teleservices and Bearer Services  273/95approved 
11.100767- Ph2Contents of unknown CC messages  273/95approved 
11.100766- Ph2IMSI attach/detach test  273/95approved 
11.100765- Ph2MM IE unknown in message test  273/95approved 
11.100764- Ph2MM IE unknown in the MM protocol test  273/95approved 
11.100763- Ph2Duplicated IE test  273/95approved 
11.100762- Ph2Skip indicator/RR connection test errors  273/95approved 
11.100761- Ph2Spare bits/RR/Connected mode tests: poor spare bit definition  273/95approved 
11.100760- Ph2Spare bits/RR/AGCH test, problem with T3126  273/95approved 
11.100759- Ph2Progress indicator in disconnect messages  273/95approved 
11.100758- Ph2Handling of TI value 111  273/95approved 
11.100757- Ph2Missing conformance reqirements in MM tests.  273/95approved 
11.100756- Ph2Correction on  273/95approved 
11.100755- Ph2Manual mode PLMN selection  272/95approved 
11.100754- Ph2Establishment cause test  272/95approved 
11.100753- Ph2Errors in section  272/95approved 
11.100752- Ph2Incorrect reference in  272/95approved 
11.100751- Ph2Default messages for `error handling' tests.  272/95approved 
11.100750- Ph2Call control TI test  272/95approved 
11.100749- Ph2Pre and pseudo synchronised handowver tests  272/95approved 
11.100748- Ph2Incorrect reference in unknown PD test  272/95approved 
11.100747- Ph2Immediate assignment/rejection test  272/95approved 
11.100746- Ph2Errors in channel request repetition time tests  272/95approved 
11.100745- Ph2Ciphering mode: IMEISV request  272/95approved 
11.100744- Ph2Call reestablishment successful: CSKN value  272/95approved 
11.100743- Ph2Specific message contents for in call modification  272/95approved 
11.100742- Ph2Section 10: generic call setup procedures  272/95approved 
11.100741- Ph2In call modification: release complete received  272/95approved 
11.100740- Ph2In call modification/ successful channel change  272/95approved 
11.100739- Ph2T323 accuracy (in call modification test)  272/95approved 
11.100738- Ph2Unclear message direction  272/95approved 
11.100737- Ph2User notification  272/95approved 
11.100736- Ph2Incorrect PICS and applicability: U8 tests.  271/95approved 
11.100735- Ph2Mobiles supporting Immediate Connect: U7 tests  271/95approved 
11.100734- Ph2Mobiles supporting Immediate Connect: U9 tests  271/95approved 
11.100733- Ph2MT call for non-supported bearer capability  271/95approved 
11.100732- Ph2CC tests: incoming call table 2  271/95approved 
11.100731- Ph2Permitted range for T308  271/95approved 
11.100730- Ph2Non-transient U12 state  271/95approved 
11.100729- Ph2U11: T305 timeout  271/95approved 
11.100728- Ph2Minor corrections to U10/Setup received  271/95approved