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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
21.1020012-4.8.0Rel-4Removal of list of specs and substitution of a pointer to replacement spec- SP-030359approved4.9.0
21.1020012-4.8.0Rel-4Removal of list of specs and substitution of a pointer to replacement spec- SP-030357withdrawn 
21.1020011-4.8.0Rel-4Correction to list of specs- SP-030229approved4.9.0
21.1020010-4.7.0Rel-4Correction to list of specs- SP-030077approved4.8.0
21.102000914.6.0Rel-4Correction to list of specs- SP-020830approved4.7.0
21.1020009-4.6.0Rel-4Correction to list of specs- SP-020779revised 
21.102000814.5.0Rel-4Correction to list of specifications- SP-020612approved4.6.0
21.1020008-4.5.0Rel-4Correction to list of specifications- SP-020516revised 
21.102000714.4.0Rel-4Correction to list of specifications- SP-020397approved4.5.0
21.1020007-4.4.0Rel-4Correction to list of specifications- SP-020270revised 
21.1020006-4.3.0Rel-4Renumbering of specs to reflect access-technology-independence of IST- SP-020197withdrawn 
21.102000514.3.0Rel-4Correction to list of specifications- SP-020176approved4.4.0
21.1020005-4.3.0Rel-4Correction to list of specifications- SP-020094revised 
21.102000414.2.0Rel-4Correction to list of specs- SP-010753approved4.3.0
21.1020004-4.2.0Rel-4Correction to list of specs- SP-010656revised 
21.102000314.1.0Rel-4Correction to list of specifications- SP-010534approved4.2.0
21.1020003-4.1.0Rel-4Correction to list of specifications- SP-010417revised 
21.102000124.0.0Rel-4Correction to list of specs- SP-010396approved 
21.102000114.0.0Rel-4Correction to list of specs- SP-010380revised 
21.1020001-4.0.0Rel-4Correction to list of specs- SP-010274revised