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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
11.14A222-8.17.0R1999Correction of references to ISO IEC 7816-3 Details C6-070261 agreedCP-070287approved8.18.0
11.14A221-8.16.0R1999Essential corrections in content and coding of BC Repeat indicator Details T3-040553 agreedTP-040189approved8.17.0
11.14A220-8.16.0R1999Correction of possible terminal response versus proactive commands in relation to the display of icons Details T3-040547 agreedTP-040189approved8.17.0
11.14A219-8.15.0R1999Clarification of Alpha Identifier for BIP commands Details T3-040117 agreedTP-040022approved8.16.0
11.14A218-8.14.0R1999Clarification on user confirmation for OPEN CHANNEL Details T3-030986 agreedTP-030249approved8.15.0
11.14A217-8.13.0R1999Correction of Item Icon Identifier list coding example Details T3-030403 agreedTP-030117approved8.14.0
11.14A216-8.12.0R1999Correction to the lack of specified behaviour when the link drops in Bearer Independent Protocol. Details T3-030170 agreedTP-030020approved8.13.0
11.14A21518.11.0R1999Upgrade of TS 11.14 R99 to TS 51.014 Rel-4 Details T3-020943 agreedTP-020282approved 
11.14A214-8.11.0R1999Clarification on Default Bearer Description Details T3-020908 agreedTP-020282approved8.12.0
11.14A213-8.11.0R1999Clarification of the usage of busy status response for Cell Broadcast, Event download and Menu Selection Envelope. Details T3-020877 agreedTP-020282approved8.12.0
11.14A212-8.11.0R1999Allow ME to reject Set Up Call with Called Party Subaddress when feature is not supported in ME and correction of a reference in the SET UP IDLE MODE TEXT TLV Details T3-020876 agreedTP-020282approved8.12.0
11.14A211-8.10.0R1999Correction to OPEN CHANNEL for GPRS Details T3-020391 agreedTP-020111approved8.11.0
11.14A210-8.10.0R1999Correction of Terminal Response references Details T3-020353 agreedTP-020111approved8.11.0
11.14A209-8.9.0R1999Correction of Channel Status Simple TLV Tag Value Details T3-020110 agreedTP-020064approved8.10.0
11.14A208-8.8.0R1999Corrections Details T3-010758 agreedTP-010243approved8.9.0
11.14A207-8.7.0R1999Corrections to SEND DATA commands and Channel Status Event Details T3-010615 agreedTP-010202approved8.8.0
11.14A206-8.7.0R1999TLV object for the APN in the OPEN CHANNEL command Details T3-010609 agreedTP-010202approved8.8.0
11.14A205-8.7.0R1999Corrections to OPEN CHANNEL commands Details T3-010606 agreedTP-010202approved8.8.0
11.14A204-8.7.0R1999Alignment with 31.111 Details T3-010605 agreedTP-010202approved8.8.0
11.14A203-8.7.0R1999Alignment of 11.14 with 31.111 regarding interaction between FDN, SEND SMS and SEND SS Details T3-010600 agreedTP-010202approved8.8.0
11.14A202-8.7.0R1999Addition of TIA/EIA 136 byte to terminal profile Details T3-010601 agreedTP-010202approved8.8.0
11.14A201-8.6.0R1999Correction of Annex J (Bearer independant protocol examples) Details T3-010449 agreedTP-010151approved8.7.0
11.14A200-8.6.0R1999REFRESH-SIM Initialization : correction of a reference Details T3-010424 agreedTP-010151approved8.7.0
11.14A199-7.6.0R1998REFRESH-SIM Initialization : correction of a reference Details T3-010423 agreedTP-010151approved7.7.0
11.14A198-8.6.0R1999Limitation of data field in the C-APDU and R-APDU data object Details T3-010420 agreedTP-010151approved8.7.0
11.14A197-7.6.0R1998Limitation of data field in the C-APDU and R-APDU data object Details T3-010419 agreedTP-010151approved7.7.0
11.14A196-8.6.0R1999Clarification of min and max length for GET INPUT Details T3-010416 agreedTP-010151approved8.7.0
11.14A195-7.6.0R1998Clarification of min and max length for GET INPUT Details T3-010415 agreedTP-010151approved7.7.0
11.14A194-8.5.0R1999Correction of Annex A: Support of USAT by Mobile Equipment Details T3-010209 agreedTP-010039approved8.6.0
11.14A193-8.4.0R1999General Clarification and Corrections Details T3-000634 agreedTP-000202approved8.5.0
11.14A192-8.4.0R1999Modification of general result for proactive command with user confirmation Details T3-000618 agreedTP-000202approved8.5.0
11.14A191-8.4.0R1999Clarification of command qualifier related to LAUNCH BROWSER Details T3-000647 agreedTP-000202approved8.5.0
11.14A19018.4.0R1999Correction to device identity coding Details T3-000644 agreedTP-000202approved8.5.0
11.14A18928.4.0R1999Clarification of bearer independent related to GPRS Details T3-000641 agreedTP-000202approved8.5.0
11.14A188-8.3.0R1999correction to GET INPUT regarding number of response string variables Details T3-000468 agreedTP-000149approved8.4.0
11.14A187-7.5.0R1998correction to GET INPUT regarding number of response string variables Details T3-000469 agreedTP-000149approved7.6.0
11.14A186-8.3.0R1999EVENT DOWNLOAD-MT call : correction of the sub-address description Details T3-000485 agreedTP-000149approved8.4.0
11.14A185-7.5.0R1998EVENT DOWNLOAD-MT call : correction of the sub-address description Details T3-000484 agreedTP-000149approved7.6.0
11.14A184-8.3.0R1999Clarification for Alpha Identifier in PLAY TONE Details T3-000473 agreedTP-000149approved8.4.0
11.14A183-7.5.0R1998Clarification for Alpha Identifier in PLAY TONE Details T3-000472 agreedTP-000149approved7.6.0
11.14A182-7.4.0R1998Icon identifiers handling Details 9-00-0279 agreedP-00-297approved7.5.0
11.14A181-7.4.0R1998Correction of reference in REFRESH description. Details 9-00-0278 agreedP-00-297approved7.5.0
11.14A180-7.4.0R1998Correction of references in SET UP IDLE MODE TEXT Details 9-00-0277 agreedP-00-297approved7.5.0
11.14A179-8.2.0R1999Alignment with TS 31.111 regarding PROVIDE LOCAL INFORMATION Details 9-00-0247 agreedP-00-297withdrawn 
11.14A17818.2.0R1999clarification of ME/SIM interface for bearer independent protocol feature Details 9-00-0280 agreedP-00-297approved8.3.0
11.14A17718.2.0R1999Correction of SAT commands for using GPRS in bearer independent protocol feature Details 9-00-0281 agreedP-00-297approved8.3.0
11.14A176-8.2.0R1999Get Reader Status : correction to card reader identifier tag Details 9-00-0272 agreedP-00-297approved8.3.0
11.14A175-8.2.0R1999Correction of reference in REFRESH description Details 9-00-0197 agreedP-00-297approved8.3.0
11.14A174-8.2.0R1999Correction to display parameters in profile download Details 9-00-0270 agreedP-00-297approved8.3.0
11.14A173-8.2.0R1999Addition of health warning ME storage on input Details 9-00-0265 agreedP-00-297approved8.3.0
11.14A17218.2.0R1999Correction of SELECT ITEM Details 9-00-0267 agreedP-00-297approved8.3.0
11.14A17117.4.0R1998Correction of SELECT ITEM Details 9-00-0266 agreedP-00-297approved7.5.0
11.14A170-8.2.0R1999Addition of tag values Details 9-00-0245 agreedP-00-297approved8.3.0
11.14A169-8.2.0R1999Icon identifiers handling Details 9-00-0243 agreedP-00-297approved8.3.0
11.14A168-8.2.0R1999Correction of references in SET UP IDLE MODE TEXT Details 9-00-0220 agreedP-00-297approved8.3.0
11.14A164-8.1.0R1999Get Reader Status : card reader identifier Details 9-00-0157 agreedP-00-138approved8.2.0
11.14A163-8.1.0R1999Display parameters in Profile download Details 9-00-0156 agreedP-00-138approved8.2.0
11.14A162-8.1.0R1999MORE TIME usage clarification Details 9-00-0150 agreedP-00-138approved8.2.0
11.14A161-8.1.0R1999Correction on Allowed Type of command and Device identity combinations Details 9-00-0145 agreedP-00-138approved8.2.0
11.14A160-8.1.0R1999New proactive Command : LAUNCH BROWSER Details 9-00-0144 agreedP-00-138approved8.2.0
11.14A159-8.1.0R1999Addition of GPRS data bearer for bearer independent protocol feature Details 9-00-0143 agreedP-00-138approved8.2.0
11.14A158-8.1.0R1999Addition of SAT commands for bearer independent protocol feature Details 9-00-0142 agreedP-00-138approved8.2.0
11.14A157-8.1.0R1999Addition of soft keys support for SET UP MENU Details 9-00-0140 agreedP-00-138approved8.2.0
11.14A155-8.1.0R1999Addition of soft keys support for SELECT ITEM. Details 9-00-0138 agreedP-00-138approved8.2.0
11.14A153-8.1.0R1999Call Control and automatic redial mode Details 9-00-0111 agreedP-00-138approved8.2.0
11.14A152-8.1.0R1999Correction to result value USSD transaction terminated by user Details 9-00-0110 agreedP-00-138approved8.2.0
11.14A151-8.1.0R1999Clarification to service modification by Call Control Details 9-00-0109 agreedP-00-138approved8.2.0
11.14A150-8.1.0R1999Addition of EIA/TIA-136 Teleservice Delivery Details 9-00-0141 agreedP-00-138approved8.2.0
11.14A149-8.1.0R1999Correction on Transaction identifier tag Details 9-00-0101 agreedP-00-138approved8.2.0
11.14A148- R1998Correction on Transaction identifier tag Details 9-00-0100 agreedP-00-138approved7.4.0
11.14A147-6.3.0R1997Correction on Transaction identifier tag Details 9-00-0099 agreedP-00-138withdrawn 
11.14A146- R1999Execution time of SIM toollkit procedures Details 9-99-301 agreedP-99-671approved8.1.0
11.14A145- R1999Error coding for Data Download Details 9-99-289 agreedP-99-671approved8.1.0
11.14A144- R1999Removal of numerical SAT classes Details 9-99-295 agreedP-99-671approved8.1.0
11.14A1432 R1999Language notification Details 9-99-306 agreedP-99-671approved8.1.0
11.14A142-7.2.0R1998GET INKEY Yes/No shall not define keyboard mapping Details 9-99-209 agreedP-99-413approved7.3.0
11.14A14117.2.0R1998Correction of BCCH channel list in Network Measurement Results Details 9-99-207  P-99-541approved7.3.0
11.14A141-7.2.0R1998Correction of BCCH channel list in Network Measurement Results Details 9-99-207 agreedP-99-414withdrawn 
11.14A140-7.2.0R1998clarification of TERMINAL RESPONSE in the case of an empty GET INPUT command Details 9-99-197 agreedP-99-413approved7.3.0
11.14A138- R1999New response limited service in PROVIDE LOCAL INFO Details 9-99-179 agreedP-99-413approved8.0.0
11.14A1371 R1999Timing Advance in PROVIDE LOCAL INFO Details 9-99-210 agreedP-99-413approved8.0.0
11.14A136- R1999Language indication for PROVIDE LOCAL INFORMATION and event driven information Details 9-99-164 agreedP-99-413approved8.0.0
11.14A135-7.1.0R1998Incorporation of timer feature into class 3 agreedP-99-188approved7.2.0
11.14A134-7.1.0R1998Deletion of references to class 1 and class 2 agreedP-99-188approved7.2.0
11.14A133-6.2.0R1997Deletion of references to class 1 and deletion of class 3 related material. agreedP-99-188approved6.3.0
11.14A132-7.1.0R1998Deletion of $(......)$ release markers agreedP-99-188approved7.2.0
11.14A131-6.2.0R1997Deletion of $(......)$ release markers agreedP-99-188approved6.3.0
11.14A130-6.2.0R1997Correction of reply to SEND USSD Details 98p438 agreedP-99-185approved6.3.0
11.14A129-7.1.0R1998New proactive command SEND_DTMF Details 99p089 agreedP-99-185approved7.2.0
11.14A12857.2.0R1998EF IMSI changes via data download or SIM toolkit application Details 9-99-162 agreedP-99-413approved7.3.0
11.14A128-7.1.0R1998EF IMSI changes via datadownload or SIM toolkit application Details 99p081 agreedP-99-185postponed 
11.14A127-7.1.0R1998Correction of reply to SEND USSD Details 99p090 agreedP-99-185approved7.2.0
11.14A126-7.1.0R1998Clarification to PROVIDE LOCAL INFO (NMR in idle mode) Details 99p085 agreedP-99-185approved7.2.0
11.14A125-6.2.0R1997Clarification to PROVIDE LOCAL INFO (NMR in idle mode) Details 99p084 agreedP-99-185approved6.3.0
11.14A124-7.1.0R1998Sustained DISPLAY TEXT command Details 99p070 agreedP-99-185approved7.2.0
11.14A123-7.1.0R1998Clarification to PROVIDE LOCAL INFO (Network measurement results) Details 99p078 agreedP-99-185approved7.2.0
11.14A122-7.1.0R1998Call control: Two bearer capability with BC repeat indicator Details 99p073 agreedP-99-185approved7.2.0
11.14A121-7.1.0R1998USSD and call control Call Details 99p071 agreedP-99-185approved7.2.0
11.14A120-7.1.0R1998Configuration parameters Details 99p060 agreedP-99-185approved7.2.0
11.14A119-6.2.0R1997Configuration parameters Details 99p059 agreedP-99-185approved6.3.0
11.14A118-6.2.0R1997Clarification to PROVIDE LOCAL INFO (NMR for multiband) Details 99p077 agreedP-99-185approved6.3.0
11.14A117-7.1.0R1998USSD string coding Details 99p054 agreedP-99-185approved7.2.0
11.14A116-7.1.0R1998Display of the items on the ME screen Details 99p045 agreedP-99-185approved7.2.0
11.14A115-7.1.0R1998Call Control: Modified user request beyond ME’s capabilities Details 98p451 agreedP-99-185approved7.2.0
11.14A114-7.1.0R1998Clarification about USSD Return Result parameters in Terminal Response Details 98p432 agreedP-99-185approved7.2.0
11.14A113-6.2.0R1997Clarification about USSD Return Result parameters in Terminal Response Details 98p431 agreedP-99-185approved6.3.0
11.14A112-7.0.0R1998Introduction of a 1bis SIM toolkit class for release 98 Details 98p253 agreed98-0669withdrawn 
11.14A11147.0.0R1998Enhancement to Proactive SIM that enables the SIM to issue AT commands (some printed copies may have an incorrect number A051) Details 98p351 agreed98-0605approved7.1.0
11.14A110-7.0.0R1998Interaction between call control by SIM / MO short message control and proactive commands Details 98p389 agreed98-0670approved7.1.0
11.14A109-6.1.0R1997Interaction between call control by SIM / MO short message control and proactive commands Details 98p370 agreed98-0670approved6.2.0
11.14A108-7.0.0R1998Handling of DTMF in SETUP CALL command Details 98p369 agreed98-0670approved7.1.0
11.14A104-7.0.0R1998New command - SETUP IDLE MODE TEXT Details 98p378 agreed98-0670approved7.1.0
11.14A103-7.0.0R1998Clarification of the ’93 00’ status response handling Details 98p377 agreed98-0670approved7.1.0
11.14A102-5.8.0R1996Clarification of the ’93 00’ status response handling Details 98p376 agreed98-0670approved5.9.0
11.14A101-6.1.0R1997Clarification of the ’93 00’ status response handling Details 98p375 agreed98-0670approved6.2.0
11.14A100-7.0.0R1998Clarification about USSD return result Details 98p374 agreed98-0670approved7.1.0
11.14A099-6.1.0R1997Clarification about USSD return result Details 98p362 agreed98-0670approved6.2.0
11.14A098-7.0.0R1998Clarification regarding the ME changing the contents of SIM commands e.g. SEND SMS Details 98p357 agreed98-0670approved7.1.0
11.14A097-6.1.0R1997Clarification regarding the ME changing the contents of SIM commands e.g. SEND SMS Details 98p356 agreed98-0670approved6.2.0
11.14A096-5.8.0R1996Clarification regarding the ME changing the contents of SIM commands e.g. SEND SMS Details 98p355 agreed98-0670approved5.9.0
11.14A095-6.1.0R1997Possible result values for SET UP EVENT LIST command Details 98p346 agreed98-0670approved6.2.0
11.14A094-7.0.0R1998Additional information field mandatory in case of USSD Return Error result. Details 98p345 agreed98-0670approved7.1.0
11.14A093-6.1.0R1997Additional information field mandatory in case of USSD Return Error result. Details 98p344 agreed98-0670approved6.2.0
11.14A092-7.0.0R1998Alignment of coding of card reader status event Details 98p343 agreed98-0670approved7.1.0
11.14A09117.0.0R1998Yes/No response for GET INKEY Details 98p358 agreed98-0670approved7.1.0
11.14A090- R1998Extension of PROVIDE LOCAL INFO for date, time and timezone. Details 98p169 agreed98-0399approved7.0.0
11.14A08916.0.0R1997clarification to FETCH command Details 98p256 agreed98-0399approved6.1.0
11.14A08815.7.0R1996clarification to FETCH command Details 98p255 agreed98-0399approved5.8.0
11.14A087-6.1.0R1997Introduction of a 1bis SIM toolkit class for release 97 Details 98p253 agreed98-0669approved6.2.0
11.14A087-6.0.0R1997Addition of 1bis class Details 98p253 agreed98-0399postponed 
11.14A086- R1998Improvement of DISPLAY TEXT Details 98p252 agreed98-0399approved7.0.0
11.14A08537.1.0R1998Addition of a second alpha identifier to SET UP CALL Details 98p448 agreedP-99-185approved7.2.0
11.14A084-5.8.0R1996Introduction of a 1bis SIM toolkit class for release 96 Details 98p244 agreed98-0669approved5.9.0
11.14A084-5.7.0R1996Addition of 1bis class Details 98p244 agreed98-0399postponed 
11.14A083- R1998Timer management Details 98p243 agreed98-0399approved7.0.0
11.14A082-6.0.0R1997RP-ACK RP-ERROR for SIM data download error Details 98p249 agreed98-0399approved6.1.0
11.14A081- R1998Deletion of all release 97 markers from the R98 version Details 98p238 agreed98-0400approved7.0.0
11.14A080-5.7.0R1996Deletion of all release 97 material from the R96 version Details 98p234 agreed98-0400approved5.8.0
11.14A079- R1998Operation of ME with multiple card readers Details 98p231 agreed98-0399approved7.0.0
11.14A078- R1998SELECT ITEM Menu / Data Selection enhancement Details 98p230 agreed98-0399approved7.0.0
11.14A077-6.0.0R1997Addition of reference to GSM 03.48 Details 98p222 agreed98-0399approved6.1.0
11.14A07616.0.0R1997SIM Toolkit Class Handling Details 98p242 agreed98-0399approved6.1.0
11.14A075-6.0.0R1997Missing response code Details 98p219 agreed98-0399approved6.1.0
11.14A074-5.7.0R1996Missing response code Details 98p218 agreed98-0399approved5.8.0
11.14A073-6.0.0R1997Network measurment results Details 98p217 agreed98-0399approved6.1.0
11.14A072-6.0.0R1997Correction to PLAY TONE Details 98p216 agreed98-0399approved6.1.0
11.14A071-5.7.0R1996Correction to PLAY TONE Details 98p215 agreed98-0399approved5.8.0
11.14A070-6.0.0R1997Item Identifier in TERMINAL RESPONSE to SELECT ITEM Details 98p214 agreed98-0399approved6.1.0
11.14A069-6.0.0R1997Correction to unknown tag value Details 98p213 agreed98-0399approved6.1.0
11.14A068-5.7.0R1996Correction to unknown tag value Details 98p212 agreed98-0399approved5.8.0
11.14A067-6.0.0R1997Network not supporting / allowing call hold during the SET UP CALL Details 98p211 agreed98-0399approved6.1.0
11.14A066-5.7.0R1996Network not supporting / allowing call hold during the SET UP CALL Details 98p210 agreed98-0399approved5.8.0
11.14A0652 R1998Icons for proactive commands Details 98p229 agreed98-0399approved7.0.0
11.14A064- R1997Status of class 3 - addition of warning of incompleteness of class 3 Details 98p097 agreed98-0158approved6.0.0
11.14A06315.6.0R1996PLAY TONE - addition of user abort while tone is playing Details 98p098 agreed98-0158approved5.7.0
11.14A0621 R1997Implementation of UCS2 alphabet in the proactive commands Details 98p106 agreed98-0158approved6.0.0
11.14A0611 R1997Event driven information Details 98p096 agreed98-0158approved6.0.0
11.14A0601 R1997Previously selected item indication Details 98p081 agreed98-0158approved6.0.0
11.14A059- R1997MO SM control by SIM Details 98p076 agreed98-0158approved6.0.0
11.14A058-5.6.0R1996Corrections to Command results Details 98p058 agreed98-0158approved5.7.0
11.14A057-5.6.0R1996Length of text string TLVs Details 98p071 agreed98-0158approved5.7.0
11.14A056- R1997Indications to be given to the user Details 98p068 agreed98-0158approved6.0.0
11.14A055- R1997MO SMS control by SIM Details 97/381 agreed97-886approved 
11.14A054- R1997send USSD Details 97/380 agreed97-886approved 
11.14A053-5.5.0R1996Profile download Details 97/377 agreed97-886approved5.6.0
11.14A052- R1997cell identity available in call control by SIM Details 97/352 agreed97-886approved 
11.14A0512 R1997Improvement of the dialogue with the user Details 97/382 agreed97-886approved 
11.14A050- R1997Default choice possibility for Get Input Details 97/375 agreed97-886approved 
11.14A049-5.5.0R1996GET INPUT - Hidden text Details 97/370 agreed97-886approved5.6.0
11.14A048- R1997Enhancement to PROVIDE LOCAL INFORMATION Details 97/367 agreed97-886approved 
11.14A0471 R1997Extension of informative Annex on help information feature. Details 97/373 agreed97-886approved 
11.14A04615.6.0R1996Proactive Commands versus possible Terminal Response Details 98p092 agreed98-0158approved5.7.0
11.14A045- R1997new type of DISPLAY TEXT and SET UP CALL Details 97/363 agreed97-886approved 
11.14A044-5.5.0R1996high priority of DISPLAY TEXT Details 97/362 agreed97-1124approved5.6.0
11.14A043-5.4.0R1996Interaction with Last Number Dialled Details 276/97 agreed789/97approved5.5.0
11.14A042-5.4.0R1996Provide Local Information Details 291/97 agreed789/97approved5.5.0
11.14A041-5.4.0R1996Number of possible ongoing proactive commands Details 288/97 agreed789/97approved5.5.0
11.14A04015.4.0R1996Terminal response without command details Details 290/97 agreed789/97approved5.5.0
11.14A03815.4.0R1996Correction to display text Details 289/97 agreed789/97approved5.5.0
11.14A03715.4.0R1996Clarification of length and removal of padding Details 282/97 agreed789/97approved5.5.0
11.14A036-5.4.0R1996Clarifications to to REFRESH command. Details 240/97 agreed789/97approved5.5.0
11.14A035-5.4.0R1996Poll interval Details 279/97 agreed789/97approved5.5.0
11.14A034-5.4.0R1996Toolkit and ME display interaction Details 254/97 agreed789/97approved5.5.0
11.14A033-5.4.0R1996Interaction between proactive commands and FDN Details 237/97 agreed789/97approved5.5.0
11.14A032-5.4.0R1996Coding of simple TLV data objects Details 251/97 agreed789/97approved5.5.0
11.14A031-5.4.0R1996Clarification of result retry Details 278/97 agreed789/97approved5.5.0
11.14A030-5.4.0R1996removal of setup menu Details 269/97 agreed789/97approved5.5.0
11.14A029-5.4.0R1996Interaction between SIM toolkit and emergency calls Details 275/97 agreed789/97approved5.5.0
11.14A028-5.4.0R1996Clarification of POLLING OFF command Details 274/97 agreed789/97approved5.5.0
11.14A027-5.4.0R1996Concerning Annex C Details 292/97 agreed789/97approved5.5.0
11.14A026-5.4.0R1996DCS byte coding for send short message command Details 267/97 agreed789/97approved5.5.0
11.14A025-5.4.0R1996Corrections of the use of the Comprehension Required flag Details 266/97 agreed789/97approved5.5.0
11.14A024-5.4.0R1996Clarification of the TP-Message Reference incrementation Details 265/97 agreed789/97approved5.5.0
11.14A02315.4.0R1996Length of resp data following an SMS-PP ENVELOPE command Details 280/97 agreed789/97approved5.5.0
11.14A022-5.4.0R1996Response data following an ENVELOPE command Details 263/97 agreed789/97approved5.5.0
11.14A021-5.4.0R1996Corrections to Annex D Details 257/97 agreed789/97approved5.5.0
11.14A0201 R1997Help information facility Details 284/97 agreed789/97approved 
11.14A019-5.3.0R1996Call Control : call set-up and SS operation. Details 191/97 agreed357/97withdrawn 
11.14A018-5.3.0R1996Call control,USSD operations Details 190/97 agreed357/97approved5.4.0
11.14A017-5.3.0R1996Call Control : call set-up,SS and USSD operation Details 170/97 agreed357/97approved5.4.0