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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
11.400031-3.6.0Ph1Modifications to current spike generator specification  376/94approved 
11.400030- Ph1-DCS11.40-DCS 3.4.5 Wide Frequency range signal  408/92approved 
11.400029- Ph1Changes to 11.40-DCS to reduce cost of System Simulator  410/92approved 
11.400028- Ph1Level of the wide frequency range signal  140/92approved3.6.0
11.400027- Ph1Wideband selective power measurement uncertainty, section  140/92approved 
11.400026- Ph1SIM simulator  107/92approved3.7.0
11.400025- Ph1SIM test algorithm  91/92withdrawn 
11.400024- Ph1SS receiver performnace  34/92approved 
11.400023-3.3.0Ph1Reduction of Test Time for Tests in section II.3.4 of GSM 11.10.  245/91  
11.40002223.3.0Ph1Time Reference of the Power/Time Mask.  244/91  
11.40002213.3.0Ph1Time Reference of the Power/Time Mask.  -  
11.4000211 Ph1Introduction of the Test Algorithm for Authentication.  174/91Rapproved 
11.400021- Ph1Introduction of the Test Algorithm for Authentication.  174/91withdrawn 
11.400020- Ph1Level of System Simulator noise in Blocking tests.  86/91approved 
11.400019- Ph1Editorial changes for clarification  86/91approved 
11.400018- Ph1Presentation of test results by the System Simulator.  86/91approved 
11.400017- Ph1Alignment with result of 11.10-50 approved at GSM 28.  86/91approved 
11.400016- Ph1Alignment with deletion of section II. by 11.10-51 as approved at GSM 28.  86/91approved 
11.4000151 Ph1Level of the intermodulation product.  86/91approved 
11.4000141 Ph1Measurement uncertainties for the `second interfering signal`.  86/91approved 
11.4000132 Ph1Measurement uncertainties in GSM 11.40 sect. 3.4.2.  86/91approved 
11.4000122 Ph1Measurement uncertainties of the `wanted signal`.  86/91approved 
11.400011- Ph1Voltage measurement.  86/91approved 
11.4000101 Ph1Phase measurement uncertainty.  86/91approved 
11.400009- Ph1Design Requirements - General  86/91approved 
11.400008- Ph1Measurement uncertainty in wide band selective power measurement.  86/91approved 
11.400007- Ph1Phase Noise Requirements.  86/91approved 
11.400006- Ph1Editorial changes as result of CRs approved at GSM 28.  86/91approved 
11.400005- Ph1Allowance for test configuration losses.  86/91approved 
11.4000041 Ph1Design Requirements - General  86/91approved 
11.400004- Ph1Design Requirements - General.  -  
11.400004- Ph1Design Requirements (general)  -  
11.4000032 Ph1Uncertainty in Power versus Time measurement.  86/91approved 
11.400003- Ph1Uncertainty in Power versus Time Measurement.  -  
11.400002- Ph1Specification of SIM Simulator part of SS  233/90approved 
11.4000011 Ph1Review of GSM 11.40  233/90bapproved