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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
11.200127- Ph1Updating of scope of GSM 11.20- 076/96approved3.19.0
11.200126- Ph1Testing of conducted spurious emissions from the power leads- 076/96approved3.19.0
11.200125-3.17.0Ph1Testing of Spurious Emissions- 259/95approved3.12.0
11.200124-3.16.0Ph1Entering static time alignment state- 585/94approved 
11.200123-3.16.0Ph1Initial time alignment entry test- 585/94approved 
11.200122-3.16.0Ph1Provision of inputs and outputs for testing of speech encoder / decoder- 585/94approved 
11.200121-3.15.0Ph1Test, Queuing- 419/94approved 
11.200120-3.15.0Ph1Test, Reset- 419/94approved 
11.200119-3.15.0Ph1Test, Blocking- 419/94approved 
11.200118-3.15.0Ph1Test, Channel release- 419/94approved 
11.200117- Ph1-DCSProblems with test 273/94approved 
11.200116-3.14.0Ph1Sequence number errors in LAPD(m) sections- 273/94approved 
11.200115-3.14.0Ph1Bad references in section, General Setup- 273/94approved 
11.200114-3.13.0Ph1Dynamic range of timeslot power switching- 66/94approved3.14.0
11.200113-3.13.0Ph1Adjacent Channel Power Measurement- 66/94approved 
11.200112-3.13.0Ph1Mods to A-bis layer2 tests- 66/94approved 
11.200111- Ph1-DCSPlacing the BSS in Multiple Frame established state- 665/93approved 
11.200110-3.11.0Ph1Spurious emissions from the BSS receivers- 417/93postponed 
11.200109-3.11.0Ph1Clarification of Required Measurement Bandwidth in the Transmitted RF Carrier Power versus Time Measurement- 417/93approved 
11.200108-3.11.0Ph1Amendment to Annex 3- 417/93approved 
11.200107-3.11.0Ph1Informative Annex to TX-Intermodulation- 417/93approved 
11.200106-3.11.0Ph1Intra-BSS Intermodulation Attenuation- 417/93approved 
11.20010513.11.0Ph1Intermodulation Attenuation- 489/93approved 
11.200104-3.11.0Ph1Modification of limits within which the output is required to be silenced- 417/93approved 
11.200103-3.11.0Ph111.20 testing directly on the A-bis interface- 417/93approved 
11.200102-3.11.0Ph1T200 expires waiting for acknowledgement- 417/93approved 
11.200101-3.11.0Ph1Use of zero length I-frames- 417/93approved 
11.200100-3.11.0Ph1Issues relating to test 417/93approved 
11.200099- Ph1-DCSAmendment to proposed new Annex 3 of TDoc 230/93- 285/93postponed 
11.200098-3.10.0Ph1Measurement of transmitter spurious emissions in the BTS receive band- 230/93approved 
11.200097- Ph1Blocking and Spurious Response Rejection Measurement- 231/93approved 
11.200096-3.10.0Ph1Incorrect reference in section 230/93approved 
11.200095- Ph1Add missing information elements to list under Handover Command test in 231/93approved 
11.200094-3.10.0Ph1Number of frames within which the signal energy is required to be constant in 230/93approved 
11.200093-3.10.0Ph1Intra BSS intermodulation measurement in the BTS receive band- 230/93approved 
11.200092- Ph1Intra-BSS intermodulation test- 231/93approved 
11.200091-3.10.0Ph1Re-write of Environmental Requirements- 230/93approved 
11.200090- Ph1Switching Transient Spectrum Maximum Limits in Table in 231/93approved 
11.200089- Ph1BSS Intermodulation Test- 231/93approved 
11.200088-3.10.0Ph1BSS Intermodulation Test- 230/93approved 
11.200087- Ph1Section for Intermodulation Rejection, Figure 2-5- 231/93approved 
11.200086-3.10.0Ph1Section on Reference Interference level makes reference to static propogation conditions- 230/93approved 
11.200085- Ph1Power/Time mask in Figure 2-1, Section is inaccurate- 231/93approved 
11.200084-3.10.0Ph1Power Level uncertainty in a fading channel, test 230/93approved 
11.200083-3.10.0Ph1Blocking and Spurious Response Rejection Measurement- 230/93approved 
11.200082-3.10.0Ph1Testing of Diversity Reveivers- 230/93approved 
11.200081-3.10.0Ph1Choice of logical channels for SMS tests- 230/93approved 
11.200080-3.10.0Ph1Correction of transcoder terminology- 230/93approved 
11.200079-3.10.0Ph1Incorrect diagrammatic representation of BSS types- 230/93approved 
11.200078- Ph1-DCSDefinition of dB (Tables 2.3 and 2.4)- 117/93approved 
11.200077-3.9.0Ph1Rationalisation of Electrical terms in Section 2.1.7- 117/93approved 
11.200076- Ph1BSS Transmitter Spurious Emission Measurement in the RX Band- 118/93approved 
11.200075-3.9.0Ph1BSS Transmitter Spurious Emission Measurement in the RX Band- 117/93approved 
11.200074-3.9.0Ph1Intra-BSS intermodulation test- 117/93approved 
11.200073-3.9.0Ph1Verification of BER performance time domain- 117/93approved 
11.200072-3.9.0Ph1Use of non-hopping interferer for SFH measurements- 117/93approved 
11.200071-3.9.0Ph1Clarification of the logical reference point for BER tests- 117/93approved 
11.200070- Ph1Definition of dB (Tables 2.3 and 2.4)- 118/93approved 
11.200069- Ph1Clarification of Transmitter Idle Timeslot power level- 118/93approved 
11.200068- Ph1Dynamic Range of active/inactive timeslot power switching- 118/93approved 
11.200067-3.9.0Ph1Downlink Tx DTX/VAD functions- 117/93approved 
11.200066-3.9.0Ph1Imprecise static time alignment test- 117/93approved 
11.200065-3.9.0Ph1Clarification of required measurement bandwidth in the Tx RF carrier power versus time measurement- 117/93postponed 
11.200064-3.9.0Ph1Frequency Bands of GSM- 117/93approved 
11.200063- Ph1Rationalisation of Electrical terms in Section 2.1.7- 118/93approved 
11.200062-3.8.0Ph1Inter BSS Intermodulation attenuation testing- 406/92approved3.9.0
11.200061-3.8.0Ph1Intermodulation testing- 406/92postponed 
11.200060- Ph1-DCSCorrection to RF channel number in 11.20-DCS Section 320/92approved 
11.200059- Ph1-DCSErrors in the Time Alignment bits- 319/92approved 
11.200058-3.7.0Ph1Downlink and Uplink rate adaption in the BSC- 319/92approved 
11.200057-3.7.0Ph1Initial Time Alignment- 319/92approved 
11.200056- Ph1-DCSIncorrect change made to Static Time Alignment- 139/92approved 
11.200055-3.6.0Ph1Inconsistencies between 05.05 and 11.20 in TX power measurements- 139/92approved 
11.200054-3.6.0Ph1TX and RX power lead, spurious emissions- 139/92approved 
11.200053-3.6.0Ph1Uplink Receiver DTX functions (Data output format and evaluation of results)- 139/92approved 
11.200052-3.6.0Ph1Synchronization of the test sequences with BSS and provision of test mode- 139/92approved 
11.200051-3.6.0Ph1Transcoder testing- 139/92approved 
11.200050-3.6.0Ph1Downlink Transmitter DTX / VAD functions- 139/92approved 
11.200049-3.6.0Ph1Uplink Receiver DTX functions- 139/92approved 
11.200048- Ph1-DCSMinor changes to align with core specifications- 36/92approved 
11.200046- Ph1Static time alignment- 33/92approved 
11.200046- Ph1Static Time Alignment.- /92  
11.2000451 Ph1Various minor ambiguities.- 348/91approved 
11.200044- Ph1New data delay budget.- 349/91approved 
11.200043- Ph1Power/time mask measurement.- 348/91approved 
11.2000421 Ph10 dB reference point for power/time mask.- 348/91approved 
11.2000412 Ph1Input test frames for transcoder tests.- 348/91approved 
11.200040- Ph1Possible answers to N(S) sequence error testing.- /91  
11.2000391 Ph1Power/time mask measurement.- /91  
11.200039- Ph1Transmitter carrier power versus time.- /91  
11.200038- Ph1Uplink receiver DTX - alignment with GSM 06.10 re. block amplitude (xmaxc).- 348/91approved 
11.200037- Ph1Uplink receiver DTX - misinterpretation of signal energy measurements.- 348/91approved 
11.200036- Ph1Correction of RXQUAL testing requirements.- 188/91approved 
11.200035- Ph1Spurious response exceptions.- 125/91approved 
11.200034- Ph1Alignment with error correction in Tables 1 and 2 of GSM 05.05.- 124/91approved 
11.2000331 Ph1Correction of Text on N(R) Sequence Error Test.- 171/91approved 
11.200033- Ph1Corretion of Text on N(R) Sequence Error Test.- -  
11.2000321 Ph1Simplification of test of Layer 2 error cases.- 171/91approved 
11.200032- Ph1Correction of Layer 2 Test.- -  
11.2000311 Ph1Clarification of fill frames and fill bits.- 171/91approved 
11.200031- Ph1Clarification of fill frames and fill bits.- -  
11.200030- Ph1Clarification of allowed spurious signals during modulation test.- 171/91approved 
11.200029- Ph1Clarification of reference.- 171/91approved 
11.2000281 Ph1Allowance of a trade off between frame erasure rates and RBER.- 171/91approved 
11.200028- Ph1Allowance of a trade off between frame erasure rates and RBER.- -  
11.200027- Ph1Deletion of references to Annex 3 (system delay distribution).- 171/91approved 
11.200026- Ph1Change to nominal error rates specification.- -  
11.200025- Ph1Alignment with error correction in GSM 05.05.- 171/91approved 
11.2000241 Ph1Switching transient measurement clarification.- 171/91approved 
11.200024- Ph1Switching transient measurement clarification.- -  
11.200023- Ph1Multipath reference sensitivity.- 171/91approved 
11.2000221 Ph1Problem with measuring amplitude ripple.- 171/91approved 
11.200022- Ph1Problems with measuring amplitude ripple.- -  
11.200021- Ph1Initial time alignment on the A-bis interface- 335/90approved 
11.2000201 Ph1Sytem delay distribution- 243/90approved 
11.200019- Ph1Radio link timeout during time alignment test ( 301/90approved 
11.2000182 Ph1Testing of time alignment on the A-bis interface- 300/90approved 
11.200017- Ph1Channel activaytion message type change- 299/90approved 
11.200016- Ph1In the testing of layer 3, UA messages may occur on the air interface when the specification was that nothing should occ- 298/90approved 
11.200015- Ph1TEST of immediate assignment, reference to configuration of IMM_ASS has been removed- 297/90approved 
11.2000141 Ph1Testing of O&M messages from the BSC, The repitition indicator is set.- 296/90approved 
11.200013- Ph1Addition of tests for synchronised handover, this was previously omitted- 295/90approved 
11.200012- Ph1Testing of conducted spurious emissions frm the power leads- 565/95approved3.19.0
11.200012- Ph1Interface point Y' section 11.2; SCH is no longer applicable as this is uplink monitor point- 294/90approved 
11.200011- Ph1Fill frames on FACCH: Alignment to 45/05.08, fill frames to be transmitted on TCH/FACCH when used for signalling only- 158/90approved 
11.2000101 Ph1Updates of Annex 2: alignment with the latest structure of GSM recommendations.- 158/90approved 
11.2000091 Ph1Testing of transmission delay, alignment with the results of of the GSM special ad-group on transmission delay.- 158/90approved 
11.2000081 Ph1LAPDm testing: test reception of SABMs with different info fields, new test on reception REJ frames, test sending REJ fr- 158/90approved 
11.2000061 Ph1VAD testing: alignment with names of files and file structure on test sequence floppy disks.- 158/90approved 
11.2000051 Ph1Short Message Cell Broadcast: Mapping of SMS BC REQ messages on the A-bis-interface.- 158/90approved 
11.2000041 Ph1Paging messages: PAG REQ messages or other valid layer 3 messages are required to be transmitted continuously on the PCH- 158/90approved 
11.2000031 Ph1Channel release procedure: test divided into 2 parts, 1 resulting from a radio interface failure, the other one not.- 158/90approved 
11.2000021 Ph1BSS transmitter tests: changes in power/time mask, video/resolution bandwidth setting, spur. emission level in RX-band- 158/90approved 
11.2000011 Ph1BSS receiver tests: Modification of BER-tables and RXQUAL-tables, modified blocking/spurious response requirements.- 158/90approved