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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
12.15A022-7.6.0R1998Addition of SGSN’s Mobile Country Code (MCC) and Mobile Network Code (MNC) on G-CDR Details S5-024606 agreedSP-020733approved7.7.0
12.15A021-6.2.0R1997Addition of SGSN’s Mobile Country Code (MCC) and Mobile Network Code (MNC) on G-CDR Details S5-024601 agreedSP-020733approved6.3.0
12.15A020-7.5.0R1998Correction of ASN.1 for QoS ‘Delay Class’ Details S5-000304 agreedSP-000235approved7.6.0
12.15A01927.4.0R1998GTP' header length fix  SP-000161approved7.5.0
12.15A01917.4.0R1998GTP' header length fix Details S5-000158 agreedSP-000017rejected 
12.15A018-7.4.0R1998IP v6 support GTP' Details S5-000140 agreedSP-000017approved7.5.0
12.15A017-7.3.0R1998Operator Identifier part of the APN to the S-CDR Details S5-99276 agreedSP-99580approved7.4.0
12.15A016- R1998Inclusion of APN selection mode in CDRs Details S5-99195 agreedSP-99381approved7.3.0
12.15A015- R1998Correction of code-point for Packet Transfer Command Details S5-99169 agreedSP-99381approved7.3.0
12.15A014-7.1.0R1998Addition of the Ga interface to the GPRS logical diagram Details 6-99-035 agreedP-99-406approved7.2.0
12.15A013-7.1.0R1998Alignment of CDR field names Details 6-99-034 agreedP-99-406approved7.2.0
12.15A012-7.1.0R1998Addition of PDP type OSP:IHOSS Details 6-99-033 agreedP-99-406approved7.2.0
12.15A011-7.0.0R1998Correction of the parameter 'CallEventRecordType' agreedP-99-177approved7.1.0
12.15A010-7.0.0R1998Modification of the parameter CauseForRecClosing. agreedP-99-177approved7.1.0
12.15A00937.1.0R1998Enhancements to the Charging Protocol agreedP-99-545approved7.2.0
12.15A00927.1.0R1998Enhancements to the Charging Protocol Details 6-33-031 agreedP-99-407withdrawn 
12.15A009-7.0.0R1998Charging protocol enhancements (not for approval at SMG #28) Details 6-99-018 agreedP-99-177noted 
12.15A008-7.0.0R1998GPRS charging data collection interface naming. Details 6-99-017 agreedP-99-177approved7.1.0
12.15A007-7.0.0R1998GTP' version management. Details 6-99-016 agreedP-99-177approved7.1.0
12.15A006-6.1.0R1997Correction of the parameter 'CallEventRecordType' Details 6-99-015 agreedP-99-177approved6.2.0
12.15A005-7.0.0R1998Addition of new PDP type (PPP) Details 6-99-014 agreedP-99-177approved7.1.0
12.15A004-7.0.0R1998Addition of record identifier. Details 6-99-013 agreedP-99-177approved7.1.0
12.15A003-6.1.0R1997Modification of the parameter CauseForRecClosing. Details 6-99-006 agreedP-99-177approved6.2.0
12.15A002- R1997Clarification to GPRS charging logical architecture figure and editorila corrections Details 057&058 agreed98-0666approved6.1.0
12.15A001- R1998Addition of a charging protocol agreed98-0666approved7.0.0
12.15A001- R1997Addition of charging protocols  98-0373postponed 
12.150000- R1997GPRS charging Details 98p044 agreed98-0335approved6.3.0