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See details 12.11A007-F6.2.0R1997Correction of spelling mistakes in ASN.1 coding Details 6-99-042 agreed  Details P-99-406 approved SMG66.3.0TEI
See details 12.11A006-F6.1.0R1997Correction to Threshold Management model and probable causes Details 6-99-026 agreed  Details P-99-176 approved SMG66.2.0
See details 12.11A005-F6.0.0R1997Correction of the terminology Basic Services Details 98p063 agreed  Details 98-0665 approved SMG66.1.0
See details 12.11A004-B R1997BSS fault management Modelling and enhancements Details 98p038 agreed  Details 98-0334 approved SMG66.0.0
See details 12.11A003-F Ph2Removal of X.732 reference Details 98p045 agreed  Details 98-0334 approved SMG64.2.0
See details 12.11A002-F Ph2Removal of reset management function for redundancy Details 98p037 agreed  Details 98-0334 approved SMG64.2.0
See details 12.11A001-F Ph2Technical and editorial review Details 042/97 agreed  Details 344/97 approved SMG64.2.0
See details 12.110000-F R1997Fault Management of the BSS phase 2+ agreed  Details 98-0111 noted SMG6