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11.10-3C485-5.0.1R1996Inclusion of pointer to the maintained specification Details ----  GP-011476approved5.1.0
11.10-3C484-4.33.0Ph2Inclusion of pointer to the maintained specification Details ----  GP-011475approved4.34.0
11.10-3C483-4.32.0Ph2Alignment of TC_20_5 with 51.010-1 section 20.5 Details G4-010251  GP-011152approved4.33.0
11.10-3C482-4.31.0Ph2Test case implementation of ready to transmit Details G4-010081 agreedGP-010471approved4.32.0
11.10-3C481-4.31.0Ph2TC_20_1. Proposal to change to final Pass verdict. Details G4-010080 agreedGP-010471approved4.32.0
11.10-3C480-4.30.0Ph2Alignment of 11.10-3 TC_26_6_5_9 to 51.010-1 Details G4-000182 agreedGP-010089approved4.31.0
11.10-3C479-4.30.0Ph2TC_20_19 alignment with 51.010-1 Details G4-000181 agreedGP-010089approved4.31.0
11.10-3C478-4.29.0Ph2PIXIT change in test step 'VarInit_fix_Dual' for test cases 20.20.1, 20.20.2 and Details G4-000115 agreedGP-000493approved4.30.0
11.10-3C477-4.29.0Ph2Addition of Test Case 20.19 to Cell Selection ATS Details G4-000031 agreedGP-000493approved4.30.0
11.10-3C476-4.29.0Ph2Training sequence code PIXIT changes to TC_26_11_2_1 and TC_26_11_2_2_1 Details G4-000029 agreedGP-000493approved4.30.0
11.10-3C475-4.29.0Ph2PIXIT change to TC_26_6_12_4 Details G4-000027 agreedGP-000493approved4.30.0
11.10-3C474-4.29.0Ph2Addition of Test Case 33.6 to Layer 3 ATS Details G4-000026 agreedGP-000493approved4.30.0
11.10-3C473-4.29.0Ph2PIXIT change to TC_26_8_1_4_3_1 Details G4-000025 agreedGP-000493approved4.30.0
11.10-3C472-4.29.0Ph2Correction to TC_26_5_6_3 Details G4-000024 agreedGP-000493approved4.30.0
11.10-3C471-4.29.0Ph2Changes to TC_26_6_4_1 Details G4-000023 agreedGP-000493approved4.30.0
11.10-3C4701 R2000Creation of a merged version of GSM 11.10 part 3 and new test cases for the UUS and Follow Me services Details 7-00-276 agreedP-00-328approved9.0.0
11.10-3C470- R2000Creation of a merged version of GSM 11.10 part 3 and new test cases for the UUS and Follow Me services Details 7-00-268 agreedP-00-266revised 
11.10-3C469-4.28.0Ph2Minor PIXIT change to 11.10-3 TC_26_6_5_3 series Details 7-00-149 agreedP-00-265approved4.29.0
11.10-3C468-4.28.0Ph2Minor implementation error in 11.10-3 TC Details 7-00-148 agreedP-00-265approved4.29.0
11.10-3C467-4.28.0Ph2TC_20_4. Change to EXT_IND bit in the SI2 message for EGSM Details 7-00-147 agreedP-00-265approved4.29.0
11.10-3C466-4.28.0Ph2Minor change to 11.10-3 TC_26_9_4 and TC_26_9_5 Details 7-00-146 agreedP-00-265approved4.29.0
11.10-3C465-4.28.0Ph2Minor change to 11.10-3 TC_26_5_7_1_4 Details 7-00-145 agreedP-00-265approved4.29.0
11.10-3C464-4.28.0Ph2BasicServiceMO, CallCfmGen. Alignment with 11.10-1 - Autobauding Modem Details 7-00-144 agreedP-00-265approved4.29.0
11.10-3C463-4.28.0Ph2TC_20_6. Alignment with 11.10-1 Details 7-00-143 agreedP-00-265approved4.29.0
11.10-3C462-4.28.0Ph2Minor changes to implementation of and Details 7-00-142 agreedP-00-265approved4.29.0
11.10-3C461-4.28.0Ph2Proposal to modify implementation of tests Details 7-00-141 agreedP-00-265approved4.29.0
11.10-3C460-4.28.0Ph2Alignment of 11.10-3 TC_26_10_2_4_1 with 11.10-1 Details 7-00-140 agreedP-00-265approved4.29.0
11.10-3C459-4.28.0Ph2Proposal to change the guard timer in Details 7-00-139 agreedP-00-265approved4.29.0
11.10-3C458-4.27.0Ph2Implementation error in TC Incorrect Hopping Sequence Number. Details 7-00-037  P-00-019approved4.28.0
11.10-3C457-4.27.0Ph2DISCONNECT Cause Value check in TCs and Details 7-00-036  P-00-019approved4.28.0
11.10-3C456-4.27.0Ph211.10-3, handover test cases. Addition of test step to delay handovers. Details 7-00-035  P-00-019approved4.28.0
11.10-3C455-4.27.0Ph2Implementation error in TC EGSM path missing. Details 7-00-034  P-00-019approved4.28.0
11.10-3C454-4.26.0Ph2PIXIT comment changes to the 11.10-3 document Details 7-99-297 agreedP-99-561approved4.27.0
11.10-3C453-4.26.0Ph2Implementation of Default Behaviours in the ATS Details 7-99-295 agreedP-99-561approved4.27.0
11.10-3C452-4.26.0Ph2Minor implementation error in test case Details 7-99-294 agreedP-99-561approved4.27.0
11.10-3C451-4.26.0Ph2Correction of check of BS-PA-MFRMS in TC. Details 7-99-293 agreedP-99-561approved4.27.0
11.10-3C450- R1996Creation of GSM 11.10-3, version 5.0.0 incl. ASCI and R-GSM tests (TTCN coding) Details 7-99-329 agreedP-99-562approved5.0.0
11.10-3C449-4.26.0Ph2Correction of Dual Rate problem in implementation of TC Details 7-99-292 agreedP-99-561approved4.27.0
11.10-3C448-4.26.0Ph2Implementation error in the classmark checking in dual band test cases Details 7-99-284 agreedP-99-561approved4.27.0
11.10-3C447-4.26.0Ph2PIXIT alignment with 11.10-1 in implementation of test case Details 7-99-290 agreedP-99-561approved4.27.0
11.10-3C446-4.26.0Ph2Minor changes to CBA and EXT-IND bits changes in implementation of 20.1 and 20.5 Details 7-99-282 agreedP-99-561approved4.27.0
11.10-3C445-4.26.0Ph2Addition of timer in implementation of test case Details 7-99-289 agreedP-99-561approved4.27.0
11.10-3C444-4.26.0Ph2Stop paging in carrier 2 in the implementation of test case 20.5 Details 7-99-281 agreedP-99-561approved4.27.0
11.10-3C443-4.26.0Ph2EGSM changes required to the implementation of test cases 20.20.1 and 20.20.2 Details 7-99-283 agreedP-99-561approved4.27.0
11.10-3C442-4.26.0Ph2DTMF signalling for a multiparty call in the implementation of Details 7-99-288 agreedP-99-561approved4.27.0
11.10-3C441-4.26.0Ph2Correction of the implementation of the second SETUP message in test case 11.1.1 Details 7-99-287 agreedP-99-561approved4.27.0
11.10-3C440-4.26.0Ph2Implementation errors in test case Details 7-99-291 agreedP-99-561approved4.27.0
11.10-3C439-4.26.0Ph2Errors in the implementation of test case 11.1.1 Details 7-99-286 agreedP-99-561approved4.27.0
11.10-3C438-4.25.0Ph2Implementation error in 20_20_1 , 20_20_2 Details 7-99163 agreedP-99-549approved4.26.0
11.10-3C437-4.25.0Ph2Implementation of Tdoc 7-99-102 – Stored List Cell Selection Details 7-99-239 agreedP-99-364approved4.26.0
11.10-3C436-4.25.0Ph2Implementation errors in TC 26_10_2_4_2 Details 7-99-175 agreedP-99-364approved4.26.0
11.10-3C435-4.25.0Ph2PIXIT errors in the implementation of test cases and Details 7-99-167 agreedP-99-364approved4.26.0
11.10-3C434-4.25.0Ph2Order of cells in measurement reports in the implementation of TC Details 7-99-166 agreedP-99-364approved4.26.0
11.10-3C433-4.25.0Ph2Implementation error in DCS frequency list in test case Details 7-99-161 agreedP-99-364approved4.26.0
11.10-3C432-4.25.0Ph2Implementation error in a DCS frequency list in test case Details 7-99-160 agreedP-99-364approved4.26.0
11.10-3C431-4.25.0Ph2Correction of a DCS constraint in the implementation of test case Details 7-99-159 agreedP-99-364approved4.26.0
11.10-3C430-4.25.0Ph2L2 pseudo length of SI4 in implementation of test case 34.3 Details 7-99-158 agreedP-99-364approved4.26.0
11.10-3C429-4.25.0Ph2Implementation changes in TC_34_2_3 Details 7-99-029 agreedP-99-364approved4.26.0
11.10-3C428-4.25.0Ph2Change TSC value to equal BCC value in Implementation of TC_20_13 Details 7-99-021 agreedP-99-364approved4.26.0
11.10-3C427-4.25.0Ph2DCS Constraint error in Implementation of TC_26_6_5_2_10 Details 7-99-018 agreedP-99-364approved4.26.0
11.10-3C426-4.25.0Ph2Use of PIXIT parameters in the implementation of 26_6_6_1 Details 7-99-017 agreedP-99-364approved4.26.0
11.10-3C425-4.25.0Ph2Correction to the in Call Modification in TC_26_8_1_4_5_1 Details 7-99-016 agreedP-99-364approved4.26.0
11.10-3C424-4.25.0Ph2Implementation of Tdoc 471/98 in TC_26_6_1_3 Details 7-99-015 agreedP-99-364approved4.26.0
11.10-3C423-4.25.0Ph2Increase the time for in-service in implementation of TC_26_2_1_3 Details 7-99-014 agreedP-99-364approved4.26.0
11.10-3C422-4.25.0Ph2Implementation of DCS handover frequencies in test cases 26_6_5_2_3 and _4 Details 7-99-013 agreedP-99-364approved4.26.0
11.10-3C421-4.25.0Ph2Implementation of SI 5ter messages in and Details 7-99-011 agreedP-99-364approved4.26.0
11.10-3C420-4.25.0Ph2DCS handover corrections in implementation of TC_26_6_5_2_9 Details 7-99-010 agreedP-99-364approved4.26.0
11.10-3C419-4.25.0Ph2Implementation errors in TC_11_1_2 Details 7-99-009 agreedP-99-364approved4.26.0
11.10-3C418-4.25.0Ph2Unwanted fill frames in implementation of default behaviours Details 7-99-008 agreedP-99-364approved4.26.0
11.10-3C417-4.25.0Ph2Changes to the Implementation of 20 series test cases for EGSM Details 7-99-007 agreedP-99-364approved4.26.0
11.10-3C416-4.25.0Ph2Implementation of paging block corrections in TC_20_5 Details 7-99-006 agreedP-99-364approved4.26.0
11.10-3C415-4.25.0Ph2Implementation of non combined cell control channels in 20 series tests Details 7-99-005 agreedP-99-364approved4.26.0
11.10-3C414-4.24.0Ph2Parameter issues in implementation of test case Details 534/98 agreedP-99-023approved4.25.0
11.10-3C413-4.24.0Ph2Modifying RF levels in implementation of test case Details 533/98 agreedP-99-023approved4.25.0
11.10-3C412-4.24.0Ph2Using 3 Speech Preferences in the TTCN Test Case 26.12.5 Details 415/98 agreedP-99-023approved4.25.0
11.10-3C411-4.24.0Ph2Timeslots and cell control channels used in TTCN Test Case series Details 414/98 agreedP-99-023approved4.25.0
11.10-3C410-4.24.0Ph2HANDOVER COMMAND channel mode in the TTCN 26.12.2 test case series Details 413/98 agreedP-99-023approved4.25.0
11.10-3C409-4.24.0Ph2Correct MS power level used during TTCN channel configuration Details 412/98 agreedP-99-023approved4.25.0
11.10-3C408-4.24.0Ph2Redundant channel setups in TTCN test case Details 411/98 agreedP-99-023approved4.25.0
11.10-3C407-4.24.0Ph2System Information messages in TTCN Test Case Details 410/98 agreedP-99-023approved4.25.0
11.10-3C406-4.24.0Ph2Operator prompts in TTCN 26_9_6_2 series Details 409/98 agreedP-99-023approved4.25.0
11.10-3C405-4.24.0Ph2Call Clearing in TTCN Test Case 26_9_5 Details 408/98 agreedP-99-023approved4.25.0
11.10-3C404-4.24.0Ph2Cell channel descriptions in TTCN Test Case Details 407/98 agreedP-99-023approved4.25.0
11.10-3C403-4.24.0Ph2Incorrect channel mode in TTCN Test Case Details 406/98 agreedP-99-023approved4.25.0
11.10-3C402-4.24.0Ph2Wrong combination of PIXIT values in TTCN Test Cases and Details 404/98 agreedP-99-023approved4.25.0
11.10-3C401-4.24.0Ph2Increasing the time to read BCCH, in TTCN Test Case 26.2.2 Details 403/98 agreedP-99-023approved4.25.0
11.10-3C400-4.24.0Ph2EFR test cases implementation problems with a dual rate MS Details 402/98 agreedP-99-023approved4.25.0
11.10-3C399-4.24.0Ph2Increase the time allowed in implementation of test case Details 400/98 agreedP-99-023approved4.25.0
11.10-3C398-4.24.0Ph2Additional time allowed in 26.7.1 Details 399/98 agreedP-99-023approved4.25.0
11.10-3C397-4.24.0Ph2TC1M Timer Issues in 34.2.1 Details 398/98 agreedP-99-023approved4.25.0
11.10-3C396-4.24.0Ph2Sending Handover Command in & Details 396/98 agreedP-99-023approved4.25.0
11.10-3C395-4.24.0Ph2Alternative branching error in implementation of test case Details 395/98 agreedP-99-023approved4.25.0
11.10-3C394-4.24.0Ph2Alignment of DCS mobile allocation in with GSM 11.10-1 Details 394/98 agreedP-99-023approved4.25.0
11.10-3C393-4.23.0Ph2Implementation of Tdoc SMG7 137/98 (Hopping Channel required) Details 282/98 agreed98-0540approved4.24.0
11.10-3C392-4.23.0Ph2RF Signal parameter change for TC_20_1 Details 280/98 agreed98-0540approved4.24.0
11.10-3C391-4.23.0Ph2Problem in MO test cases for Dual Rate phones Details 279/98 agreed98-0540approved4.24.0
11.10-3C390-4.23.0Ph2Implementation problems in 26.6.13 series DCS Test Cases Details 278/98 agreed98-0540approved4.24.0
11.10-3C389-4.23.0Ph2Implementation Error: Incorrect Use Of Cell Allocation Data Strucutures Details 277/98 agreed98-0540approved4.24.0
11.10-3C388-4.23.0Ph2Problem with conflicting carrier initialisation in TC_20_15 Details 272/98 agreed98-0540approved4.24.0
11.10-3C387-4.23.0Ph2Implementation errors in the test case series Details 271/98 agreed98-0540approved4.24.0
11.10-3C386-4.23.0Ph2DCS implementation error in the test case Details 270/98 agreed98-0540approved4.24.0
11.10-3C385-4.23.0Ph2Problem implementing a TTCN pre-defined operation Details 269/98 agreed98-0540approved4.24.0
11.10-3C384-4.23.0Ph2Implementing TDoc 7-67/98 Details 268/98 agreed98-0540approved4.24.0
11.10-3C383-4.23.0Ph2DCS Handover Tests, NCD to include BCCH arfcn Details 267/98 agreed98-0540approved4.24.0
11.10-3C382-4.23.0Ph2Correction for DCS frequencies for 26_6_4_1 Details 265/98 agreed98-0540approved4.24.0
11.10-3C381-4.23.0Ph2Implementation error in Handover test cases sends wrong SysInfo6 message Details 264/98 agreed98-0540approved4.24.0
11.10-3C380-4.23.0Ph2Implementation errors in Handover test cases cause L2 reaching N200 limit Details 263/98 agreed98-0540approved4.24.0
11.10-3C379-4.23.0Ph2SI3 coding conflict in and Details 262/98 agreed98-0540approved4.24.0
11.10-3C378-4.23.0Ph2Implementation errors in Handover test cases for Releasing the Channel being Handed Over From Details 261/98 agreed98-0540approved4.24.0
11.10-3C377-4.22.0Ph2Creation of a Dual Band ATS including 26.6, 26.11 and 20.20 series tests for inclusion in GSM 11.10-3 Details 186/98 agreed98-0350approved4.23.0
11.10-3C376-4.22.0Ph2Test Case 20.1 TTCN implementation error regarding Carrier 2 RAM value Details 185/98 agreed98-0349approved4.23.0
11.10-3C375-4.22.0Ph2Test Case 20.15 TTCN implementation error regarding Carrier 2 LU timing Details 184/98 agreed98-0349approved4.23.0
11.10-3C374-4.22.0Ph2Test Case 20.10 TTCN implementation error regarding Carrier 2 RACH timing Details 183/98 agreed98-0349approved4.23.0
11.10-3C373-4.22.0Ph2Cell Selection ATS - System Information message implementation errors Details 182/98 agreed98-0348approved4.23.0
11.10-3C372-4.22.0Ph2Test Case incorrect failure when MS attempts LU Details 181/98 agreed98-0348approved4.23.0
11.10-3C371-4.22.0Ph2TTCN Errors in DCS frequency lists for TC Details 180/98 agreed98-0348approved4.23.0
11.10-3C370-4.22.0Ph2Incorrect frequency hopping parameters used in 26.6.13 series frequency hopping checks Details 179/98 agreed98-0348approved4.23.0
11.10-3C369-4.22.0Ph2TTCN Additions to GSM ATSs required for future 8 transceiver tests Details 178/98 agreed98-0348approved4.23.0
11.10-3C368-4.22.0Ph2Modifications to TTCN for to align it with GSM 11.10-1 Details 177/98 agreed98-0348approved4.23.0
11.10-3C367-4.22.0Ph2Implementation errors In Test Case Details 176/98 agreed98-0348approved4.23.0
11.10-3C366-4.22.0Ph2The test step Adjust_gsmanddcs_powerlvl performs assignment to a parameter Details 235/98 agreed98-0348approved4.23.0
11.10-3C365-4.22.0Ph2Classmark Updates In-Order To Allow Dual-Band MS On Current ATS’s Details 233/98 agreed98-0348approved4.23.0
11.10-3C364-4.22.0Ph2Test cases TC_26_6_5_9 has a TTCN implementation error with layer 1 deactivation on cell B Details 173/98 agreed98-0348approved4.23.0
11.10-3C363-4.22.0Ph2Test cases TC_26_6_5_5_1, TC_26_6_5_5_2, TC_26_6_5_6, TC_26_6_5_7, TC_26_6_5_8 and TC_26_6_5_9 have TTCN implementation errors in cell B power levels Details 172/98 agreed98-0348approved4.23.0
11.10-3C362-4.22.0Ph2Test steps Checkhoacc_Timing and Checkhoacc_Pwr have TTCN implementation errors which cause incorrect handling of negative numbers Details 171/98 agreed98-0348approved4.23.0
11.10-3C361-4.21.0Ph2Implementation errors with Test Cases Details 47-98  98-0057approved4.22.0
11.10-3C360-4.21.0Ph2Test case series problems Details 45-98  98-0057approved4.22.0
11.10-3C359-4.21.0Ph2Implementation of Tdoc 125/97 - correction of defaults RP_ERROR Details 44-98  98-0057approved4.22.0
11.10-3C358-4.21.0Ph2Problems with test case TC_26_6_13_9 Details 43-98  98-0057approved4.22.0
11.10-3C357-4.21.0Ph2Dual rate MS sends bcap1 IE in CallConfirm during MT call setup Details 46-98  98-0057approved4.22.0
11.10-3C355-4.21.0Ph2Checks Made To Non-Existing Second BCAP In MO SETUP Message Details 40-98  98-0057approved4.22.0
11.10-3C354-4.21.0Ph2Implementation error in test case TC_26_6_13_3 Details 39-98  98-0057approved4.22.0
11.10-3C353-4.21.0Ph2TSO To Instruct Operator To Set-Up MS Using Unintialised Variable in TC 11.1.1 Details 38-98  98-0057approved4.22.0
11.10-3C352-4.21.0Ph2Incorrect TDMA offset for SDCCH8 channel in Test Cases 26_6_13_8/9 and 10 Details 37-98  98-0057approved4.22.0
11.10-3C351-4.21.0Ph2Problems with test case TC_26_6_6_1 Details 36-98  98-0057approved4.22.0
11.10-3C350-4.21.0Ph2Problems with TC 26_6_2_5 Details 35-98  98-0057approved4.22.0
11.10-3C349-4.21.0Ph2Implementation of Tdoc in test case Details 34-98  98-0057approved4.22.0
11.10-3C348-4.21.0Ph2Corrections to test case TC_26_6_13_5 Details 33-98  98-0057approved4.22.0
11.10-3C347-4.21.0Ph2Handling incoming DTMF signals Details 32-98  98-0057approved4.22.0
11.10-3C346-4.21.0Ph2Test case 26_8_1_4_3_1 problems Details 31-98  98-0057approved4.22.0
11.10-3C345-4.21.0Ph2Corrections to test case TC_26_6_13_6 Details 30-98  98-0057approved4.22.0
11.10-3C344-4.21.0Ph2Problem with test case TC_26_6_5_4_2 Corrections to test case TC_26_6_13_6 Details 29-98  98-0057approved4.22.0
11.10-3C343-4.21.0Ph2Problem with test case TC_26_6_13_10 Details 28-98  98-0057approved4.22.0
11.10-3C342-4.21.0Ph2Implementation errors In TC_26_6_4_1 Details 27-98  98-0057approved4.22.0
11.10-3A207-4.18.0Ph2Updated IXIT proforma for GSM 11.10-3 Annex B Details 247  97-335approved4.19.0
11.10-3A076- R1996Changes to IXIT statement Details 325/96 agreed208/96approved5.0.0
11.10-30341-4.20.0Ph2Adjusting RF power levels in TC 26_7_4_3_1 Details 490/97 agreed97-891approved4.21.0
11.10-30340-4.20.0Ph2CS ATS implementation errors (Modification of TC_20_6 suitable for Anite tester) Details 489/97 agreed97-892approved4.21.0
11.10-30338-4.20.0Ph2CS ATS implementation errors Details 487/97 agreed97-892approved4.21.0
11.10-30337-4.20.0Ph2Problem with use of lists as parameters Details 486/97 agreed97-891approved4.21.0
11.10-30336-4.20.0Ph2Problems with TC 26_10_2_3 Details 485/97 agreed97-891approved4.21.0
11.10-30335-4.20.0Ph2New Test Step (InitCM) Needed In-Order Use Custom Call Initiation TSO’s Details 484/97 agreed97-891approved4.21.0
11.10-30334-4.20.0Ph2Use correct channels in TC_26_5_7_1_4 Details 483/97 agreed97-891approved4.21.0
11.10-30333-4.20.0Ph2Problems with TC 26_10_2_2 Details 482/97 agreed97-891approved4.21.0
11.10-30332-4.20.0Ph2TTCN modifications to TC_26_9_6_1_1 Details 481/97 agreed97-891approved4.21.0
11.10-30331-4.20.0Ph2Problems with TC 26_10_2_5 Details 480/97 agreed97-891approved4.21.0
11.10-30329-4.20.0Ph2Problem with use of lists as parameters Details 478/97 agreed97-891approved4.21.0
11.10-30328-4.20.0Ph2Problems with TC 26_6_4_2_2 Details 477/97 agreed97-891approved4.21.0
11.10-30327-4.20.0Ph2Test case 26_8_1_4_3_2 problems Details 476/97 agreed97-891approved4.21.0
11.10-30326-4.20.0Ph2Test case 26_8_2_1 problems Details 475/97 agreed97-891approved4.21.0
11.10-30325-4.20.0Ph2Implementation problems with TC_26_6_5_3_2 Details 474/97 agreed97-891approved4.21.0
11.10-30324-4.20.0Ph2Simplification for checking of Mobile Time Difference IE in TCs 26_6_5_5_2, 26_6_5_6 and 26_6_5_7 Details 473/97 agreed97-891approved4.21.0
11.10-30323-4.20.0Ph2Naming collision with FullRateCh_B_1 & Est_MO_Call_init in EFR Details 472/97 agreed97-891approved4.21.0
11.10-30322-4.20.0Ph2Problem with test case TC_26_6_5_4_2 Details 471/97 agreed97-891approved4.21.0
11.10-30321-4.20.0Ph2Corrections to handover test case 26_6_5_5_2 Details 470/97 agreed97-891approved4.21.0
11.10-30320-4.20.0Ph2TTCN modifications to C_26_8_1_4_5_1, TC_26_8_1_4_4_1, Setup_10_3100, Setup_11_3100 and Setup_10_UDI Details 469/97 agreed97-891approved4.21.0
11.10-30319-4.20.0Ph2Corrections to handover test case 26_6_5_8 Details 468/97 agreed97-891approved4.21.0
11.10-30318-4.20.0Ph2Corrections to handover test case 26_6_5_9 Details 467/97 agreed97-891approved4.21.0
11.10-30317-4.20.0Ph2Corrections to TC 26_10_3_1 Details 466/97 agreed97-891approved4.21.0
11.10-30316-4.20.0Ph2Corrections to handover test case 26_6_5_5_1 Details 465/97 agreed97-891approved4.21.0
11.10-30315-4.20.0Ph2Corrections to handover test case 26_6_5_6 Details 464/97 agreed97-891approved4.21.0
11.10-30314-4.20.0Ph2Corrections to handover test case 26_6_5_7 Details 463/97 agreed97-891approved4.21.0
11.10-30313-4.20.0Ph2Cell Selection Implementation Errors Details 462/97 agreed97-892approved4.21.0
11.10-30312-4.20.0Ph2Correction of 2nd TMSI-Reallocation in TC_26_7_1 Details 461/97 agreed97-891approved4.21.0
11.10-30311-4.19.0Ph2New Cell selection ATS Details 384  97-679approved4.20.0
11.10-30310-4.19.0Ph2New EFR ATS Details 383  97-678approved4.20.0
11.10-30309-4.19.0Ph2Changing of RF Levels To Ensure Cell Selection Details 375  97-676approved4.20.0
11.10-30308-4.19.0Ph2Initate normal MO call in TC_26_7_4_2_1 Details 371  97-676approved4.20.0
11.10-30307-4.19.0Ph2Change order of ICS/IXIT parameters Details 352  97-677approved4.20.0
11.10-30306-4.19.0Ph2Structured rest octet definitions for SI 2ter, 5ter, 7 and 8 Details 385  97-677approved4.20.0
11.10-30305-4.19.0Ph2Action on expiry of timer T3210 in TC_26_7_4_3_2, _3 Details 350  97-677approved4.20.0
11.10-30304-4.19.0Ph2Handling non CC MS Details 349  97-677approved4.20.0
11.10-30303-4.19.0Ph2Wildcards used in a qualifier expression Details 341  97-677approved4.20.0
11.10-30302-4.19.0Ph2Use correct channels in TC_31_6_2_1 Details 337  97-676approved4.20.0
11.10-30301-4.19.0Ph2Wait period too short and an uneccessary Chan Rel Details 331  97-676approved4.20.0
11.10-30300-4.19.0Ph2Ciphering key problem in MM_LupAuthRpt Details 330  97-676approved4.20.0
11.10-30299-4.19.0Ph2Error in BS61or81MT prevents checking of MS abilities to service Details 369  97-676approved4.20.0
11.10-30298-4.19.0Ph2MS receiving AoCC parameters midway through a call Details 327  97-676approved4.20.0
11.10-30297-4.19.0Ph2Wrong start type in preamble for TC_26_9_6_2_1,_2 Details 368  97-676approved4.20.0
11.10-30296-4.19.0Ph2Error In Default Behaviour List of TS RR_Hocomp1 Details 325  97-676approved4.20.0
11.10-30295-4.19.0Ph2Structured rest octet definitions for SI 3 & 4 Details 324  97-676approved4.20.0
11.10-30294-4.19.0Ph2FreqTch_ef1 and ef2 use wrong mac values Details 323  97-675approved4.20.0
11.10-30293-4.19.0Ph2Update definition and loose checks for LLCMP Details 321  97-675approved4.20.0
11.10-30292-4.19.0Ph2Too short T_guard timer in TC_31_6_2_2 Details 320  97-675approved4.20.0
11.10-30291-4.19.0Ph2Problems with TC_26_6_5_4_1 Details 319  97-675approved4.20.0
11.10-30290-4.19.0Ph2Unnecesary check on follow-on request within location update Details 336  97-675approved4.20.0
11.10-30289-4.19.0Ph2TCV_SpecialCase needed for non-supported services Details 336  97-675approved4.20.0
11.10-30288-4.19.0Ph2No check of CCcap in CallConfirm_20 Details 336  97-674approved4.20.0
11.10-30287-4.19.0Ph2Addition of 1 s. delay between CHAN REL and PAGE REQ Details 336  97-674approved4.20.0
11.10-30286-4.19.0Ph2Ciphering between changes of radio rate needs to be disabled Details 336  97-674approved4.20.0